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    I will admit I was sceptical at first. It may not have as good of
    a storyline as the Adventure games did, but It's not about story
    or the voice actors. It's about celebrating 2o years of Sonics life.
    (I bought the game for PC and didn't enjoy the game aas much as I do now with an XBOX 360 controller.) This game was totally worth the Money.
    But... If I could complain it's that the game was too short. they should have made it longer. THat, and It's really easy to get an S rank too.
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  3. Talikthehedgehog added a post in a topic Sonic X   

    I liked it when I was like eight. Going back and watching it, I feel they need to make a Sonic show that follows the Sonic the Hedgehog Comic storyline.
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  4. Talikthehedgehog added a post in a topic Who is the traitor within the Knothole Freedom Fighters?   

    I honestly can't say... this whole storyline has been an advenure,
    At first I thought it was Bunny because she left everyone. But now I'm not so sure.
    My guess is that she left to be legionized to get her Robo half back.
    Who knows, but whatever will happen will be epic!
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