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  1. Gonzo added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    I came into this topic a bit late, but--Penders a nice guy? I have it on good authority that he's not that nice; among other things, he's said that fan artists somehow aren't "real artists" even though they produce artwork like any other artist (he has a similarly low opinion of fanfic writers), and that his fans don't know what they want (but he does). It also seems that he was rather uncooperative with fellow writers during his time at Archie (basically ignoring their plans, forcing them to write around his own, I think).

    The lawsuit itself has been dragging on forever and I hope it ends in a way that can benefit everyone, or at least allow off-limits characters to be used again.
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  2. Gonzo added a post in a topic Ideas for new Sonic games   

    A collaboration with Square Enix, if only to see the reactions of people who tend to negatively compare plot depth in Sonic to Final Fantasy.

    Ideally, it would play similarly to Generations with some new non-disruptive gimmicks, and maybe bring back the Adventure Fields from SA1 (greatly expanded, obviously). Failing that, just go full-on RPG with a combat system tailored to fit Sonic and whoever's in his party, but without ripping off Chronicles.
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  3. Gonzo added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    Glad to see that access to the scans wasn't completely cut off. (It was thanks to this site that I was able to read all of StC and a good deal of early Archie; many thanks to everyone that scanned them)
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  4. Gonzo added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Hi, I'm Gonzo (aka General-RADIX); I'm a 20-year-old artist (soon to be 21), and I've been a Sonic fan since at least 1999 (introduced to the series via Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog). In terms of comic scans, this site was an absolute godsend to me and I'm glad that I found it. :)
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