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    "Lady Alison is the "fraternal" twin sister of Queen Aleena of the kingdom of Mobodoon.
      Alison is (in many ways) the polar opposite of her sister in personality, behavior and beliefs.
      unlike Aleena, who treats everyone, from Nobility to Peasantry, as equals.
      Alison is a more traditional royal in that society demands "Separation of Classes".
      due to the fact that Alison and Aleena had conflicting social views,
      the two sisters often didn't get along too well, and began to drift apart as the years went by.

      when their parents, King Maverick and Queen Sophia, died prematurely from a sudden illness.
      one of the sisters were chosen as a successor to the throne of Mobodoon.
      despite being the same age (Seventeen), Aleena was chosen as the new queen over Alison
      as Aleena was technically older than Alison by only "five Minutes".

      Needless to say, Alison wasn't too pleased that her was to be queen, and not her.
      a displeasure that only worsened when Aleena decided to make some "changes" to the kingdom
      (banning the use of money in favor of a barter system, making all people equal, ect.)
      disgusted that her own sister was throwing away years of tradition, Alison left the kingdom
      (vowing to return to "clean up her sister's mess" once Aleena's reign as queen failed.)

      Alison made a new residence in Soleanna, the only known human monarchy on Mobius.
      and, during that time was quite surprised when Aleena's reign lasted at least a decade
      until the Robotnik War started, and Queen Aleena and her family became wanted fugitives.

      By the end of the Robotnik War (and, the beginning of the new "Eggman War")
      Alison decided to reunite with her sister upon learning she had married a human, and had a child with him as well.
     When she arrived, Alison became infatuated with her sisters husband.
      finding Alan Zander to be the personification of a "Shining Knight" 
     It wasn't long until Alison became envious of her sister.
     jealous that SHE had the perfect husband, and a child who was famed for being the first "Mobilander"
    Consumed by the "green eyed monster", Alison hatched a scheme claim Alan for herself.
    Pretending to want to spend more time with her sister and niece,
    Alison took Aleena and Tiana on a picnic out in the Green Hills on the outskirts of the city.
    Alison then used a portable trans-dimensional device to send them both to The Void,
    and, hired some Dingo Mercenaries to make It look as if she was ambushed.

    Alan was devastated upon hearing of the "tragic deaths" of his wife and daughter.
    and, despite feeling mildly guilty herself..Alison continued with her deception,
    taking advantage of Alan's broken heart, and manipulating the man into falling in love with her.
    in a few months, Alison finally had what she wanted. Alan had married her,
    she had become Queen, and her pregnancy promised a new "hope" for Mobian/Human peace.

    Unfortunately, Alison's scheme unraveled when Aleena and Tiana
    miraculously returned, and revealed her deception to a very shocked Alan.
    trapped, Alison confessed her crime, and true intentions.
    but, she was remarkably forgiven for her transgression..and, offered a second chance.

    Alan re-married Aleena..and, Alison was invited to live with them.
    Alison's daughter was born, and raised (for the time being) to believe that Aleena was her mother.
    despite her crime, Aleena gave her sister permission
    to re-marry Alan should anything ACTUALLY happen to her.'


     This is my newest idea for my Sonic Fanon that I feel will be successful.
     the creation/introduction of Queen Aleena's Sister.
     Firstly, I can't take full credit for the design of the character.
     a majority of it is based on a prototype character design for Queen Aleena herself
     back when the show Sonic Underground was still in development: http://drawloverlala.deviantart.com/art/Proto-Aleena-447331434
     I made some alterations here and there.
     But, at heart, the character's look is completely drawn from source material.

