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  1. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Uses the Sol Emeralds to become 'Burning Blaze' in Sol Zone, teleports in front of Locke and creates a shield of fire around both of them* You didn't forget me, Cheerleader, did you?
  2. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Wakes up* I had the weirdest dream, I was being chased by giant noodles that wanted to eat me......*Sees Knuckles* If you came here on purpose, I'd expect you to know where you are.
  3. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    Very well then Locke, you may stay. *Addresses Cheerleader and Shadow* You two, I'm afraid must leave.
  4. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    The exit, *Opens portal to Prime Zone* Is that way, I'm afraid that I cannot be hospitable to people to endanger my home.
  5. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Appears behind Shadow in a column of fire with Marine holding a mega phone* I am the guardian of the seven Sol Emeralds, this entire zone cannot exist without the Sol Emeralds and therefore I'm also the guardian of the Sol Zone! If you people don't get out of the Sol Zone right now so help me I'll have Marine start talking! Don't expect any mercy from me OR Marine either!
  6. Weird and funny comic moments

    I have to say, one of my top favorite weird/funny comics moments was at the end of MM#26 when Vector was calling Proto Man "Pogo Man".
  7. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    How did you know that it was haunted Locke?
  8. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    To my knowledge, that old castle has been abandoned for years.
  9. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Extinguishes fire with a snap of fingers* Just a heads up, seeing as I'm a princess I have just about everybody in the Sol Zone searching for Shadow. If anyone finds him I'll be alerted immediately.
  10. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Appears in front of Dylan in a column of fire* Thank for the good excuse to conveniently show up seemingly out of nowhere Dylan.
  11. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    Are we going to find Shadow now or what?
  12. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Holds up a watermelon and smashes it on Locke's head* I have an arsenal of food! Never underestimate me!
  13. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    I fell asleep. *Holds up random pie and throws it in Locke's face, falls down laughing*
  14. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Quickly turns around and sees Locke running towards her* WHAT?!
  15. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Wakes up, teleports to Sol Zone* (OOC) You guys do know that the Sol Zone is basically a TON of medium- and small-sized island in a gigantic ocean, right?
  16. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    What in the name of the seven Sol Emerald did the internet do to your text?!
  17. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    Okay, Dylan, Locke, Cheerleader...Anyone else?
  18. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    Before we go, remind me who's coming.
  19. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Looks at Locke in surprise* Since WHEN did you have pockets?!
  20. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    He got away from me in his sleep, anyone want to help me find him and stop him from conquering the Sol Zone? *Addresses Cheerleader* He also took the chocolate I was planning on giving you, Cheerleader.
  21. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Appears in front of Dylan in a column of fire* Yes, I can hear you. How's this?
  22. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Appears next to Dylan in a column of fire* Yeah, that was me. My anger wasn't completely spent yet.... *Teleports back to Sol Zone*
  23. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Appears next to Dylan in a column of fire* He's currently wandering around the Sol Zone, but he doesn't KNOW that he's in a Sol Zone. *Teleports back to Sol Zone*
  24. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Teleports next to Dylan in a column of fire, hands him a glass replica of cyan Sol Emerald filled with power then teleports back to Sol Zone*
  25. Role-Play Mania v2.0

    *Teleports Shadow into a windowless room in Sol Zone, sends Marine in with a mega phone and orders to tell him about her adventures when he wakes up* This'll teach him not to toy with me!