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  1. The next morning, Alwin roused early. It was just habit to wake up as the sun rose.

    Stretching, he went to the kitchen. Ten was used to waking up to a hearty breakfast whenever Al showed up, and he wasn't about to disappoint his friend.

  2. "Friend... sure, let's call it that," but Scourge stopped when he heard what the echidna said about "another game". He thought about it for a moment, then grinned a little, saying nothing.

  3. Scourge takes the nog, then looks at Knux, "Forgive me if I don't trust you, Mr. Guardian," he takes a drink, "I have no idea why in the world I'm even here. You'd think the guy hates me at this point."

  4. Scourge just watched Sonic and Knuckles talk. Sonic always got it - the friends, the big house... what did he do wrong that made him deal with Patches and O'knux instead of Antoine and Knuckles? He drank some of the eggnog he was holding, not feeling like being sociable with Knuckles, and starting to realize that he felt that about everyone who was going to be here. Why did he even come?