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  1. Hermy added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    So... Hello people, I only registered today but since I'm here I might as well make an introduction.
    I'm usually known as Hermy or Kei, age 19, Portuguese, don't really ship any pairings... yeah throw your hate at me- OUCH! Not so hard please...

    My hobbies mostly revolve around drawing (I draw manga only, although recently I've tried some Sonic style for fun and I'm enjoying it), singing, writing a Light Novel and haunting some MMORPGs. I'm not much of an offline player for... uhm, reasons.

    I'm best known for the fact I never had my Sarcasm Gland removed on time like all good kids around, and for my unconditional love for bacon pizza and Japanese language/ music.

    I've known the Sonic Universe for quite some years but I never really cared much until a friend reawakened my interest, and darn am I thankful to her for that. Hopefully I'll catch up with the rest of the fandom soon. My favourite characters (so far!) are Tails, Elias, Scourge and Shadow.

    Oh, and I'm totally up for some RP if we do get a board for that! Actually lookin' forward to putting some serious OC ideas together and improving my Sonic art style.
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  2. Hermy added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    Registration is pretty fast and easy anyway. Thanks for keeping this website up, btw! Getting to read all of this for free is totally worth it!
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