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  1. Granted, I got trashed by an anvil. (Look it up if you don't know what it is)

    I wish I could make the biggest house in Minecraft.

  2. Granted, its infested with human and food eating roaches. Um... you might want to watch out.

    I wish I had 20 gallons of no fat milk that doesn't attract any thing that can infest it or get spoiled.

  3. I do have a lot of time but i at least have to play some music while im building.

  4. Thanks. i think the swiftness potions will help me a lot don't you think?

  5. I got it for my xbox just for fun and I haven't played anything since! I have a big imagination so its good for me. I am trying to build a castle like Castle Acorn in the comics but it is taking so long. None of my friends are really online to help me on xbox. Although i will never give up!

  6. Granted, every gummy you eat is poisoned but it keep making you eat more.

    I wish for a new Sonic character to come out!

  7. Granted, your teacher tripled your work for the remaining semester.

    I wish I had a newborn lion cub and named it Kali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Granted, every time you refill it, it malfunctions and goes out of control.

    I wish for a cold, hard, chocolate bar.

  9. Granted, It is ant infested.

    I wish I had 5,000 buckets of fried chicken!!!

  10. Granted, you will never wake up again.

    I wish I was a real mobian!!!!! (That would be so cool with all my superpowers!!)

  11. Granted, It flew out your window and never came back.

    I wish for Blaze the cat to adopt me as a sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  12. Granted, Good luck trying to catch it when it falls.

    I wish for a black kitten!!!!!

  13. I have 5 favorites:


    Blaze the Cat

    Mighty the Armadillo

    Sally Acorn

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Nicole: Even though she is not a real mobian(yet), she is an awesome character.

    Blaze: She's a cat like me!!!

    Mighty: He has a big heart and a lot of spirit..

    Sally: She is a true friend and a great leader

    Sonic: Way past cool in every way!

  14. Granted, sold out of violins in every store in the world.

    I wish I can have 3,000 plates of catfish!!!! (fish made for cats ^_^ )

  15. Granted, there are no cocoa beans

    I wish for 10,000 liters of soda. (Squirt!!!!)