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  1. Regarding the Comics

    Lol It wasn't up when I hit reply and started typing my response... XD
  2. Regarding the Comics

    They added a manga section with a few manga's within the last 2 months, I know because I remember, saw, and read a few, but I never read the rest. I wonder if those will not come back, I am just curious because none of them ever came outside of Japan I believe and most of them are old, so I wonder if Sonic Scanf consider's them illegal or not (some of the older manga's at least should have their copyright expired).
  3. Regarding the Comics

    I understand everything that happened with the comics... but I have only 1 concern... What about the Sonic Manga?
  4. Incomplete Pages on Certain Comics

    There is also the fact that for Sonic #259, Sonic Universe #62, and Mega Man #36 there was "After the Credits Month" for those comics and had alternate endings for all of them which are not here. Also Are alternate covers ever going to be uploaded?   Recently I was going through the comics and some of them have the new digital and cleaner versions from the app store and then the rest of the issue is from when it was scanned way back when, I hope this is fixed. Also there was a couple of pages that wouldn't load at all or were black and white instead of color for the sonic riders story in the archie sonic comic, and some repeating pages elsewhere.   So besides what I mentioned, missing pages, pages that need to be fixed, I hope that some of the graphic novels, archives, etc. and digital versions of the comic are uploaded (and to have the same page shown if there are any noticeable differences that were changed.)