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Arek Powalan

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Name: Arek Powalan
Age: 19

Species: Rudian/Dog
Gender: Male

Alignment: Natural Good

Occupation: Quest Hunter


- Other Personal Information -

Nickname: Kid

Title: Rookie, Little Tank, Red Cyclone
Date of Birth: January 1, 1970 (New Century Calender: Post-Super Genesis Wave, Planet Rudia)
Date of Now: May 12, 1989

1. Quest Hunter's Guild "Team Blue Stars" (member),

2. Rebelion Force "AEGIS" (member),


Hometown: Minerich, Republic of Nutopia, Eastern Mainland
Residence: Blue Stars HQ (set on the edge of a small town called Avenburg. It is surrounded by nature)
Social Class: Immigrant
Economic Class: Middle

Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown

Favorite Books:

1. My Little Human: Teamwork is Magic

2. Grandpa Travis's Notebook


Favorite Food:
1. Milk (Flesh, Chocolate, Coffee)
2. Pasta

Hobbies & Talents:
1. Trading cards: Likes to play multiple card games. He usually store some decks in his backpack in case of a duel.

2. Toilet Cleaning: Due to the number of detention he has given from Seera, he claims himself to be a master toilet cleaner, much to his friends' disgust.

3. Cooking: Has a good senses for taste and ingredients. Everything he can cook, he learnt it from his grandmother.


- Appearance Information -

Base: Shiba Inu, Doge

Height: 2'6
Weight: 29kg
Skin Color: Yellow & White
Hair Color: Black
Eyes Color: Black
Hair Style: Straight

Motif: Red & Brown

1. "Adventurer's Garb"
Arek's initial attire is consisting of a white shirt under an unbuttoned brownish-red jacket; white shorts; a pair of red shoes; a short sword and a buckler. He also spots a friendship band on his right arm and at times a red baseball cap. When he's training, he's wearing 3-10kg black weighted clothes as well as 1-3kg armbands and boots.


- Personality Information -

Base: Hotblooded, confident, has strong sense of justice. Seek adventures and excitement in life. Though naive and tend to do and say without thinking

Toward oneself: Empowered with hope and confident, but only as a facade to hide away his insucurity because, in actual, he lacks a lot of self worth and confident,

Toward others: Pretend to smile a lot to keep other people's spirit up. Believe to live to protect others, so he can be overprotective and mope around when he fails to do so.

Catch Phrases:
1. "Crap."
2. "I will never give up! I cannot give up!"


- Relationship Information -

Friends: Blue Stars' members, Lennart Bezzan (roommate)
Martial Status: Single
Love Interests: Celia Powalan (cousin), Ellen Ellen (colleague), Seera Bransford (boss)
Rivals: Kain Richtor (Team Galeforce Flash)
Enemies: Team Forza Aquila, Soutarn Government
Known Family:
1. George Harrison (father - deceased)
2. Martha Harrison (mother - deceased)
3. Travis Powalan (grandfather - 75 years old)
4. Holly Powalan (grandmother - 74 years old)
5. Edward Powalan (uncle - 41 years old)
6. Celia Powalan (first cousin - 19 years old)


- Battle Information 1 -

Type: Power
Elemental: Fire 50%
Weakness: Ice 150%, Earth 125%

Battle Stance: Sword & Shield: Tail Guard

Weapons: 1-Handed Sword

1. Short Sword
Arek's first sword which was given by his uncle. It has a suitable length and weight for the boy, but it is proven ineffective in real battle due to the very limited range.


Armor: Regular armor & shield

.1. Friendship's Band
Given by Celia as a sign of friendship, the 16 years old Arek grew a huge affection toward his cousin despite the culture's taboo against romances between first cousins. While his romantic approach failed meserbly, he still keep the yellow band on his left arm as a part of any custom he's wearing, as if to show his feeling toward Celia will always remain positve even though he has long moved on from his anguish.


- Battle Information 2 -


1. Quick Learning: As the old saying states: "The Red One Goes 3 Times Faster". While Arek doesn't have speed, he has an ability to adapt and gets stronger in short times if he has a good teacher.

2. Guts: Due to his overwhieming willpower, Arek may get up even though he's been beaten down multiple times.


1. Sluggish start - Comparing to other quest hunters, he is very weak. He has poor judgement and he isn't durable against danges. He starts getting better and become a jack-of-all-trade after a lot of proper training and better equipments, however.


2. Emotional Breakdown: Though Arek is happy go lucky at most times, if someone insult his intelligence or hurt his friends, he may fall into an uncontrolable frency. The effects range from comical to disasterious as he may attack even his allies if they get in his way.


3. Limited Range - Being shorter than average and using a short sword meaning that he has pathetic attacking range in a combat. While he later develops range skills, other fighters are better at attacking enemies from afar.


Unique Skills
1. Edward Combo - Deal 5 consecutive combo against one enemy, with the final blow dealt with an attempt to launch it to the air. Other combatants may use an opportunity when the target is stunlock midair to continue the combo.


2. X-Slash: A combination with Seera Bransford. Both dash toward an enemt and deals simuternious damage as the slashes cause an X-shaped cut.


- Background -

Real name: Henry Harrison, Arek/Henry was born into a domestic familty where the father suffered from a mental illness. Not only the man frequently drink and hunt birds, he frequently abused his wife and being ignorant toward his son. Henry quickly grew hatred toward his father, not because of a personal mistreat  but because that the only person he loved was suffering and crying all the time because of the madman's wrath while he was powerless to do anything. Cooping with the boy being bullied at schools, Henry grew up a lonely kid.

