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  1. I was looking around DA (Deviantart) when I found this. This is part of an AU that http://drawloverlala.deviantart.com/ made. I really like the designs, and after seeing this one:  made by http://catbeecache.deviantart.com/ And:made by http://sa2oap.deviantart.com/ I was thinking, how would I redesign Sonic and the gang? More importantly, how would YOU redesign them? Trying my hardest to be inclusive.
  2. What happened to the website

    Oh man. I had read a different post regarding this showing an explanation, but it was a different issue, and I didn't check the date. It was 3 years ago whoops. But anyways, hope you guys are able to take care of things with little to no complications so you guys don't lose your minds.