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  1. The future of Scanf: You decide!

    From what I've seen, you have a really great community here, and I don't want to see that changed. I suggest finding a way to tempban and permaban people from the forums in the most extreme cases. I know I may seem like a horrible person, but you have something great here and you need to protect it.
  2. Regarding the Comics

    This is very sad for me. I've been a fan of Sonic since I was 6 years old, and I got hooked on the Sonic Archives series. The continuity always confused me because the archives are incomplete; they are copies of the stories and not of the comic books themselves. I found this website about 4 months ago, and I started reading through the comics from the beginning. I've since realized just how incomplete the archives were, leaving out Sally's mini-series among other special issues, and I fell in love with the comics all over again. Thank you all for what you've done here. It's very sad for me to see it go.   That being said, I agree with removing comics that interfere with Archie Comics and Ian Flynn. They should profit for what they make. Still, where can we read these comics now? The new ones are easy enough to find, but where are the old ones sold? Can we buy scans of them from Archie? If anyone knows where to purchase or find copies or scans, please let me know. I was on issue #74 when the comics were removed, and I don't know how the 75th issue story arc finished. It's been building up for the last 13 issues or so and I'm stuck without a resolution. It's like reading the archives all over again, haha.   So to sum this up, I agree with your decision, but please either leave the older comics on the website or tell me where else I can find them, because I'm kind of desperate for a resolution and I don't want to read a summary on a wiki. Thank you.
  3. Comic Reading Guide (Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Series)

    Perfect, thank you!
  4. Comic Reading Guide (Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Series)

    How do the stories mentioned here fit into the continuity, and where can I read them? http://en.sonicscanf.org/comics/sonic-the-hedgehog/069/#23 They don't appear to be important, but I wanted to ask anyway. Thanks for the list!
  5. The Suggestion/Bug Report thread

    Pages 9 and 10 of Sonic The Hedgehog issue #67 are out of order for me: 8>10>9>11>12.   Page 8: http://en.sonicscanf.org/comics/sonic-the-hedgehog/067/#10