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    High up in the sky, a portal of darkness sends a badly injured Lino and his pet (which he is holding unconsciously in his arms) down into the Eternal River. He flows down it for awhile but eventually gets caught on land by Sandopolis Zone. When he hit the land, he kept fading in and out of consciousness until finally being knocked out again. Trigger, his pet, finally woke after some time. He too was hurt but not as bad as Lino. The panicked pet, with much struggling and lots of effort, pulled Lino fully out of the water.

    He could only do one thing for his Master and best friend at that moment but had to recover his strength again after pulling Lino. Searching for little sticks and dry grass, he made a crudely built campfire that Lino had taught him to make. Messing with Lino's DATA, he got out his flint and steel striker to make sparks and start the fire. The pet dare not venture out too far away from Lino. So he just sat by him, watching and healing him with light magic to exhaustion. It would take a long time to heal him though since his healing only treated scrapes and bruises. Trigger was now waiting for a miracle while he struggled to help his dearest friend.
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  2. Lino Blythe added a post in a topic The Story Archive   

    How Lino ended up in Mobius

    Lino went flying back. Alter's blow to his chest had knocked the wind out of Lino. It was all he could do to stand up, using one of his blades to keep him from falling completely to the ground.
    Altered looks at Lino with intense rage and yelled "WHY DON'T YOU EVER DIE!? Time and time again you always escape... I can never kill you... How can I, the son of the Crux demon, I.E. the devil himself NOT BE ABLE TO DEFEAT A MERE MORTAL SUCH AS YOU, YOU PATHETIC WORM!?!"

    Lino, still struggling with his breathing made a snarky comment "Maybe... *gasp* you lack...*gasp* skill? Hehehaha~ *gasping*"

    Alter was infuriated. But then an idea struck him. He may not be able to kill him, but... Alter didn't waste any time and began chanting. The more he chanted the more orbs of darkness appeared around him. Lino couldn't let him finish his chant or else a powerful attack would be carried out. Lino clumsily got up and started running towards Alter. Immediately one orb flew at Lino. *What?!* Lino thought. How can they be attacking when he hasn't finished his chant? He then realized that this spell must be a powerful one. He dodged the orb but found it was homing and coming right at his back, another orb approaching his front. Lino used both his blades to hit and dissipate them but fell from his damage. It was all he could do to watch as Alter finished his chant, the other orbs of darkness guarding him.

    Trigger, who was in the hood of Lino's cloak went to try himself to interrupt the chant but was hit with an orb. "Trigger!" Lino said as he used the last of his energy to catch Trigger. This was it. He was going to die. Alter had finally finished his chant

    Alter looked at Lino with a huge smile and said happily with great sarcasm "Goodbye, Knight of Light! I'll be missing you~" A portal appeared right from under Lino and he was sucked into the darkness. All he fell into the abyss, all he could hear was Alter laughing. So sure his victory was permanent. The last thing Lino saw before he passed out, was an unfamiliar floating island. He fell into the water on said island and into a new world.
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    We have too many talented artists here~
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    Hey, hope you find what you are looking for here~
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    Lino's time to shine!~