     In terms of personality, Aleena and Alison are meant to be perfect opposites royally.
     with Aleena being an "Idealistic Queen", and Alison as a more "Realistic" one.
     Alison is in no way a bad person..she just has very dated beliefs in how a Queen/Princess SHOULD behave.
     and, one that quite obviously conflicts with Aleena's more Fair and Modern beliefs.
     Ironically, the only canon character who is similar enough to her is Sonia Hedgehog (Sonic's Siser)
     who due to her aristocratic upbringing, can sometimes come off as "stuck-up" and "snooty"
     yet, she isn't a horrible person, either.

     based on the theory that Aleena may not be a full bred hedgehog (she has no quills)
     I made Alison's mixed species more apparent that Aleena presumably is.
     I classify Alison's species as a "Hedgemouse" (Half Hedgehog, Half Mouse)
  2. So... I thought of writing another long one-shot about Undertale's Genocide ending or more precisely the Last Corridor's fight. If you've read my fanfic "My friend" you know how this goes. If not then, it's basically my OC Vivian The Hedgehog in Undertale's world. Basically she became friends with Frisk, but of course this being the Genocide version things are not going too well.. (This story will be told from Vivian's point of view.)
    so... Enjoy  (prepare for feels)
    The Fallen Child
    "How many times have I been through this same situation?"
    "How many times do I have to see everyone die?"
    "Why won't it stop?"
    "Why won't he stop?"
    I found myself lying on the corridors cold floor, my vision was becoming blurry, and I could barely see the remains of Sans' body, lying next to me. I tried to get up but I had no strength left. To think that just few hours ago, I was still talking with Undyne, Sans, Alphys, Mettaton and Papyrus. I tried to make them understand that this wasn't Frisk's fault. He wasn't in control of his own body anymore. Papyrus was on my side, and Alphys was too until... Undyne died. We all saw it from the monitor. We saw how Chara one by one, killed everyone in his way.
    Papyrus believed in him till the very end. I wanted too.. But I've already lost track of how many times I gave him a second chance. Every time, no matter what I did, it was always the same. He fights Sans, he kills him, I try to stop him, I die. I tried to get in contact with Frisk, despite all of this, I know he is still in there somewhere. Maybe it was my naive personality that made me believe so, maybe I was just trying to create hope to a situation where everyone needed it the most. Whatever it was, it was about to get me killed. AGAIN. I was tired of this.
    How many times would he reset this world, just so he can watch it burn again? Was he just toying with us all? What was the point? I heard footsteps coming closer to me, as I tried my best to get up, again, I would be killed, by the same person who I wanted to protect the most. I looked up, and I saw the knife in his hand. He had that sadistic smile on his face, he ALWAYS did. I didn't even bother to try and talk my way out of this situation. He wouldn't listen. I simply looked at him, and waited for him to finish me. I closed my eyes, as I waited the knife to hit me.
    I was surprised when it didn't. I opened my eyes, and looked at Chara, he was holding his other hand still. As if he was having an inner fight, whether he'd kill me or not. "...Frisk?" I asked. Chara took a step back when I said that name. He was trying his best to free his right hand, but his left hand wouldn't let go. I slowly got up from the ground, as I tried to focus. "Frisk. If you're really there... Please. Reset this timeline. It can't end like this." I told him. ; "Frisk isn't here anymore". Chara answered. He was starting to look irritated because of the situation he was in, he was fighting Frisk the best he could, and I was still here, the only one left who might be able to help Frisk gain the control again.
    I looked at the ground, it was full of marks from the battle, and the ashes on it was what was left from Sans. ; "Hey Frisk, do you remember how we became friends with Papyrus and Sans?" I asked. Chara held his head in pain, ; "SHUT UP!", ; "They made all these crazy puzzles for you to solve, of course you were determined enough to get through them, Papyrus was really proud of you y'know? and Sans was happy to see his brother finally getting new friends." I said taking a few steps forward, holding my arm in pain. Chara fell on his knees, he couldn't move anymore, he dropped the knife, and yelled. "Do you remember Toriel?" I asked. "You called her mom, even though you had just met her. Heh.. You even tried to flirt with her, wonder where you got that from." I said laughing a bit. ; "Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!" Chara yelled, looking at me in anger.
