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  1. sonic213 added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    why is Sonic the Hedgehog 233 comic issue still missing the page
    the page that is missing the one where Geoffey turns into smoke to escape Nicole's Trap
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  2. sonic213 added a post in a topic Comics - When worlds collide   

    Part 6 was awesome, it was intense, you could lots of different rival battles e.g. Tails vs Charmy Man, Sonic vs Knuckles Man and Proto Man vs Shadow but I think my favorite part was when Mega Man got 3 new weapon abilities
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  3. sonic213 added a post in a topic Mega Man after Worlds Collide?   

    I'm really hoping the Mega Man comics will continue after Worlds Collide :)
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