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  1. Games that you recently finished

    Dark Souls - Just recently finished this...man...what a game! :D, from the trial and error mentality, to truly taking one's time to learn the areas, where they connect, looking up lore from gear and paying attention to NPCs. It's really something, and some bosses are just AWESOME. *I'm looking at you Artorias*. Now working on New Game+.
  2. Mega Man (Comic Series)

  3. Mega Man (Comic Series)

    I gotta say, I REALLY love how they set up the X series there. From Vile's dislike on X, X and Zero's friendship, Dr.Cain and Sigma, etc etc. They did a good job on placing the relationships and how that will create a stronger weight whenever the Day of Sigma and the X1 arc begins (if they get the go to start the X comic line). Also. datSigmaRapeFace~
  4. Gunvolt (Inafune+Inticreates)

    http://gunvolt.com/ Trailer in the link. Well, nothing wrong with more Megaman style games :D. I'm all down for this. What do you think?
  5. PS4 or Xbox One. Which did you buy? (or did you buy a Wii U)

    I'll be getting a PS4 whenever Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV come out (and i'm sure as heck done with waiting for Last Guardian...*sniff*)...I hope there's a price drop by that point XD. I did however buy a WiiU, what with Bayonetta 2, X, Donkey Kong, Wonderful 101, Mario 3D world, etc etc. I ended up getting one at boxing day. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is a bloody GREAT game :D!!!
  6. Introduction Thread

    Thank you! :D
  7. General Anime/Manga Thread

    Recently I did a fun marathon of movies with a friend. Berserk movies 1&2, Eva 2.22, Batman: Under the Red Hood (not anime, yes but...) I forgot how sweet the animation (when it's not CG) can be in the Berserk movies, although I still frown that they skipped Guts' childhood >:
  8. Introduction Thread

    Hello hello! I am...Cosake. Mainly here because some of the comic stores around don't really stock the Archie Megaman and to the nearest Indigo store isn't...close so...i'm very happy to find a site like this. I think it's an even share to be part of the community for such access :). I like video games, anime, books, manga, artbooks, television series (Arrow, Walking Dead, House MD, etc.), movies..normal stuff really XD. As well as alcohol and random strolls @_@. Sleeping too, sleeping is godly~ (especially on hangovers, it's one way to cure it...) It's sweet to meet you all ^^'
  9. The General Steam/Xbox Live/PSN/etc Topic

    Let's see... PSN: Cosake XboxLive: Cosake Steam: CosakeS NintendoNetwork: CosakeS