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  1. Well Darn , Sonic boom on WII U is worse than sonic 06. And no one will stay to patch it because BRB is falling appart . thas insane man, but at least, now we know things always get worse .

    locke, no game is worse than sonic 06. that game is horrid for multiple reasons. yes the hub world of sonic boom is very much empty, there are really stupid glitches but not to the extent of 06. the gameplay is far better than that of 06 as is the story. 06 nearly destroyed sonics career because it was that bad. sonic boom is at best average and at worst a glitchy experience. sonic 06 is a near unplayable disastrous mess that has some good music.

  2. Finally, i've made some progress in Silent Hill!

    ive heard a lot of good things about silent hill, but i havent played it before. how is it?

  3. King made MEGAKILL!

    sorry. i'm the king.

  4. Sooooooo, i'm taking the risk of looking completely foolish: What's this mystical "Member Title"?

    woah wait, i can get my member title changed? i have to ask a mod though right skye?

  5. so... anything?

    no? alright. i'll post to let everyone know i stopped by. gotta juice!

  6. i take a look at the bottom of the page, and see somebodys online via facebook. how in the source of all..?

    it sort of looks like facebook is online

  7. I'm boiling in this heat! I think I need ice or a comediaclly large fan.

    i agree Dylan. we don't want an over cooked scanf member

  8. Writing job again... Which means more money! Err, I mean EXPERIENCE!

    Experience is a good thing

  9. Guys...she lives! http://i.4cdn.org/co/1406645523581.jpg I wonder if Penders will freak out over this,it'd be entertaining to see.

    hes going to be all over this...

  10. I have 1 post but my profile says 0. what gives?

    silly profile

  11. I have 1 post but my profile says 0. what gives?

    NOW i have a post

  12. I have 1 post but my profile says 0. what gives?

    And i thank you all for the help

  13. I have 1 post but my profile says 0. what gives?

    Ah ha, thank you everbody.

  14. Well hey all.

    Thank you Dylan.

  15. Well hey all.

    Well hello......... You? Me? Us? I'm not surprised, I have seen stranger things.