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Geoffrey St John

Top eleven True heroes of Final Fantasy

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This was originally elsewhere but I moved and edit it. I hope this gets you all thinking who who a true hero in your opinion. This is my top eleven heroes complete with Reasons.

1 Genesis Rhapsodos:

Genesis grew up as a foster child to a weathly couple who were paid to raise him. During his youth he became obsessed with the Poem Loveless and being a hero. Along with his childhood friend Angeal he joined Soldier and raised to the of first class where he became friends with his childhood hero Sephiroth. The trio trained together but it ended when Genesis recieved an injury. It was then he began to learn the truth of his origins and sought to prevent his cursed fate. Using Loveless as a means to find his answer he began trying to enact it out with Angeal and Sephiroth. He found many answers but each one made things worse like causing Angeal's death and Sephiroth to decend into madness. Genesis finally found his answer, his "gift of the goddess" after he was struck down by Zack using Angeal's buster sword. His fate was reversed thanks to his gift of the goddess, which was his Soldier pride. Genesis' good heart and devotion to Loveless has without a doubt earned him the top spot of my list. He is My true hero

2 Seifer Almasy:

When we first meet Seifer he is shown as a trouble maker . While that is true he also has a respect for the rules as his disciplinary committee proves. While he leads the team on the Dollett mission he abandons his post and we learn that he has a dream he considers romantic. He is punished for his actions but breaks free upon learning that three rookies were sent to aid Rinoa a girl he spent some time with in the past. He rushes to her aid himself and holds the president hostage. The sorceress then appears and we learn he isn't as fearless as he acts and he joins her. It is after that we learn of how loyal his followers Raijin and Fujin are since they believe in him. Seifer is seen again having achieved his dream of being a sorceress knight. During this time he recognizes the sorceress as the matron of the orphanage he grew up in and protected her with all his heart. After losing twice another sorceress began to mind control him and it became clear he wasn't himself anymore. When he was freed he reunited with Raijin and Fujin and began to live peacefully with them. But it is also his personality which helped him earn a spot on my list. Seifer is an arrogant yet loyal guy who likes a challenge even if it is with the one in command. He didn't let his bad rep get in the way and that earns him the second spot on my list of true heroes.

3 Freya Cresant:

Freya is a strong female dragon knight who left her home to find the man she loved. After many years of searching and news of his death she settled in another city ashamed to go home. She became a hunter and won a contest when she learned from one of her people that her home was under attack. She returned home to witness it being destroyed and many of her people killed. She went to the settlement of the rest of her people to find it under attack and she was unable to protect it. It was then her lost love returned but he didn't know who she was. He had forgotten her breaking her heart when a general attacked and she gave chase managing to escape as the settlement and the rest of her people were vapourised becore her eyes. Later she fought alongside the general who caused the end of her home and people something that many wouldn't be able to do. Freya's heartbreaking story and heroic actions earn her the third spot of my list of true heroes without question.

4 Zack Fair:

Zack is in every way as Angeal says "a Puppy" he is a dreamer who longs to be a hero. But it is that dream which causes him to work harder than most. Through out his story he must deal with many obsticles. He meets a hero who goes mad causing Zack to have to fight him. Zack's mentor forces Zack to strike him down. He has to helplessly watch as a town is blown up. He also helped inspire the remains of Soldier after they lost many of their own. As his story continues he learns the truth of the company he works for and even falls in love with a girl they want. Zack later ends up a test subject and a fugitive and while on the run is struck down while protecting a friend who then became his living legacy. That earns Zack the forth spot on my list of true heroes easily. Plus he is the only main character in a game that I actually like

5 Jecht:

In final fantasy ten the first experience we have of him is the talk of the radio reporter while playing as Tidus. He first appears as a uncaring father but as the story progresses we witness that he does care for Tidus and his friends. His loyalty is proven when he becomes Braska's fayth even though he knew what he would become. He was willing to do what he must to show Sin's true nature so Tidus would strike him down. Jecht wanted to be stopped as Sin so he guided Tidus on his path and accepted his end when it came. His heroic heart is also proven in Dissidia when he gives his own life to Tidus so his son can live. The narrator then says Jecht's will was so resouloute the crystal could have appeared at any moment. With all that in mind I sellected Jecht for the fifth spot on my list of true heroes.

6 Baltheir:

He may be a greedy sky pirate but that is not all there is to him. He is the son of the greatist scientist in Archadia but chose to find his own life outside of his nobility. He enjoys the thrill of a treasure hunt and holds his ship the Straal in high value. He will help anyone if promised a reward but can refuse to take a reward if he wishes. He has a noble heart as proven when he gave up a treasure for Ashe's safty. He acts like a gentleman even when stealing which makes him very likable. His most heroic moment is when he risks his life in order to prevent the Bahamut from crashing into Rabanastre. Granted Fran does that too but he is way more likable thus earning him the sixth spot on my list.

7 Vivi Orunitia:

While Vivi is not one of my favorite characters I do acknowledge that he is a great character. He is just a child but has already come to understand death and come to terms with being alone. As the story progresses he learns of his origins as a weapon of war set to die only a year after being made. Even with this knowledge he kept trying to make a difference and even killed the beast that breathes mist preventing any more tortured souls like himself fron being made. His life may be short but he finds a home and a purpose, something many search their whole life for and never find. That earns Vivi the seventh spot on my list of true heroes.

8 Reno:

Though many would think I am mad putting him on this list I don't care. We first see him attempting a kidnapping and later setting a bomb which killed hundreds, not exactly heroic I know. Another encounter shows him helping free two prisoners and throwing a man to his death. Then he is ordered to capture the ones he just helped but he let them go just once. Later on he uses a bomb his teamate made and tries to kill two people but fails and evacuates a city when it is in danger. While many of his acts are considered crimes to us they have been for a good reason while under orders. He tried to kidnap so they could find a way to perserve her endangered race. He set the bomb to erase a terrorist group that killed millions. He set of a bomb to end two lives who sought to taken many others. Those are the actions of a true hero thus earning him a spot on my list. It is only this low because they were all under orders.

9 Laguna Loire:

He is a clumsy soldier who makes so make stupid mistakes it is unreal he has lived this long yet his personality makes it impossible to be mad at him. He can inspire people without trying and is often forced into leadership which he proves he deserves time and time again in his bumbling way. This giant idiot really is a true hero

10 Amarant Coral:

While we know very little about him we do know he has had a life filled with fights. He eventually ended up a security guard when he was beaten and framed by Zidane. He became a fugitive and wanted revenge on the monkey. In time he became a mercenary who was hired to kill a princess while working with another hunter. He stopped the other hunter after they took a hostage and he faced Zidane one on one. He lost but was spared much to his confusion. He joined the team and later won a contest but was saved by Zidane after he left the group. After realizing he has been wrong in the way he lives he became a loyal ally and valued fighter. To go from hated mercenary to loyal soldier is a truly surprising change which in my book is worthy of the tenth spot of my list of true heroes

11 Auron:

This may be unpopular but while he has made it on the list it wasn't something he really deserved in my opinion. He protected Yuna and guided Tidus as they progresses through their stories and even went against everything he once stood for to protect them. Those actions while heroic were not enough. He challenged Yunalesca and died in anger and then spent ten years trying to forfil a promise while slowly losing his humanity each second. While the risk wasn't there for him he still acted quite heroic thus the eleventh spot is his

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