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  1. Mackzwellz added a topic in Multiverses of Sonic the Hedgehog   

    Sonic X

    Sonic X is the only Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon that isn't actually a cartoon. The anime features three seasons: the first one is about the Chaos Emeralds hunting and generic fighting with Dr. Eggman, and the second is based off Adventure Series and Sonic Battle. The third season, which wasn't made under SEGA control, is all about space travelling, visiting other planets and searching for the Chaos Emeralds which were lost again during the Super Sonic's fight with some mysterious metallic monster.
    The thing that is special about this anime is that there are people. The one of the main characters there is Chris Thorndyke, a boy who made friends with Sonic and others in the beginning of first season and was sharing all the adventures with them till the end of the third season.

    What did you like in this anime? What disappointed you? Is it good or bad they didn't make the fourth season? What do you think? Share your opinion here.
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  2. Mackzwellz added a topic in Multiverses of Sonic the Hedgehog   

    Sonic Generations

    Sonic Generations is a game for the 20th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, which features both modern and classic versions of characters from the Sega Mega Drive games. The plot doesn't seem to be very complicated: there's some creepy time eating monster who mixed the time up and made both of the hedgehogs (the classic and the modern) meet, and now they have to figure out how to put an end to it while running through the various zones – from the very Green Hill till the Sonic Colors' Planet Wisp.
    The game comes in two versions – the one for modern consoles and PC (yeah, finally) and the other for 3DS, which features different levels and maybe something else.

    So, what do you expect from this one? Will it put an end to the war between retro- and modern fans? What will the fans of Adventure series say? Discuss!
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