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  1. Alright, here's the other brand new game revealed at Sonic's 25th Anniversary Party. There's no official name yet, so for now it's being referred to as 'Project 2017' (Now known as Sonic Forces):
    There's really not much at all revealed in the trailer (and rightfully so, since it's over a year away). All we know so far is that:
    - Giant, seemingly-mass-produced Death Egg Robots are destroying a city.
    - Sonic isn't happy, and is ready to challenge whoever's responsible (most likely Eggman).
    - Yes, Classic Sonic is returning to aid his present-self for this new fight.
    - Something about a Resistance...? That tagline's gotta mean something, right?
    - It's scheduled to release in the Holiday season of 2017.
    - No, this ISN'T Generations 2! Takeshi Iizuka deconfirmed this before the trailer was even shown. (With the recent gameplay reveal, though... it totally is!)
    I don't really have much to say about this game currently, since there's so little information on it right now. But what about your thoughts?