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    Dr. Claw Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_2_cJxYYhM

    I can't be the only one whose noticed this.

    Part of what made "Sonic SatAM" such a great show was probably how they portrayed Dr. Robotnik.
    who was SOOO Different from the modern Dr. Eggman (or, even the Dr. Robotnik from AoSTH for that matter.)
    Jim Cummings once again gave a stellar performance by using his "evil villain" voice
    (which is the one he used for Razoul, the Captain of the Guards in Disney's Aladdin)
    which was only amplified by some 'electronic echo' that made him sound even more sinister and inhuman.

    but, really..alot of SatAM Robotnik echoed the infamous Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.
    as both villains sat at a 'control chair/throne', watched his hated enemies via monitor screens,
    and, only showed any affection to a pet of theirs (for Claw, it was 'MAD Cat' for Robotnik, it was "Cluck, the Robot Chicken')
    and, while Robotnik had some screen time, and Claw's face has NEVER been seen.
    we are often treated to seeing Robotnik's back, which was even more chilling than when we see his face (If that is possible.)
  2. Post on E-123 Omega Humor in Comics

    By MetroXLR99, posted

    This is a panel taken from the 'Treasure Team Tango' story arc from 'Sonic Universe'
    which depicted the warbot E-123 OMEGA's character rather amusingly.
    first he is attracted to Blaze the Cat on account that she "burns stuff"
    THEN, he's concerned over hurting Cream the Rabbit, and her chao "Cheese."

    Kinda OOC for those who are more familiar with the videogame version of the character.
    as OMEGA is a destructive, trigger happy robot who borderlines psychotic on occasion.
    So, OMEGA being worried about "popping off the heads" of a bunny girl, and her pet is odd.
    (then again, It was revealed in the comic canon that OMEGA's processor
      was melded with that of E-102 GAMMA, which might explain why he has a conscious.)

    Still..Funny. I guess even killer robots has a weakness for 'cute' things.

    Somewhere, people are writing a fanfic about Blaze
    running away with Shadow on a cross-country trip on his motorcycle..
    Okay, even though I don't "ship" this pairing,  I can understand why so many people do.
    both Shadow and Blaze have similar personalities.
    both are strict, and take important matters VERY seriously.
    I don't think I have EVER seen any of them crack a smile that wasn't "malicious", or "mocking"
    they are quite powerful (one is a pyrokinetic, the other is supercharged with Chaos Energy.)
    and, both have gotten into a fight with Sonic when they first met him.

    So, they have ALOT in common.

    I may not "fully" support It. but, I support It's supporters.

    Sorry, Sonaze/Silvaze and Shadria/Shadouge fans..you have competition.

    This is something that I noticed while reading the Revamped Sonic Comics..
    Dr. Eggman's Egg Legion/Egg Bosses (who are Mobian/Anthros
     working for him as his lieutenants) each serve him for different reasons.
    Some are being blackmailed, others serve due to some empty promise.
    and, some ever do so because they LIKE being bad.

    But, Thunderbolt stands out among the rest.
    for simply serving Eggman because she is (obsessively) in love with him.
    coupled with her explosive attitude (and, Eggman's "ignorance" at her feelings)
    she seems to me to be Archie Sonic's equivalent to DC's Harley Quinn.
    (you know, if Harley was some kind of Pikachu parody, or something.)

    On a side note, the fact that Thunderbolt (an Anthropomorphic Chinchilla)
    IS madly in love with Eggman (a human) means this technically counts
    as an interspecies pairing/romance. albeit One-sided on Thunderbolt's case.
    Normally, any anthro character in love with Eggman would be weird
    (in fact, GAG worthy, if we all still remember what Eggman was like
      as Robotnik on SatAM, AoSTH and even SU.)
    but, Thunderbolt physically matches Eggman in terms of being..Hefty.
    So, in THIS case..I guess it works.