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  1. Also this one took forever to make because I had to get the right details. It was too hard to try and make Bunnie as a rabbot so I just made a picture of her when she turned back to a full mobian. I hope I did a good job! :)


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  2. My favorite anime is .hack//Quantum OVA. It sucks that there are only 3 episodes though. That really got on my nerves! :angry:

  3. Looks interesting! Anyway, look at this funny cute cat picture I found! :lol:funny-cat-quotes-with-pictures-very-funny-cat-pictures-funny-captions-n-cat-picture-picture-quotes-22672.jpg

  4. I have a suggestion. When we type something or send a message. I don't see a spell corrector. I might have not seen it or something but I don't like spelling words wrong. Just my opinion. :unsure:

  5. Yeah. But who knows? Maybe later in the newer comics they might show something more about Amy. We just have to wait and find out. :)