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  1. I am hear to talk about my favorite genre, I hold dear to me and that is the Strategy Genre. There's a lot of video games in this genre that really gave me, my tactical genius today. All these games I am listing have some form of base building in them or you need to protect your capital ship in terms of Homeworld.

    Real Time Strategies:
    Command and Conquer Franchise excluding the 4th one in the Tiberian Saga.
    Homeworld Franchise including the non-canon one aka Cataclysm
    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War - Including all Expansion packs but excluding the 2nd game in the series.
    Dune - Westwood Studios made this franchise but it was destroyed by Evil Arts; loved every single game in the franchise.
    Europa Universalis IV - Paradox Interactive made this, I am enjoying it. It's a Grand Strategy Game.
    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - This one mainly for its Ship to Ship combat and real time nature of it all.
    Supreme Commander - Both games in the series.
    Company of Heroes - Both games
    Age of Empires

    Mixed Breeds: (With both kind of elements of Real Time /w Turn-based game play)
    Total War - Never really played any of the total war games besides Total War: Shogun 2.

    Turn-Base Strategies:
    Civilization - The Entire Series
    Galactic Civilizations - The Trilogy of games
    Star Wars: Empire at War/Forces of Corruption - Enjoyed this game.

    That's all I can really list but all of these are my favorites since I am not really too picky on things. Though if you have a favorite RTS or Turn-Based Game I missed than show me. :)