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  1. Mega Man after Worlds Collide?

    There's barely any reason to start back up the Night's comic as there is almost no games ( I think there's only 3..) and no one knows it anymore. Sonic is a world famous gaming icon.
  2. Art requests for BlueBlur62391

    Can you draw silver feeding a lil' squirrel using his teleki-whateveris- to give it an acorn? :>
  3. The Sonic '06 thread

    I have so many ways to fix this game 1. - Remove, or add more control to, Mach Speed sections. There were like a jet without a pilot in '06. 2. - Turn Elise's and Sonic's love into more of a 'brother/sister' relationship. In the game these two were... eurgh. :british: 3. - Remove Blaze and create or re use another character. It's pretty obvious they just pulled Blaze out of their butt because they couldn't think of someone to accompany Silver. 4. - Alter power ups so they work correctly. In the game only Sonic's worked,but even then it was only some of them... :D
  4. With the rumors of Sonic Adventure 3 coming out this year, my mind can't help but wonder... I'm hoping for either another Storybook game (first one with Roger) or Chronicles 2. Chronicles 1 sucked imo, so with the new games being better it would be good if SEGA perfected their only bad DS game.