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  1. link to the past is an awesome game! i put so many hours into that game that my thumbs hurt after i put the controller down! easily my favorite zelda game!

  2. sticks labyrinth

    blaze triple trouble

    elise lost world

    antoine boom

    chuck chaos

    laura-su chaotix

    crabmeat sky patrol

    buzzbomber shuffle

  3. Snivley and the black knight

    rotors mean bean machine

    scratch colours,

    scourge generations (then again...)

    shadow unleashed

    silver the hedgehog

    silver the hedgehog 2

    silver the hedgehog 3 and dingo

    sally cd

    grounder '06

    robotnik 3d blast

    marine adventure

    the adventures of manic the hedgehog

    sonia satAM

    sleet underground

    knuckles x

    tails r

    omochao spinball

    flicky and the secret rings

    muttski adventure 2

    orbot battle

    chip drif

    chip drift 2

    coconuts advance

    coconuts advance 2

    coconuts advances 3

    amy rush

    amy rush adventure

    too much?