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    If you want to read the comics...
    The Internet Archive did a backup of the site up to October 31st, the only reason I'm sharing is because old comics are impossible to find or several people don't have access to the available subscription services due to a region lock:
    For newer comics or if you are able to use the following services, please support Archie with your money:
    Archie Comics App:  http://archiecomics.com/digital-comics/Archie Unlimited: http://archiecomics.com/digital-comics/archie-unlimited/Remember that Archie is on Madefire, iVerse, ComiXology, Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and Scribd, SO THERE ARE PLENTY OF OPTIONS.
    That is all from an anonymous fan of the Sonic franchise.
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  2. NotAnHedgehog added a post in a topic Regarding the Comics   

    Those who really really aren't able to read the old comics, there is a way to do it. It is still possible to read all the comics uploaded until October 31st using The Internet Archive, but it is not possible to download them.
    If you are able to use Comixology or use Archie's different alternative, please support the company instead.
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