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  1. HyperSonic1206 added a post in a topic The future of Scanf: You decide!   

    Is there any new information on whats gonna happen with the site soon?
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    Well, if Archie end the comics or they get cancelled then there's always the hope or the chance that they could put them all back up again because if it's over then they're not really making any money off it anyway. I mean, I don't think that will happen anytime soon because the comic has already seen it's fair share of bad times. Especially before people like Ian Flynn and Tracey Yardley joined and Ken Penders writing was clearly getting more rushed and, "I'm only doing this to get paid", sort of thing. It's only a possibility and I've never really read Sonic the Comic by Fleetway before so I'll still have something to read on this website but it's been a month already and no new news so, bad news? We'll just have to wait and see. Also, that ReadComicOnline website has just closed down and TailsKicksAss has stopped loading things so, y'know, I live in Scotland and we don't have the comics here so, this was my only real place where I could read them. I should have downloaded them as I was reading but, y'know, too bad. It won't be long anyway until ANOTHER site will come along and do the same as this one. I was actually re-reading them as the comics disappeared and I moved over to R.C.O. and then THEY closed down so, Archie Depression is real.
    EDIT: ReadComicOnline is back up, yay!
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