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  1. I'm obviously new here (joined to look at the comics; therefore I could use them as a reference when sketching without getting my actual comics out). But I also want to contribute :D So, Nintendo and Sega obviously signed a deal where the next 3 Sonic games would be excluisve to Nintendo consoles. The first is Sonic Lost World (3DS & Wii U), the second being Mario & Sonic at the Soshi 2014 Winter Oympics (for 3DS and Wii U, but has this been confirmed by Sega as one of the 3 games???), and the 3rd is unknown at the time. I thought this deal would last for at least a year or two, but it turns out all three titles will be released before the end of 2013, as reported by Nintendo Germany. So the question is; what is the third game???? Now, it did cross my mind that it could simply be 3D Classics: Sonic the Hedgehog on the 3DS (already released in Japan), which is just simply the original (possibly Christian Whitehead's ver. that is on iOS devices already) with enhanced graphics and 3D effects (anyone with a 3DS is familiar with the 3D Classics series, as Nintendo has already released Kirby Adventure, Kid Icarus, Excitebike and several other retro games). Or, although I doubt it, all of the GameGear games that are being released on the 3DS eShop could be considered the "third game", though I know that's a bit of a stretch (includes games like Labyrinth, Drift 2, Tails Adventure, Spinball, Mean Bean Machine, among others, and the one I'm most excited for, Sonic Blast). So, if it's not re-releases of previous Sonic games, what is it? There hasn't been a game with Sonic in it since Racing Transformed, and Sonic games have been releasing less frequently than they used to (not necessarily a bad thing, as the quality seems to be better for recent games). But back in 2010, there were 3 Sonic games AND a re-release; Sonic Adventure HD, Sonic 4: Ep. 1, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Colors, and then a hand-held version of Colors (so technically 4 different games). So apparantly there is the same amount of games this year. If you consider Sega releasing the same type of Sonic games that they did back in 2010, you have a main game for a hand-held and a console (2010:Colors 2013:Lost World), a re-release (2010:Sonic Adventure 2013:3D STH), a spin-off (2010:Free Riders 2013:M&S, for both a console and a handheld). So, is the thrid game a new, downloadable Sonic title exclusive to the Wii U??? So I want to know what everyone here thinks! I know I've probably went on fo too long, but I'll at least at least list the possibilities I've come up with: -Sonic Rush 3D: I highly doubt it, but it's been awhile since we've had a Sonic game that is exclusive to a hand-held, as all of the main-series hand-held games have just had the same title as the main-series console games (albeit several differences in terms of gameplay and levels) -Sonic Riders Wii U: We're about due for a new Riders game, and it would be great to get back to what made Riders such an awesome game. The tablet/Wii remote combination would open the door for many possible control schemes. Personally, I loved Zero Gravity (never got a chance to try free Riders); the accuracy of the Wii Remote and the amount of content and characters made it one of my favorite spin-offs surprisingly. I would love to get a new one, especially since it seemed like the Riders game for Kinect had to trim down on some features to fit with the controller-free peripheral. -Sonic Chronicles 2 (3DS): I can dream, can't I? I know there's that lawsuit with Ken Penders hanging over the series, as well as the fact that the first Chronicles didn't sell all that well. But the ending was, y'know, just the biggest cliff-hanger I've seen while playing video games. I've been dying to see what happend next, but I'm afraid we'll never get to see what Mobius would look like after Eggman's successful take-over :( -Sonc the Hedgehog 4: Episode 3: This is actually the game that could be that third title. There are a few things that still make it unlikely; Ep. 1 was for all consoles, but Ep. 2 was not on any Nintendo consoles, so I doubt Ep. 3 would be exclusive to the Wii U. However, I could definitely see Sega releasing a $40-$50 retail game that includes Episodes 1, 2 and Metal, and maybe even Episode 3 (supposedly the last part of Sonic 4) with some extra content or even enhancing Episodes 1, 2 and Metal with episode 3, therefore making each part have the same gameplay/physics. Plus, I thought Sonic 4's ending was left un-resolved at the end of Ep. 2, so it would be nice to have some closure. And I want to play as Knuckles already!!! XD So what does everyone think? And after the three games, do you think Sega should continue to make Sonic a Nintendo-exclusive? Personally, Colors was the best-selling Sonic game of all-time on Wii. Plus, Sega could really benefit from Nintendo's guidance and resources; therefore I think Sonic would fit perfectly on Wii U and 3DS. Even in Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic fit right in with all of the Nintendo characters.