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    Hey there! My name's kind of a mouthful so feel free to shorten it to Auxy, Aux, Bro (that one gets confusing though) or whatever! I also get called Brangoose sometimes which is cute, but anyway.

    I'm 19 and studying Multimedia Journalism at uni. It's stressful and super demanding, but it's got good people and some of the stuff you get to learn is great. The place is nice too. Outside of that, I like to write fictional stories about Pokemon and occasionally my own little private projects. I've really gotten into it, and I even do collabs sometimes, but I'm still just a novice writer.

    Lesseeeee...umm... Well, there's actually not of Sonic stuff that I really like. I don't like the originals. I mean the only 2D ones I enjoyed were the Sonic Rush games, but I do enjoy a lot of the 3D ones like Adventure 1 and 2, Generations and such. So uh... Yup! Not much to say there! I still enjoy Sonic stuff a lot but I mainly joined due to an invite from a friend. I'm usually pretty picky with what games I like, and the same goes for movies and other forms of media.

    So uh... yeah... Nice to meet you all!
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