BB Codes: What are they? (Includes list)

By Shadow in Sonic SCANF,
Heylo Y'all, Cheery here. A lot of people seem to be unknown with BB codes, and for good reasons. Every forum tends to use different ones and some don't even have ones. Down below is a list of the BB codes we mainly use on the forum. So what exactly are BB codes? Well, this this and this are examples of them. BB codes are a set of tags based on the HTML language that you may already be familiar with. They allow you to add formatting to your messages in the same way as HTML does, but have a simpler syntax and will never break the layout of the pages you are viewing. The ability to use BB codes is set on a forum-by-forum basis by the admins. You can use codes by clicking the above icon marking ''Special BBCode''. All the codes that are listen beneath are also present there... thus marking this entire thread almost pointless. But It's nice to have anything explained anyways. To insert codes, you need to type the codes listed below by using the square brackets. (like these - [ ]) For example: [ spoiler] content here [ /spoiler] without the space. You can also use the images (if present) at the toolbar above. Don't forget to remove the spaces, otherwise the codes will not work. If one of the codes marks {option}, then you are supposed to fill in something there. For example, yellow at background-color. Please use the Preview Post option first if you're not sure it's working. It is advised to check the toolbar above first, it is a lot easier. Youtube videos: use the share links provided with the video. Acronym - [ acronym={option}]{content}[ /acronym] Example: What is a man? Background-color - [ background={option}]{content}[ /background] Example: Text (please don't overuse this, though) Bold Text - [ b]{content}[ /b] Example: well, it's already in the "example" word Center - [ center]{content}[ /center] Code - [ code]{content}[ /code] Example: Text Color text - [ color={option}]{content}[ /color] Example: Text (don't overuse this either) Email address - [ email={option}]{content}[ /email] Example: Text Font tag - [ font={option}]{content}[ /font] Example: What is this, a typing machine? (also, please don't use Comic Sans, it's an eyesore) Horizontal Rule - [ hr] Image - [ img]{url}[ /img] Example: Italic Text - [ i]{content}[ /i] Example: Text Left - [ left]{content}[ /left] Lists - [ list]{content}[ /list] (I'd recommend just using the two buttons near the "Link" one in the top panel, though) Media - [ media={option}]{content}[ /media] Member - [ member={username}] Example: Shadow Post Link - [ post={post number}]{content}[ /post] Example: The forum rules Post Snap Back - [ snapback]{content}[ /snapback] Quote - [ quote name={author}]{content}[ /quote] Example: Right - [ right]{content}[ /right] Size tag - [ size={option}]{content}[ /size] Example: Text (you know the drill, don't overuse it, that'd be annoying, etc.) Spoiler - [ spoiler]{content}[ /spoiler] Example: Strike - [ s]{content}[ /s] Example: Text Subscript text - [ sub]{content}[ /sub] Example: Text Superscript Text - [ sup]{content}[ /sup] Example: Text Topic Link - [ topic={topic number}]{content}[ /topic] Example: The forum rules Twitter - [ twitter]{content}[ /twitter] Example: @sonicscanf_en Underlined Text - [ u]{content}[ /u] Example: Text URL - [ url={address (including http://)}]{content}[ /url] Example: Sonic SCANF
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