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  1. What web browser do you use

    I already have Tor, but I used only a couple of times to go into Deep Web. Thanks for the information though, guess it will be better choice to switch to Firefox.
  2. What web browser do you use

    It's ok, Fwiss. What would you recommend then?
  3. Sonic X - parody?

    Just don't think about the results. Put down whatever comes to your mind and send me. We'll choose what to put in the final version later ;)
  4. Sonic X - parody?

    What do you mean by "can't do"? :) You're free to try writing them if you've never done it before, you're free to improve if you think you're not good enough for it, and you're free to throw away all your fears if you're afraid of being judged by the others. ;) You will always have time to give up on something, but before you do, try to do it. :P
  5. Sonic X - parody?

    Thanks, Dylan! I didn't understand what does Sonic Boom have to do with this topic either, but anyway.. thanks Gabe! :) I've seen Sonic F on YouTube. It's quite funny, but it's not a parody for me.. it's just a compilation of jokes with videos put in right order to match them. What I wanted to do is to make a parody out of a whole episode, not a part of it. And one of the reasons I wanted to do this with subtitles is because our site has two sides - russian and english one. If we'll record voices for one side, it would feel.. awkward?.. to leave the other side behind. Plus that, I'm not even sure if we'll be able to find a decent way and people to record it properly. However, if we make subtitles (even for one side), there will be no problem in translating them and therefore, posting them in equal way to both sides. Besides, it seems there's already one person interested in this idea on the R-side. ;) If there are any more of you who would like to take part in this, post here below. We wait for you! :D
  6. What web browser do you use

    SRWare Iron - feels like Chrome, but doesn't send all your browsing data to Google servers.
  7. Sonic X - parody?

    Hi there again, community! :) Many of you might have seen videos like on YouTube. The idea is simple - take a video with a foreign language and put subtitles on it. Matching them with the voice and actions of the character, but assigning a totally different meaning can lead to some hilarious results! What I'd like to do is to do a similar thing with episodes of Sonic X, maybe writing a script with some jokes in it. Would you like to give me a hand with this?
  8. A little help, anyone?

    That's awesome! Thanks, Dylan! :D
  9. A little help, anyone?

    Thanks for the warm welcome, both locke and The Jest ;) That's not much of a problem. We wanted to put an uncensored version of the cartoon, so both Japanese and French will do. In the end, we'd like to add english and russian subtitles, so it doesn't make any difference really. What's the quality's like? Need some help with the intro song. Anyone? :)
  10. A little help, anyone?

    It's actually quite easy :) I understand a good part of what is being said, but there some words I just don't. For instance, the first episode - : The was a time when Robotropolis was beautiful. It was then a peaceful city known as Mobotropolis. But just after my children were born, the evil doctor Robotnik used his technology to turn our world into a place of terror. As a source of Robotnik's money, the aristocrats were left to play while our people were roboticed, and became slaves. Our royal family was outlawed, a price placed on our heads. Then, the Oracle of Delphius revealed a prophecy to me. Someday, you will reunite with your children, to become a council of (?), and over(?) Robotnik, but there is a price, my highness. For the prophecy to fulfilled, I had to give up my babies. I would be grateful if you'd helped me with those question marks, that's all I'm asking for :) Feel free to send me a private message. Of course, if you feel particularly hard-working at the moment, you can send me the whole part of the episode :D
  11. A little help, anyone?

    Hello, guys and girls! As you might have noticed, the site is constantly growing. There are more people with us today then there were a week ago, and I'm happy to see all the new people actually taking part in our community, and not just looking for the comics to read. All the hard-working people of this site are putting something into developing it everyday, trying to make it a better, kinder and more interesting place of the worldwide web in general. :) We're constantly looking for the new things people may be interested in. Many times it's easy to accomplish, but a lot of the times we're actually struggling to find or to make something we think people would appreciate and enjoy. Currently we're looking forward to upload all the seasons of the cartoon Sonic X with the original japanese voices and english subtitles. Before you ask me why would we do that - it's because the American version was heavily censored by american television, and a lot of the original japanese script was actually rewritten. We'd like to upload it here on our site so that those of you who would like to understand what did the japenese authors actually wanted to tell, without any censorship. I'm pretty sure that soon you'll be able to download (or maybe even watch ;) ) all the episodes directly from the site. We want to put another cartoon on our site as well - Sonic Underground. Unfortunately, there are many of us that are not as proficient with english as they'd like to be, and they're struggling to understand the meaning of what is being sad without actually seeing the words. While we've been able to find english subtitles for the japanese version of Sonic X, we didn't find any for Sonic Underground (I guess it's quite obvious, since it's completely in english), so our russian friends and people that are not so good at english may not have any chance to understand what's being said. As you can imagine, for a true Sonic fan, it's quite disappointing :unsure: We're planning on making russian subtitles soon as well, but since the english ones are much more faster and easier to make, we'd like to prepare them first, and then move on to the russian ones. And to do that, I'm asking for your help. Even though there are russian people on our forum that are terrific at english, sometimes even they have trouble to distinguish the speech of a native speaker. We're going to write down as much as we understand, but we surely could use skills of people a little (or maybe a lot!) more proficient at english than we are. :) Is there anyone willing to help?