    ; "Even Undyne became friends with you, even though she tried to kill you.. Of course I wouldn't let that happen.. Your cooking lesson didn't end well though, and then there were Alphys and Mettaton.. you remember them right? Alphys loved anime, and I even had a marathon with her. It was fun, and you and Mettaton had a competition about who would become more famous in 10 minutes. It was pretty sad seeing a big grown robot sulking in the corner after he lost." I told him, sitting next to him. ; "Please.. No.. Just.. Let me be in control!!!" Chara yelled. I looked at him, I didn't know whether it was pity, or something else but.. I hugged him. ; "Chara. You have to stop. If not for me, or Frisk, or anyone else.. Then.. For Asriel." I said to him. That was the last straw. Chara let out an animal like yell, before falling on the ground. He didn't move, I wasn't sure if he was even breathing. I moved closer to him. "Chara...? Are you okay-" I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. " Not again." I thought. "It can't end like this." I fell on the ground, as I lost consciousness.
    There was a flash of white light, and everything was just like before.
    One hour before the end:
    ; "Papyrus, Undyne... Mettaton.. No.. Why did this have to happen...?" Alphys asked, crying in front of her monitors. ; "Because that's what the child is like. Chara won't stop no matter what we do." I said, crossing my arms. ; "Then... I'll go. I'll stop him myself!" Alphys said, standing up, getting her experimental anti-human weapons ready. I quickly blocked the door. ; "No Alphys. We both know that you are far too kind to kill him. I WILL do it." I told her, with a determined look. ; "What? YOU? No offense, but.. I don't think this will work.. I mean Sans is still there somewhere so-" Alphys started. ; "That is EXACTLY why it has got to be ME who stops Chara. I won't let anyone else fall victim of his. I WILL end this once and for all. You and Sans need to make sure everyone else is safe, evacuate all the remaining people of the Underground as fast as you can." I told her, and headed towards the castle.
    I saw Sans standing in the corridor, waiting for Chara, I had been able to get to him faster, thank to Alphys telling me about the shortcut. ; "What are you still doing here Viv? Aren't you supposed to be with Alphys and others?" Sans asked me. He was clearly ready for the battle once again. ; "Actually, I came here to tell you, that you need to go NOW." I told him. He stared at me for a long while, until he finally laughed. ; "What, YOU'RE going to fight that little child yourself? Weren't you the one most fond of him?" He said to me, clearly underestimating me. ; "That is the exact reason why I must be the one to stop him." I told him. "Now if you're not going to move yourself I will MAKE you move. I won't watch again how you die. Not anymore." I told him. He saw that I was serious about all this. ; "Heh.. Guess I'm not the only one who remembers all of the other timelines huh? You really think you can bring him back?" He asked, walking to me. ; "No. I gave up on that. I just decided that it's gotta be me who goes, not you. I wasn't even born in the Underground, even if I'm not there, no one will miss me right?" I asked him. ; "What are you going to do then?" He asked. ; "Something what I should've done 20 resets ago.." I told him, looking towards the entrance. Sans made his famous disappearing act, just in time too. I saw the small child coming in, holding a knife, and wearing an amulet.
    ; "Hello again Chara." I said with a bored voice. ; "What do you say we cut the act, and get to the point, no?" I asked him. Chara looked at me surprised, and confused. Clearly, he was waiting for Sans. ; "Aren't you going to talk to me? and give me mercy?" Chara asked sarcastically. ; "I'm sorry Chara. But I'm all out of mercy." I answered, as five small green orbs appeared behind me, forming a small circle. I snapped my fingers, and the orbs shot energy beams towards Chara, who was clearly not prepared for it. He quickly dodged, barely missing the last beam.
