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  1. Jasae Bushae added a post in a topic New Archie comic series?   

    Wasnt that the interview where they were talking about how if they were given the go ahead, that they would happily make a series out of any Capcom franchise they could get their hands on from Viewitful Joe to Breath of Fire to Okami?
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  2. Jasae Bushae added a topic in Comics   

    Nights into Dreams
    Out of curiosity, is anyone here a fan of Nights into Dreams? It was admittedly a bit back, but for a while there Archie had a couple mini series going with the character that promised some interesting directions (which sadly never were delivered due to low sales of the comic)

    It is sorta tangentially related to Sonic comics admittedly, with the largest reference being Saffron Bee's nightopian friend but surely there is at least one or two people around who have heard of it.
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  3. Jasae Bushae added a post in a topic Mega Man after Worlds Collide?   

    This is tangentally related but is Nights into Dreams anywhere around? It is kind of unrelated to Sonic, however Archie Comics makes frequent references to the series within the sonicverse. (Like Saffrons Nightopian friend) so I was curious if it was anywhere to be found.
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