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  1. Amomynous added a post in a topic The Suggestion/Bug Report thread   

    Sonic Scanf currently has two galleries; one linked at the top of the page and one as a part of it's encyclopedia.
    The latter has superior formatting and categorisation with much more potential to be regularly updated and sorted quickly into accurate and easy-to use categories, so I feel that http://en.sonicscanf.org/gallery/ is a tad obselete despite having more images.
    The encyclopdia should be linked on top of the page instead with all the gallery material moved over and linked on it's main page, the latter Iv'e done.
    EDIT: Derp, sorry for posting in the wrong section.
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  2. Amomynous added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Hey, you guys may recognise me frome Sonic Stadium, This is a good site, it has a large gallery and a Wiki which I'm interested in.I often use the official art to stock my own stash of Sonic art and use as drawing reference. And it has comics.
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