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Post and pre reboot Myra

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Pre-reboot Myra


Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: Flying squirrel 

Appearance: Dark, red-brown fur, with auburn hair that's usually kept in a neat braid down her back. 

Attire: Jeans and a T-shirt, typical clothing for a teen, except for the conquistador style sword strapped to her back.

Personality: Very curious, and a little insensitive. She is always looking for new information about the people and world around her, which can land her in awkward situations, often asking people too personal questions.

Back Story: Myra spent most of her childhood peacefully in a science centered community, until it was invaded by the DEL. She had spent the past year on the run with her siblings, the DEL never far behind.

Height: Shortish (How tall is the average Mobian?)

Birthplace: An unnamed scientific community 

Residence: Haven (at the moment)

Weapon: A conquistador style sword

Likes: Magic, fencing, and a good book

Dislikes: When her brothers are being buttheads

Hobbies: Reading a researching old myths, espesicially if there is magic involved 

Talents: Sword fighting, Magic (aprentenly)

Favorite food: Feddicini Alfredo

Family: Varen and Tirade, her older twin brothers, and Honey, her little sister. She does have parents, but I'm going to wait to reveal that part do her past.

Enemies: the DEL 

Post-reboot Myra 

Appearance: She's basically the same as pre-reboot Myra in appearance

Back Story: This is a bit of a head cannon but, Myra is an under cover zone cop, keeping tabs on the prime zone. Since the reboot zone cops can't move about as freely, especially when it comes to the prime zone. They still try keep some degree of order, mainly by manipulating geninsis portals to keep some worlds from meeting and having others help each other. Myra IS originally from the prime zone, but that's a story for later.

Attire: Since she's undercover she looks like a regular kid her age, minus her energy braclets.

Personality: Still curious, but more cautious and more mature. 

Residence: Knothole

Weapon(s): Energy bracelets that allow her to create extremely versatile sheilds. They can be used in many ways, from the basic personal shield, to enemy crushing bubbles, to floating platforms. They can also fire bolts of energy, but Myra dislikes to use them that way.

Weaknesses: Dislikes using her bracelets in aggressive ways, and prefers to trap or disable enemys instead of defeating them, especially if they are living. This often means she leaves her self unessisarily vulnerable to attack.

Dislikes: Being agressive

Hobbies: Reading, expeimenting with her energy braclets.

Talents: Exremely effective with her energy braclets.

Favorite food(s): Italian food

Family(dead and alive): unknown

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