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These are the sheets for the generic characters I use. I have four I tend to switch between, depending on how many we can use and what the background of the RP is. Since its generic for characters I use in multiple RPs, there will be some points I take out. Also, the "backstory" section will cover their creation and character development. The page is all done now, and I'll start signing up for RPs soon.


Full Name: Tennor Dekan

Nickname: Ten

Name Pronunciation: Ten-ner Dee-Kun

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: While it may vary, he started out as  Terminian Zora from the Legend of Zelda. However, his most common race is human. In most fantasy-based RPs, he's an elf.

Alignment: Neutral Good, leaning more towards Lawful Good, though he can be ruled by his emotions at times.

Appearance: (When human) Light-colored skin, darker brown hair, blue eyes. Around 5'10 and of an average body weight and body type. 

Attire: (When human) Jeans and a tee shirt usually. He doesn't pay much attention to what he wears, so his clothes don't always match.

Personality: Tennor tends to me the more friendly of the group. He's a little more trusting and sociable than the other two, and has a high self-esteem. He tends to be good friends with Alwin and Dean, and is usually the glue that keeps the team together. He's usually the leader of the group, though sometimes secedes so that Al can do what he does best.

Back Story: I first used Tennor in Justeazy's Dungeon Crawler, though there was zero characterization there. His first use as an actual character was in LinktheEighth's Zelda RP, where he was a misplaced Terminian Zora fighting against Ganon's rule. Eventually, I started using the name "Tenning" for more modern versions and alternate reality versions. He was originally made as an internet version of myself. While I've changed a lot since then, he's stayed the same, as a sort of nostalgia.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 160lb

Birthplace: Zelda Dungeon's LinktheEighth Zelda RP

IQ: 132

Combat Type: Sword-and-shield type in fantasy RPs. In modern times, he's a knife fighter.

Element(s): Water

Weapon(s): Swords; elemental magics; blades

Fighting Style(s): He tends to go for the direct approach, and is usually a distraction for his teammates. 

Elemental Style(s): His magics are more ice-based, and he uses them to slow and freeze his opponents.

Weaknesses: He tends to be a very trusting person - a little too trusting sometimes. He also is very empathetic to the plight of others.

Likes: Tennor is a big eater, though he doesn't tend to gain much weight. He also enjoys singing, but has very little musical talent.

Dislikes: "Holier than thou" types are his biggest dislike.

Hobbies: Reading; spending time outdoors

Talents: He's a good story teller.

Eccentricities: Tennor tends to speak before he thinks, to sometimes hilarious results.

Favorite food(s): Chicken and cheese are his favorite things.

Favorite beverage(s): In more modern interpretations, soda.

Theme:  Coming soon


Full Name: Alwin Nutt

Nickname: Al

Name Pronunciation: All-win Nut

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: A daemon in his first RP, but is commonly human. 

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Sporting shaggy bright red hair and dark blue, almost black eyes, his pale white skin is surprising against his father features. He's the tallest of the group - usually around 6'2 - as well as the most muscular. 

Attire: Jeans and a muscle shirt in modern interpretations.

Personality: Alwin is the strongest of body in the group, but the weakest of mind. He has a short fuse, low self-esteem, and commonly blames himself for things that have happened to him and his friends, even if they were beyond his control. However, he makes a good leader when his head's in the game. He's also the most sensual of the group. Unlike Tennor, he is very antisocial and untrusting of others. You have to earn his way into the Circle of Trust. However, once he trusts you and considers you his friend, he's fiercely loyal, and would die to save you. He is also bisexual, but prefers women.

Back Story: Alwin was originally a joke character on he RP site Morgavia - an antisocial demon with a thing for soup. However, he quickly became my favorite when he stumbled into the political landscape of the Demon Empire, becoming a badass king and a fierce lover. I still consider that to be my best character arc ever. He became more mentally unstable as I kept using him, gaining a short fuse, trust problems, and similar problems. He's the single most flawed hero I've ever had.

Height: 6'2

Weight: 200

Birthplace: Morgavia RP Site

IQ: 96

Combat Type: Despite being a little more brawny than the others, Alwin is usually a magic-user. When in more modern times, he's a martial artist.

Element(s): Darkness; Fire

Weapon(s): Magic; fists

Fighting Style(s):This sounds oddly familiar...

Elemental Style(s): His use of dark magic is often used as an illusionary magic, and fire magic is pretty self-explanatory.

Weaknesses: Deep distrust of others and intense loyalty.

Eccentricities: Alwin has what Tennor calls the "Al-Eyed Glare", which is a disapproving stare he gives most things.

Favorite food(s): He's a carnivore. What are these veggies you speak of?

Favorite beverage(s): Al enjoys alcohol as much as (if not more than) the next guy.

Theme: Coming soon


Full Name: Dean Tenal

Nickname: N/A

Name Pronounciation: Deen Ten-al

All you really have to know about Dean is that he's That Guy. He'll get thrown in wherever the others don't fit, and is usually a third character in a team made up of him, Tennor, and Alwin. He hasn't really had a universal look or personality or anything. Usually though, he's the youngest and quietest of the three. If anyone is going to be a minority or diverse really, it would be him, since he really doesn't stand for anything of me on his own. For crying out loud, his surname was literally made from Tennor's (Ten) and Alwin's (Al) firsts. I tend to use him the least.


Full Name: Jason Jones

Nickname: Jay

Name Pronunciation: Jay-sun Jo-ens

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Once again varies, though he's always played either human or superhuman.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Jay has short red hair, light blue eyes, and a normal Caucasian skin tone. He usually has on an infections smile. He's of a pretty average height and is on the light side.

Attire: Jay doesn't care what he looks like. If he has a uniform of some sort, he's usually wearing it. If not, he would literally wear socks and sandals just to mess with people. You never know with him.

Personality: Jason is a wise-cracking (and usually self-depreciating), outwardly egotistical, know-it-all who somehow ends up being likable. Don't ask me how. He is often a butt monkey, though rarely for slapstick. Instead, irony is what usually gets him. 

Back Story: Jay is the newest member of the team. He was originally made as a hero for an unmade superhero story, and was transferred over to a superhero RP on Zelda Dungeon, where he was a police detective as well as a speedster, and one of the most experienced members of the team. He hasn't been used much, and has yet to interact with any of the other three in an RP (though his nemesis is similar to Alwin in some ways). He symbolizes who I am, at least outwardly, now, which makes him the most pure representation of myself I have.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 130

IQ: 147

Combat Type: Jason attacks hard and fast. In fantasy-type RPs he'd be more of a Ranger. He can take a lot of hits, but tends to show off when fighting, putting himself into... less than preferable positions. He is also good at martial arts.

Element(s): Electricity; Air

Elemental Style(s): He doesn't tend to use his elements much, but when he does, it's very creative.

Weaknesses: His own cockiness. As mentioned previously, he likes to show off. 

Eccentricities: Sometimes it seems like Jay can't go five minutes without making a joke. Also, to him, nothing is sacred, so he sometimes makes jokes that aren't quite tasteful or fitting the mood.

Theme: Coming soon



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