    There Lino was, on his hands and knees, trying to keep consciousness. The blow that the metallic hedgehog left on his head left him concussed and Trigger dare not try to take on such a powerful foe while Lino was down. He couldn't accept it. Gasping for hair, the sweat mixing with blood, the stinging from his wounds. There was no way he could get up. The world was spinning. This foe is unlike any Lino has faced before. Who was this strange robot? He couldn't even think straight. Let alone fight, so he surrendered... For now. He laid on his back and watched the robot walk of with the emerald, Lino's swords disappearing. He made sure to see where his foe was going. Sure Lino COULD have used his light form but he had no intel on this enemy. He played it safe and just stared at the sky after his enemy disappeared in the distance, Trigger tending to his wounds with healing magic. He was gonna be there awhile.
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    Hi guy! Welcome to Scanf~
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    Oh a bee? Very nice. You colored it though right?
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    I wanna play this now cuz it looks very interesting
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    Please avoid too big of convos in this thread ^^
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    BOPPING IS NECESSARY!!! *bops Tara's head* Welcome to the forums~ ^^
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    Welp let me be the first to join in~
    Name: Lino, Sonarus, Blythe   Birthday: November 20, 1991   Age: 21   Planet: Solaris   Birthplace: Placid Meadows   Residence: None (He travels)   IQ: 129   Occupation: Traveling "Seraphim" (Explained more in his actual bio)   Gender: Male   Type: Speed (He can run 23 MPH on average. His speed is a bit more practical and he is known mostly for having a quick reaction time more than his speed)   Element: Light   Power(s) (if any): Semi-immortal (AKA cannot age but can be killed [Acquired by taking a test that meant certain death. Even though he failed it, he was seen as an exception and granted this])   Weapon(s):  "His" Dual Light Blades   Likes: Helping others   Dislikes: People with evil intentions   Forms: Light   Info on Lino's Light form: Only used in emergencies because after a few minutes when he gets out of it he is put into a state where he is asleep and is floating while glowing white. This state recovers his energy, and any damage suffered is slowly recovered. (Back in the past when the demon was in Lino, this form makes him go back to his real look.) Lino's element of light turns into Pure Light.   Personality: Carefree, Very hard for him to get mad, optimistic, easygoing, helpful, funny, stubborn(in a good way), loyal, somewhat chivalrous, caring, doesn't cuss, and does what he thinks is right.   Light Element info: Lino has always had this as his element. This element can purify the darkness in some peoples hearts. Lino can heal others but it takes forever so he usually only treats small wounds. He can shoot an energy ball of light that can be charged. He can enchant items with the power of light to make them stronger in attack or aid in healing too and the longer he concentrates on enchanting the item, the more effective they are. This element is most effective against people with evil intent. He can tell if anyone is good or evil with their intentions. (Not all people with the element of light have the same ability. Lino's ability to summon a sword is one of the unique abilities he has)   Light Sword(s) info: He can make two swords appear which seems familiar to him somehow and they are also double-edged and have rounded edges. It is actually "His" Light Blade. (By "His" I mean the blade is from Lino's Light within his heart). With His Light blade he found that it can get stronger with his positive attitude. The more hopeful, optimistic, and protective and etc. he gets, the stronger it becomes. It is capable of being thrown and then disappearing back into his hand in a glow of light   Light Speed Hover-board: Before Lino's encounter with the demons (In the story) He loved hover-boards. He started with one, took it apart, and tinkered with it. He knows a lot about them and has made his own custom board. He found a way to make it turn into a disk-like shape when not in use. When it is like a disk (Compact Mode) It is really really hard to break. He puts it on his back. If the board "detects" it is in danger it will go back into compact mode. Lino is also so confident in the board's durability when in compact mode that sometimes he may use it as a shield. It can save him from a high fall. In order to do so he takes it out of compact mode and lays on it and it uses all of its energy to stop from hitting the ground which can be a rough landing but saves him.   Fighting Style: Made his own (Self-taught)   Talent: Able to keep getting up even after death dealing blows because of his strong will   Family: Father - Xano, Blythe/Deceased         Mother - Liora, Estelle, Blythe/Deceased         Sister - Merie, Faith, Blythe   Pet name: Trigger   Trigger's Species: Orbital   Info on the Orbitals: They all look like white orbs with sky-blue eyes. When with an "owner" every month they start to act more and more like their owner but more childish and even pick up some abilities from their owner if the owner has any. Another thing about these guys as pets with an owner is they have half the owners strength. They may even change form a little bit but you have to be very lucky to find these little guys as they tend to hide from strangers or stay in secret places.   Triggers info: Trigger can only telepathically communicate with Lino. And since this telepathic connection is established, Lino can only telepathically give Trigger commands or just "talk". Trigger was able to acquire Lino's healing, enchanting and can aid in hover-board repairs.
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    Here is something for people with fan characters to fill out if they need help~













    Forms (like super or something):

    Info on form:


    Fighting Style:

    Not everything needs to be filled out because not every character has elemental attacks or powers OR can fight~
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    Thanks for the sword lol~
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    Er..? *opens*
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    Yes you may~
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  16. Lino Blythe added a topic in Party Games   

    Give someone a gift!
    I wanted to try a new type of party game that hopefully could work even past christmas. Here's what you do:
    1: Pick any user in the forum
    2: Give any gift that you wish you could give in a tiny RP format
    3: Wait for them to open the gift (Please quote the person who gave you the gift so they get a notification)
    4: When they open said gift, tell them what it is!
    Here's an example~

    Jest, I'm going to give you an awesome gift!~ *gives Jest a gift*
    (Jest then posts this after quoting me)
    [Lino Blythe: Jest, I'm going to give you an awesome gift!~ *gives Jest a gift*]
    Jest: *opens* ..?
    (I have to quote him back so he gets a notification as well~)
    [Jest: *opens* ..?]
    You like it!? It's a still pumping heart from a cursed orphan!
    Jest: The hell!?!

    So let's try it! XD

    Edit: Also for those who don't know, the quote button is at the bottom right of someone's post~
    Double Edit: You can give more than one gift by the way and to anyone~
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    Yep it's me but now... Skye again?~
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  18. Lino Blythe added a post in a topic Guess the next poster!   

    Nope, denied

    But my turn to guess Skye~
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    Welcome anyways!~
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    ... I'm too lazy to fix that caps mistake... XD
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    Here's a pic for your viewing pleasure to go with my comment up there~

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    Mwahaha time to convert you to the ways of the Mobian!!!
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    You guys are becoming too powerful... I must lower your power levels!

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    231! Partyyyyyy!!!! Oh wait....

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    No I'm losing him!!! Reeeeeeeed!!!!!!!! XD
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