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    Thanks for the feedback, Yeah I realized the intro thing when I watched it with my headphones on, but by then I already posted it  as for the size of it I do have a shorter version but I kept the long one in cuz it was an anniversary special.

    I'll keep the points about animation in mind, I have actually animated before but it was the first time I used SFM so I guess it threw me off a bit!

    And as for the end scene, it's basically me thinking I had to pose the eyes, ears and mouth by hand, rather than using the provided functions  #SFMNewbFTW

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  2. Elton's Stuff Productions added a topic in Sonic Fan Works   

    Sonic SFM Shenanigans
    Hey all!
    So I'm an animator who likes creating stuff, I recently decided to stride into SFM and this is the Result.


    Hope you enjoy! Constructive criticism is appreciated/
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