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Geoffrey St John

Geoffrey's Songs from children's tv

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I was kind of bored so I decided to create a top ten list of the songs from children's tv. I will say only one song per series so don't expect more than one song from a tv show.

1 is the top of  the list so I will begin with 10.


10: The fool who ripped his pants by spongebob and extras from Spongebob Squarepants. The melody and the way it is subg just sticks in my head. I'm my opinion this song is one of the only good things to come from the show.


09: Lions over all by Zira and Kion from the lion guard. This song is probably unknown to many of you but it has a good pace to it and I like the lyrics so it earned a spot on my list 


08: I turn around by Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon Adventure 2. This song is quite show in the actual show but I found it so interesting that I looked it up and found a full version. The theme of the song and the way it is subg make it great.


07: Floating with you by Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly odd parents. The lyrical give and take between the pair and the comical tone in parts which maintaining the sense of love if hard work so props to the writers of this fantastic tune.


06: Do it for him/her by Pearl and Connie from Steven Universe. Anyone who knows Steven Universe will understand why I chose this song. It is a song about loyalty and fighting for your friends and home no matter the cost. I just had to put this on the list.


05: The pony I wanna be by Diamond Tiara from My Little pony friendship is Magic. This song was one I never expected to exist but it shows the ache in a heart that seemed ice cold. Everyone has faced the truth of this song at some point or another. The writers did a wonderful job with this so I had to add it to my list.


04: I've found my home by Manic the Hedgehog from Sonic underground. This is a Sonic forum so of course there would be a song from Sonic on my list. I chose this song because when I was a kid this song was the one that spoke to me the most. It means the end of a search and a place to come back to. I hope that is what this forum is to all of you.


03: Remember you by Marceline and the Ice King from Adventure time. This song just sticks in my head and I can not fault it at all. The melancholy in the words and the sadness of the story just hits you in the heart. I had to give this wonderful creation a spot on my list.


02: Misty's song by Misty from Pokemon. This song was the first song I ever saw in a tv show. I watched Pokemon from the very start and I was shocked at this song being a way to say bye to Misty. The lyrics was well written and the tune is without fault. It is deserving of the second spot on my list.


01: Emika's song by Angelica, Tommy and Emika from Rugrats all grown up. Now this song may not be known by many people but it tops my list because the lyrics are perfect. The many adventures of the Rugrats and them growing up together are perfectly linked in the song. I can not hear the song without thinking back over all the times I enjoyed watching the show. Dispite  the terrible ending the song still stays at the top of the list without question.

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