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  1. ed_15 added a post in a topic Esrael Sonic Editor   

    it is. you can edit the level, but I usually need to learn the asm, but I'll figure it out the way that I will put on the videos, if its good though.
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  2. ed_15 added a post in a topic General Screenshot/Video Thread   

    Here is the Videos that I have for the hack I made:

    Green hill zone Act 1 (Custom level)


    it be update later.......
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  3. ed_15 added a topic in Trash   

    Esrael Sonic Editor
    use Esrael sonic editor, but it was actually outdated, so if you want to have a sonic editor, there are link:


    (ESE is extremely outdated, but it fine if you want to use this editor)

    If you want to have a new version, use this:


    If you want the tools in sonic retro, use this link:


    You can use new or previous (that is outdated), that you want to edit your levels, but be sure to use ESE FixCheckSum if it corrupt your rom.

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  4. ed_15 added a post in a topic General Trash   

    I use texture for minecraft, It was cool than the original textures.
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  5. ed_15 added a post in a topic SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?   

    I rather use sonic, because I haven't play that since last year. I rather being sonic fans, but I choose both mario and sonic fans.
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  6. ed_15 added a topic in Trash   

    General Trash
    Hello Everyone, im edward, and im new, I like to play sonic, but I do like make a TAS of it so I like to have that kind of amount of hack of games. So, yea Where can I find sonic 1 and 2 editors?
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