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  1. This is the second story in my Mobian mystery dungeon project. Allow me to begin the story of Nicole. -------------------- "We are gathered in this meeting to discuss Nicole's action in the recently revealed Secret Freedom fighters plan. At the time she was exiled and yet still aided in the forming and even helped restore a robot who was constructed by Dr Eggman. These actions alone is enough to charge with treason! However fellow council member Sir Charles also aided in those tasks and we have chosen to find him not guilty of treason due to the truth of our previous King. Our newly appointed council member and current King Elias has spoken up for you as he did for sir Charles. Because of this detail we have elected to not officially charge you with anything. Instead we are giving you three choices that will create an illusion of punishment in the eyes of the public" said Hamlin Pig.  "The choices you have will be given by our three guests in this room" said King Elias. On the left stood Sally Acorn who said "You return to your handheld device and join me on a mission to the other regions as a way to assess the condition of other kingdoms" In the middle was Hope Kintobar who said "You could come with me to GUN where we will work on a way to create a body for you and aid us against the Iron Queen's legion" On the right was Rotor Walrus who said "I am about to begin the reconstruction of the freedom HQ and secondary base for our teams to rest. Your help in the construction design and programming of the defences would be appreciated" "Those are you three choices which are each a mission that will take some time and create an illusion of exile" said King Elias. ---------------------- So my readers who will you choose to send Nicole with? Let's us find out!