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    I just noticed myself; at the end of KtE:11, it explicitly says that the next part of that story continues in StH:58, and looking at #58, and it seems like it does after looking at the beginning of KtE 12 and seeing how little sense it makes
    so it should be KtE: 10-11, then StH: 58, then KtE: 12, then the stuff you have afterwards
    Don't worry, everyone makes mistakes; if I see any more as I keep rereading from start to finish I'll edit this post instead of making a new one.

    I notice now, StH #217 comes before SU #21, now that I got to them
    cream's non-off-panel debut is in StH# 217, where amy says cream and her mother can live at Freedom HQ after snivley demolished cream's (estate?), then SU #21 picks up from after that story, with SU #21 starting in freedom HQ with amy, cream, cheese, and her mother
    so it'd be STH 217 then StH: #218 - #224 and SU: #21 – #28

    EDIT EDIT: a typo
    StH: #217 - #224 and SU: #21 – #28

    Free comic Day Special: 2011 Issue

    StH: #225 - #232 and SU: #19 – #32

    it should say StH: #225 - #232 and SU: #29 – #32 at that third line
    I'm surprised nobody caught on until now, thats just as silly as making that typo
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