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  1. Granted!.. but it turns out to be your mother's. 


    I wish for a... .:... Giant Skull! 

  2. What? You didn't like Sonic SATam? But the comics were based on the show and I still see it as a continuation of SATam as they're still using the characters and storylines from it but have drifted far from the original storyline since then.


    For me I do want to see Sonic SATam revived as I liked it, but I think it's going to need more than just a hundred signatures. I do feel doubtful if SEGA would allow SATam to come back if it will ever happen, very unlikely though.


    Two words: bad writing. Antoine was annoying and useless, Bunnie and Rotor underused, Sally too perfect, Sonic dumb, and plots ranged from generic to terrible. "Blast to the Past" is atrocious. I think the wort part is hyper. I kept hearing that SaTam is so awesome and Robotnik is the bestest villain and so on... It isnt, it really isnt.

    Yes. Antoine _was_ annoying and useless.

  3. They do not allow weaPUNs in the lockup.

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  4. The piano proves impossible to keep in tune for more than 30 seconds.


    I wish for a pony.