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  1. > Writers Note: This story will have a couple of swear words thrown around from time to time, but later on will have most likely a lot of blood & gore among other things as well that aren't suitable for certain ages (depending on your country, Idk I'm just giving a heads up). Otherwise I hope you enjoy it. <
    Dawn breaks peacefully over the horizon. The world radiate with light as a new day begins. However, this day is one that is most familiar. The final day before the next journey into a darkened world.
    The Kingdom of Euphora. A massive enclosure of a humanoid race that had built itself up from nothing over the course of over 800 years. Protected by a vast mountainous region, dense and enclosed forests, a mercilessly heated desert, and finally an exposed field of great plains, the Kingdom sits just before a cliff, surrounded by the open sea. Its people are of a peaceful nature, always working together to improve upon the community, led by the 17th successor of the Rai family, Gillius. The only thing stopping such a flourishing society from continuing on forever is the overwhelming threat of demons that vary from any living creature. Throughout the early stages of Euphora’s creation, countless battles were fought for humans to escape far enough from a constant threat of demon attacks. Over the course of time, the land began to build up, fending off any demonic beings in the area, securing safety throughout the great plains and majority of the desert line. Now, with a thriving economy and strong military force, Euphora focuses its efforts training the best of soldiers, from warriors, archers, rogues, and mages alike to set out every 5 years on an expedition to push even further inland with hopes to eradicate the demon threat once and for all. Unfortunately, no matter how far they managed to push, it never seemed to fade away. It never seemed to show any end. The fear of losing their very way of life just never stopped....until now...
    The morning had only just begun, yet King Gillius was already pacing tirelessly in the war room. Spread across the table laid a drawn out map of the land, as detailed as what had been explored. He continued to walk back and forth, keeping his eyes trained on the mountains which were hardly drawn in as his soldiers were unable to ever move further.
    “My Lord, you’re up rather early, as usual,” a man speaks as he enters the room. Gillius stops pacing to look up to him, giving out an exhausted sigh before finally sitting down.
    “General...you know how I feel about all of this,” he responds, grabbing hold of a wooden sculpture of a soldier. “How does the unit look this time?”
    “Not good at all. Our current count has us just below a hundred,” the General responds, lowering his head. Gillius drops the miniature soldier, leaning over the table wide eyed.
    “A hundred?? That’s impossible. A number like that is hardly even a third of normal count,” he exclaims.
    “Indeed. It would seem the incident from the last expedition has severely lowered the desire for participants. We’ve gone from having our most successful draw to the worst in our history,” the General states, pulling out a scroll and feathered pen, placing them on the table. “I’d advise we change our plan of action for this expedition. Something more cautious, while also increasing the monetary gain.”
    Gillius can only help but rub his chin from under his beard, looking at the written out plans from his general. “Yes, I suppose we should. Forcing any excelling expectations without the trust of our troop would be most problematic. Can I leave this task to you?”
    “Absolutely my Lord. Where shall you be in the meantime?” the general asks, collecting his things.
    “For now I’ll do what I can to make adjustments to my speech, and also try talking to my daughter once more....” Gillius responds, looking out the window to a tower across the castle grounds.
    “The Princess? Is it safe to assume she has yet to come to terms with your decisions?” the general presses on.
    “Indeed, she’d kept herself locked up in her quarters for over two weeks now, sneaking out for food to avoid contact with me. If the morale of our nation is the top priority out of this, then I’ll need her to at least make an appearance for the departing troop.” Gillius responds, moving his hand from his chin to the side of his head in frustration.
    “A most wise decision my lord. I will leave you to your family issues then.” the general snickers as he turns to walk out. Gillius gives him a slight glare, catching onto his tease, but lets it go, knowing the two go way back that it was only to try and help him ease up. He lets out one final sigh before getting out his chair to leave the room as well.