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  1. With Trump being a businessman, he is using his presidency to try and make more money as well. Corruption is running deep and spreading fast. Money is power for them. They can choke on it for all I care (sorry for the harsh comment)

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  2. Congress still needs to show us if they'll let it pass or not. Here's to hoping they don't. Just keep in mind, if you play certain games that use a US server, you may need to pay that still or just not go on that kind of server. Heck, it may limit what games are available to the US so if you play with American friends, say goodbye to playing certain games with them because of this.

  3. Well that is what everyone seems to think but it is the internet. Something like this will spread if it goes through

  4. I learned something that has happened from a friend and I believe it is important for all of us at Scanf. Please read this conversation between me and a friend:

    3:51 PM - Nittrus: So apparently the FCC voted to kill Net Neutrality regulations and declassify the Internet as a public utility while everyone was focussed on Thanks Giving

    3:51 PM - Nittrus: the held the vote 2 weeks earlier than previously announced on Thanksgiving day

    3:52 PM - Nittrus: they also extended powers to ISP's to block websites all together or charge after the fact for people visiting websites, so watch your bills o.o

    3:52 PM - Nittrus: So now on top of paying for Netflix we're likely going to be charged an additional monthly fee from Comcast for accessing it >.>

    3:53 PM - Nittrus: Want to play games online you now must pay extra is now a possible reality >.>

    3:53 PM - Lino Blythe: Seriously?

    3:53 PM - Nittrus: not to mention small data caps >.>

    3:53 PM - Nittrus: yis

    3:54 PM - Nittrus: they are giving the public 14 days to voice their opinion

    3:54 PM - Nittrus: >.>

    3:55 PM - Lino Blythe: Link to cuss them out please

    If you want to try to fight this I'll send two links to do so. The first one you just input your email to sign and the second link will give you the FCC's email to voice your own opinion.



  5. Lino just stood there and listened. He thought maybe he could get a hint to find his way back home. Meanwhile, Trigger fell asleep in Lino's hood.

  6. "Well I just said how I got here so..." Lino said wondering how it flew over his head but continued "Well just a friendly recap, me and Trigger here were thrown into a portal of darkness from a certain demon and Knuckles rescued us. The demon probably thinks we are dead and we would have been if it weren't for Knuckles." Lino finished. *Now how do I get back...* Lino thought to himself. Trigger was trying to help by thinking of a way as well.

  7. "Alternate you? I never even heard of you and we are nothing alike." To prove that Lino held out his hands and summoned his two blades. "As for how I got here... All I remember is being beat down and almost killed then thrown into a portal of darkness." Lino looked to be deep in thought at this point and willed his blades to disappear. "At first I thought I was just put onto a different planet but this doesn't seem to be the case..." He seemed very lost now, no hint of sadness showing but more or less confused and thinking.

  8. Lino repeated what Sonic said to Sonic himself "Sonic the Hedgehog: Hero of Mobius, and the Fastest Thing Alive?" He thought and then laughed and while laughing said "You are as obnoxious as me if not more so hahahaha! I can see you are a hedgehog since we are the same so you didn't have to say that. Also, not very modest to call yourself a hero even if it is true~" Lino was just cracking up, more so because they were almost the same but entirely different. "I'm Lino and this little guy flying by me is Trigger. We most definitely aren't from here" Lino finished saying as he tried to recover from his laughter. Trigger seemed to be laughing as well as he went into Lino's hooded cloak.

  9. "Why are you sorry?" Lino asked Coda as Trigger flew back to Lino happily.

  10. "Eh?" Lino looked at Arek, confused. "Why... Did you take my board too?" He asked. Meanwhile, Trigger Looked at Coda then poked him again for fun.

  11. Lino was still holding the hoverboard tools out to Arek and Coda and said "So... Is anyone gonna take these? Heh..." He was smile with a cartoonish sweatdrop thinking how they must've forgot they need them or something.

  12. Lino replied to Knuckles "Ok thanks. I'm gonna offer what help I can to these two." He then smiled and Trigger poked at Coda playfully.

  13. Lino looked at Coda and Arek and said "I'm Lino, Lino Sonarus Blythe, and this is Trigger. Let me help you~" Lino then messed with his device around his wrist and out came his hover-board kit tools. Trigger pulled Lino cloak and reminded him of something. "Oh! Knuckles, where is my hover-board?" Lino asked.

  14. Lino made a shocked look on his face. "It costs Zol to get treated for injuries?" He asked a bit baffled.

  15. "Well... I only know how to work on hover-boards. I have tools for that but I don't know how much they'd help. I can help with minor injuries with my healing and so can my little buddy here~" Lino said to Coda as he pointed to Trigger on his head. Trigger flew up and around Lino happily.

  16. "I'm doing good Knuckles. Still have bruises and I'm achy but it's whatever. I was seeing if these two needed help" Lino said looking at the two hurt people.

  17. Lino looked at the doctor and saw his name-tag. He replied "Thanks. Um... Are you the person who treated me?" He still had most of his attention on helping the two others out.

  18. "I'm Lino, Lino Sonarus Blythe, and the little guy on my head is Trigger. Is everyone ok? No one got too hurt? There were explosions and I was getting worried." Lino said but then smiled. "I can help you both if you want. Though... I don't know if it'll be much."

  19. Lino saw the Doctor lead two injured people away and went to talk to them. "Excuse me! What happened to you both?" He asked curiously. Trigger was sitting on Lino's head.

  20. Lino had heard someone pleading for help and stopped healing himself. Trigger stopped and looked at Lino curiously. "I think someone needs help Trigger. I've healed enough to be able to move around now. It's just some bruising I have now. Let's go check it out.". Trigger nodded followed Lino. They saw two other people talking to Dr. Quack.

  21. (OOC: Wait, Omega can handle a fully-charged Ice Beam with seemingly little problems? ...Okay then...)

    (Well ice doesn't really affect robots that much. Plus when I read, you said you fired a charged shot. Here you now say it's a beam. It's a bit confusing but he still lets Omega get hit in the legs and you handled the tackle pretty well so no harm done.)

  22. Lino finally wakes from the explosion and shock-waves of something. He still felt horrible. Trigger was happy to finally see Lino awake again. Lino turned to Trigger and said "Something is going down... I can't even do anything about it huh?". Trigger just made a sad look. He knew Lino wanted to see what was up. "Heh, help me heal up Trigger. We may not be able to make it in time, but I can't keep laying like this either. We need to return home somehow.". Trigger nodded and with a determined look, started healing Lino once more. Lino joined by also trying to heal himself. With their weak healing combined, maybe they could get out of the hospital within an hour.