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Holly's Character Files

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So, I’ve been working on this character for a while. As you can tell, she’s not quite finished yet - I still haven’t decided on the characters she associates with - friends, enemies, and so forth, and history I’m just going to let develop slowly. That said, I do like what I’ve come up with so far and it’s good to get back into character creation after so long;

Basic Information:

Universe of Origins: Sonic the Hedgehog

Name: Mint the Husky

Alias: N/A

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Dog (Husky)

Date of birth: December 3rd

Place of birth: Ice Paradise Zone

Current residence: Studiopolis Zone

Occupation: Artist

Alignment: Good

Physical Description:

Image (If Available):

Height: 4 feet (121.92 centimeters)

Weight: 79 lbs (35.9 kilograms)

-Close-lying red fur
-Fluffy, white furred muzzle
-White furred inner ears
-White furred chest and stomach
-Small jet-black round nose with no apparent nostrils
-Red-furred arms and legs
-Broad, red-furred hands and feet
-Red eyelids
-Large, almost always half-lidded eyes with light blue iriss, black pupils, and glassy white schlra. Two thick lashes stick out of each eyelid
-Large, slightly rounded, triangular ears with white tips that are constantly alert
-Tuft of fur with white tips sticking out between her ears
-Thick furred tail with a white underside

-Lightweight green sleeveless coat that reaches a couple inches past her waist, with a trio of dark green buttons running down the center
-White gloves with a green cuff fastened by a dark green button
-White pants
-Green winter boots with a dark green cuff

Extreme Gear:

-A pair of black-framed glasses with light blue lenses
-Closed green sleeveless vest
-White pants
-White gloves with green cuffs held together by a dark green ringlet
-Green boots with dark green accents down the center


Personal Information:

Personality: Mint is one who’s personality is deeper than what first impressions may suggest. While some may see her as cold and distant due to her independent nature, those that have taken the time to get to know her tend to see her as a valuable friend and companion. Mint is an intelligent and artistic young husky, who enjoys using her talent as an outlet for creative expression.

Full of spunk and sass, the young husky constantly carries an air of confidence about herself. Generally calm and cool-headed, though with a bit of a short-temper, Mint is proud of her skills, not only relating to art, but to battle skills as well. However, this also lends to a sense of arrogance from time to time.

As well, Mint is a very opinionated sort. She is not afraid to speak her mind and is not one to sugarcoat her words. This means she can be very blunt and overly critical about things, much to the chagrin of those that know her well enough. This, combined with a bit of a sarcastic and snarky tongue and a stubborn streak can sometime make her seem like a jerk.

Mint, however, is in fact quite warm-hearted individual at heart, not at all above doing acts of kindness for others. Though she’s an independent young dog, the husky can in fact be rather socialable towards others, especially towards her closest friends. Indeed, she rather enjoys being around those she cares about the most. The young husky is quite loyal to her friends, and though she doesn’t always show it, cares about them immensly.


-Mint is a talented artist, with her proficency being mainly in painting

-Adept at Extreme Gear and snowboarding

-Enjoys reading

-Good at driving and swimming

Likes: Art, winter and all things related to it, honing her combat skills, reading, and music. She also adores children and small animals.
Dislikes: The husky is not a fan of summer or strong heat in general. For that reason, she also dislikes places like deserts or near volcanoes. She hates being annoyed or interrupted by anyone, and her work not being taking seriously. She’s also not fond of certain forms of abstract art, considering some of them to be ‘lazily done’.

Mint always carries with her a set of paints and brushes, as well as a sketchpad.
-Glacier: A red and white Extreme Gear board. The Glacier has high top speed and decent cornering.

-A bright red car.



-Garnet the Husky (Mother)
-Kody the Husky (Father)

Close Friends:

Other Friends: TBA
Romantic Interest: TBA

Rivals: TBA

Enemies: TBA

Battle Information:

Ability Type: Speed

-Mint is a cryomancer, able to create and manipulate ice. Through this power she is able to do such things as construct a variety of melee-style bladed weapons to use in battle, freeze others with a touch, use thick ice slabs to get across gaps (though this requires ice to already be available or a large amount of water to freeze), and so forth.

-The husky is pretty quick on her feet, with fantastic reflexes and acrobatic skills to boot.

-Mint is highly adept at weilding an ice sword and dagger created by her powers. She will often incorparate her other ice skills in battle as in conjuction with these.


-Snowflake Star: Mint forms snowflake-shaped shruikens with razor sharp points that she throws at enemies.

-Freeze Touch: Mint’s hand glows a light blue as she grabs at her foe. Once she grabs an enemy, if quickly begins to incase them. She holds on until made to let go or ice completely surrounds them.

-Ice Homing Attack: While in mid-air, Mint curls into a ball and envelops part of her body in ice, before bursting forward with sudden speed. She can home into a nearby enemy with this manuever, the ice on her body helping to increase the damage output. However, the added weight from this manuever weighs her down and prevents her from being sent too high off enemies. This results in her not being able to homing attack too many times in succession, meaning long lines of enemies will take more than one attempt.

-Icicle Spear: Mint forms several small icicle and sends them flying at her enemies. This manuever can be used to help take out more powerful foes.

-Wall Jump: Mint jumps between walls, though she can only stay on a wall for a very short time before she falls off.

-Frost Blade: Mint forms a bladed weapon made of ice and uses it to attack her opponents. This weapon can take two different forms; a dagger or a longsword.


-As mentioned before, Mint is acrobatic and quick on her feet, making it hard to hit her. She also has high endurance, able to last quite a while in the midst of battle and capable of running for very long distances.

-Being a husky, Mint has a strong resistance to the cold, able to withstand temperatures as low as -76 °F.

-Mint generally stays calm and collected in the face of combat. The dog is excellent at keeping her cool, even when visiably annoyed and angered.


-As expected, being an individual who can tolerate extremlely cold climates, the same can not be said for Mint with just as hot temperatures. While she is not so vulnerable to the heat that a typical summer day completely incapicates her, it does weaken her more than it would most people, hot enough temperatures of course making her powers all but useless.

-Her blunt, sometimes overly opinionated nature as well as her snarky tendency has gotten her in tough situations more than once

-Can be incredibly stubborn at times


-As mentioned before, Mint is able to use her Cryokinesis to create bladed weapons to use in combat, with the longsword being her go to weapon.



-Mint is themed around the season of winter; She’s a husky, a breed of dog that first originated in the cold climates of Siberia; She is able to create and manipulate ice; Her main outfit is based off casual winter-wear; And her name and fur coloration are dervived from that of peppermint candies, the flavor of which is very popular around Christmas time.

Mint’s birthday also happens to fall on something called National Peppermint Latte Day. (look it up) This was completely intentional. ;P

-Certain aspects of her character were based on real-life Siberian Huskies. The breed can withstand harsh cold temperatures, are fairly socialable, is generally good with children, were bred to pull sleds over long distances thus owing to Mint’s own high endurance, can be stubborn at times, and are intelligent dogs, among other things

-Her talents in art are somewhat based on my own desire to become a digital artist, though Mint is more into painting

-Mint is based off a similar character I had many years ago. She is essentially a version that ‘fits’ better in the Sonic-verse

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