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  1. alfablac added a post in a topic Regarding the Comics   

    I feel proud too, but I was a little sad because after going to bed November 2nd I saw that Sonic SCANF uploaded the Sonic Mega Drive - Next Levels (the second issue from the Mega Drive series), but I didn't download because I wasn't on my PC. I just thought: "nah.. I will download it tomorrow".
    So the morning of November, 3rd for my surprise the comic section was taken down and the comic piracy scene didn't release the Sonic Mega Drive - Next Levels issue. Firstly, I was sad, but now, thinking more, there's no way better than just purchasing the comic myself. I'm not rich, but I think that one or two issues monthly won't hit the savings (for those that don't hit the comic torrent scene).
    I know that the follow question is pretty much rhetorical, but is it possible to get a final backup from the site somehow?
    As I said before and someone pointed out here too, there were some issues here that you wouldn't find any where on in the internet.
    From the top of my head, I can point out to some digital rips that only SCANF had. These would be hard to get legally, since it's pretty much spending
    somewhere between 200-300 dollars. I huge amount for those unfortunated.
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  2. alfablac added a post in a topic Regarding the Comics   

    I agree 100% with this. 
    Archie financial issues are the sole reason people are speculating about the Mega Man hiatus.
    Also, in addition to the legal issues, StH and SU might be on the edge of being canceled.
    Sonic SCANF was my primary site for these comics, since I'm pretty much broke, but I do agree with staff's decision.
    The problem is, although we can find new releases of StH and SU in other sources, Sonic SCANF was the only place that we could get releases that were missed by the comic scanning/ripping scene.
    If it's prohibited now to ask for this, please delete what follows next:
    If someone has Sonic Mega Drive #2 and the two volumes of Worlds Unite crossover that are missing from the current "scene", please PM me. I'm need of these two comics. 
    EDIT: PS.: Thanks very much for all the services through all these years. I was lurking the entire time and since this is pretty much a closure of the site, I don't want to forget all the things I got from here. Life goes on!
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