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    This is just an idea that's been forming in my head for a while now, but I feel as though I might be on to something. Let me start off at the beginning: So if you had been following the Sonic the Hedgehog comic storyline, you would know that Eggman had mucked everything up in #251 when he interruped Sonic while he tried to change everything back to normal. As a result, an alternate reality was created. Now this new reality and storyline gives the people over at Archie a lot of room for creativity, and what I think they are headed toward is something similar to the Sonic Unleashed storyline. I might be wrong, but there is some suggestion with the earth cracked and glowing purple at the very end of #253, and the way Sonic looked after he inhaled that mystery gas in #254.

    -I'd like to ask a favor: I'm having some trouble posting the comparison pictures from Unleashed and the comics, so if anyone could do that for me, that be great. Thanks.
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