One day when he was 8, he met a young girl wearing a red hood and played together. The girl listened to his school problem and encouraged the boy to stand up against bullies. Her advice worked, perhaps too well. Henry stood up to his own father that night when the man became insane. He killed Martha and attempted to murders Henry, but the child acted in self-defense and accidentally killed George by turning his own knife against his stomach.


Henry escaped the crime scene, blooded strained and broken. Travis found him in the forest. He then asked his wife, Holly, to perform a magic ritual to seal away Henry's "violent" personality and erase his memory of the incident. Henry's identity was replaced as the young boy "Arek Powalan" started a new life. He forgot everything reagrding the murders and got spared by the law, though he also forgot about the young girl in the red hood.


Arek grew up in a happy hamily, with his grandfather and grandmother teaching him how to behave and respect others, thugh his life was still problematic when it came to schoolings and social interacting. Since 14, he was underdevelopped compared to his classmates and got teased by the schoolmates. His teachers didn't like him and usually punished him and put him into detentions. When he was 16, he fell in love with his own cousin. Not only the romance didn't work out as Celia already had a boyfriend, he was heavily teased and the adults were so disgusted that they marked the boy a delinquent.

Eventually, he got retired from a high school at age 18, being accused for cheating at an entrace examination. Arek had enough of his hometown. He recalled his grandfather's story as a hero and decided to embark on a personal journey to follow the oldman's footstep and become a "real man". Good natured and optimistic about his new life, he trained himself as an honorable swordsman by strictly following grandfather's ideology and strifes to grow stronger in order to protect women and people he cares of.


- Story-

A month after his 19th birthday, Arek travels to the Continent of Eplis, Travis and Holly's homeland. He is then involved in a fight with bandits as he sees a young folower girl being attacked. He is quickly overwheimed and defeated, but his burning instinct wakes him up and beat the bandits down before he falls unconcious aagain. The girl, Ellen Ellen, takes him to guild Blue Stars's base, heal him back to health, and ask her boss, Seera Bransford to let the man join the team in order to compensate the team's lacking of members and to do a research on his inner strength.


During the first two months with the team, Arek becomes desperate with the horrible state that is of Team Blue Stars. It currently ranks second-to-last in the official guild league, and the boy has never got to do a real quest hunter's mission. Complaining with the boss, he is scolded and driven out to the town to do some "mundane" jobs.


At this time, he meets Kain Richtor, Seera's arch-rival, who mocks him for following the weakling such as Seera. As Richtor leaves, Arek finds a scouting request posted by Beowolf. Still annoyed by Ricthor, Arek decides to ignore Seera's order and take the request. Ellen overhears him talking, and insist to accompany him if he won't cancel his job.

As per job's description, Arek and Ellen. have to scout for illegal loggers and bandits in order to report them to the police. During the session, however, they meet an unconcious woman. At the same time, a demonic mist covers the area and monsters start spawning the forest. Surrounded by the fiends, The team is saved by Seera, but the woman then gives him an angry stare since he's abanddoned her order and dragged her best friend into a danger. Nevertheless, the team escapes the forest with the mysterious girl. The team decides to take care of her as she is discharged from the town's hospital.

Arek continues another month trying to win Seera's trust and gets himself into guild's active role. He stumbles upon the team's tragic past: the HM-01 incident. Four years ago, The team is nearly massacred in abandit ambush. Three guild members, icluding Seera's boyfriend, were killed in front of her, while Ellen was critically injured. Worst of all, the remaining members were tricked by Ricthor into betraying the team. Saddened by the experience, Seera closed her heart and insisted to protect her friends at all cost. She then relied only on safe and low paying jobs to maintain the household.


Arek sympathises with the boss, but instead of conforming to Seera' rules, he strive to show that she's wrong for her decision. He marathons the "mundane" jobs fo two weeks and racks up 50 points for the team. He also recuits Cocona Bronx, a lynx who used to work with Richtor, and Lennart Bezzan, the speedy "justice thief", into the team. Seera realizes that she has been running from her past mistakes. She stands up and decldes to allow the team to do a grand quest. They succeed with the flying color, and, once and for all, Seera declares the end of her team's darkage.

A month after, the political disturbance within the Capital City rises, and Seera's father, Doug, has been impriseoned by the governer. Eagered to know what's going on, she embarks alone into the castle's dungeon to save him. Arek, Ellenb, and the mysterious girl "Asna" whom the team saved furing the forest incident, follow her and aid her in the quest.


The team successfully rescue Doug and is guided to the underground hideout belonged to the group of anti-government rebels, where the team are requested into joining the rebel group "AEGIS". Initially, Seera refuses, afraiding that the political conflict would ends up hurting her friends, but she quickly changes her mind when finds out the government funded guild "Forza Aquila" has already racksacked her base in attempt to kidnaps Asna and hurt some of the team's staff.


For the rest of the year, Arek assists the team to battle Forza Aquila's assasins. He has no direct relationship with any event, but he does become an important force that allow the team to gain victories against the enemies. After 5 months, AEGIS defeats all of the corrupted governer's assasins and expose the man's evil deeds to the people. Finally, they defeats him and put him in the jail.


At the end of the year, Blue Stars was awarded with 150 points from assisting the rebelion. The team ranks 5th out of 9. This appears an over achivement on the members' part, and the members all cried in joy as they have truly risen from the ashes. Later on, Arek ends up in a relationship with Ellen. He remarks the day the Blue Stars members having a lovely picnic at the base's backyard, telling jokes and laughing the most memoriable day in his life.


Please give comments and feedbacks as you see fit.

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