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  1. Determinator12000 added a post in a topic Top overpowered characters   

    Uh... yeah, sorry about that. Just a typo (though I find Morlun in the Marvel Comics fascinating).

    Thanks for replying. You know, its funny that you stated: "most of the villains".

    This idea occured to me after reading the Silver Saga and witnessing Silver tossing Enerjak, who can mold reality to his very will, like a ragdoll.

    Then, impressed but completely unaffected, Enerjak decided to take disproportionate revenge and hit Silver with an island.

    Wait, what? Did I somehow stumble into the DC Universe? Anyway, I just wanted to know just how many of these ridiculous events you, the fans have witnessed.

    I would mention early Archie Sonic but, *sigh* Sonic.

    People believe he is no longer overpowered as he no longer runs at speeds greater than lighting but I disagree, seeing as how he is the conduit of chaos making him a luck goldmine.

    Stangely, his inevitability to win (as stated by Mogul) didn't aid him against Bass. I guess Bass is just that awesome...

    Nonetheless, thanks again!

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  2. Determinator12000 added a post in a topic Sonic Boom (The game)   

    In my opinion the combat should involve the elements that characterises each character. Make Tails utilize incredible machinery from out of no where that makes you look twice at the so called meek fox (Sonic Lost World tore that personality trait to shreds).
    Knuckles should be pure physical strength. Amy should also be pure physical strength embodiment, delivering punishment with her hammer that would make grown men flinch.

    It would be cool to see Sonic move with such speed, he could take down his attackers in moments while running circles around his team members.

    But none of this came to fruition.
    In combat they are all pitifully slow. There's always Super Smash Wii U...
    I'll still check out the gane though.

    The running events look pretty cool and come on. When are Tails, Knuckles and Amy going to be payable again. Might as well milk this for all its worth.
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  3. Determinator12000 added a topic in Comics   

    Top overpowered characters
    Whether it be Shadow The Hedgehog, Enerjak, Silver, Mogul or even Sonic himself, Archie Comics is famous for its portrayal of powerful characters.

    But what about broken characters?

    Characters that are so far beyond the individuals of their Universes that they are only defeated by luck, chance, stupidity or through sacrifice of precious lives.

    What Sonic The Hedgehog characters do you think are overpowered?
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