    He looked at his burnt shirt's sleeve, as he held his knife tight in his hand, he quickly ran towards me. I created five more orbs, and snapped my fingers, creating a energy beam wave, that quickly and effectively hit Chara. He was hurt all over, but not dead, wounded yes, but not dead. I walked towards him slowly. ; "You were supposed to be the nice one." He said, spatting blood from his mouth. ; "I am." I answered. "But even the nicest of people have their limit, and once you cross that, you wish you had never messed with them." I said angrily, as green energy surrounded me. Chara tried to get up ; "Heh. Yeah right, sooner or later you'll break again, and I get to kill you ALL over again, and watch you plead for your pathetic life." He laughed. I grabbed his hair with my other hand, and held him up, close to my face.
    I stared at him right in the eye, with a cold look. ; "Honestly... I don't give a damn anymore. If you're going to kill me again, fine. But I will not die without a fight, not anymore, and I hope you'll remember this now, because I doubt you'll get a chance like this anytime soon. YOU are not my friend, nor are you Frisk. YOU are nothing more than some psychotic little brat, who has killed my friends over and over again, and I do not much care for it. So for now Chara... Goodnight." I placed my hand on his forehead, and using all I had left I fired an energy shot. It broke all of the windows in the corridor. and caused a big shock wave.
    It was over. Chara was finally dead. I killed him. I looked at his corpse on the floor, and I felt nothing. I should've felt something but.. I felt nothing. I picked him up, and I walked towards the throne room, where Asgore was waiting. He looked at me startled, as he saw who I was carrying. ; "Is.. Is he?" He tried to ask. ; "Dead? Yes. Yes he is... I'm sorry, but there was no other way." I told him. I honestly do not know whether there was another way or not, but at the time, I did not care. "Now we can open the barrier, and let everyone in Underground be free. All we need now is a monster's soul." I said. ; "I'm afraid I can not ask for anyone to give up their life for this." Asgore said sadly. ; "...You don't have to." I said to him.
    Asgore looked at me confused. "Use my soul." I told him. ; "I couldn't possibly-" He said. ; "It's fine. I want to be of use, even if this is all I'm good for... Besides.. I bet if we used this child's soul.. he'd be lonely out there all alone. At least I can keep him company." I said smiling a bit. ; "Are you sure of this?" Asgore asked me, clearly hesitating. He is a good King. ; "I'm sure, your majesty. The people of Underground need their King, and you have Royal Scientist Alphys, and Sans too. I'm sure you will all be alright from now one, once you go to the surface... But.. Please remember.. Not all humans are bad. You just happened to meet with one of the worst ones." I explained. He seemed to understand me. "Please tell Alphys and Sans.. That I'm sorry I couldn't say "bye" to them." I said smiling, as tears began to fall down my cheeks. Asgore held his trident up, ready to take my soul, and just like that, it was over. I had been erased from existence.
    I remember no pain after that, just warmth. The people of the Underground made it to the surface, King Asgore leading them. They will be alright. I know it. Even after all this, the monsters are strong, they can handle anything. I wish Papyrus, Undyne, and Mettaton could have seen it too. But hey, it's only a matter of time before this timeline resets again, and then, just maybe, we can all be a family again.
  3. Here is a topic related to Sonic Fanon in general.
    (and, I am NOT trying to start an argument.
      just discuss something in the fandom that I have noticed.)
    Now..OC's and FC's is already a touchy subject for ANY fandom.
    but, It's a unique case for the Sonic Fandom.

    I am talking of course about Human OC's
    (Not "Humanized" characters. but actual Humans.)
    because when it comes to Sonic OC's who are Humans, and not Anthropomorphic Animals.
    the odds of said characters gaining ANY recognition, much less popularity is slim.

    (It doesn't help that most major human characters in Sonic Canon haven't been well liked.
      which those like Chris Thornedyke, and Princess Elise facing the most criticism.)
    as despite said OC's being created for the Sonic Fandom..
    most, if not all fandom moderators (EX: DeviantART Fan Groups) deny them due to not so obvious connection to the franchise.

    (which is completely understandable. given that "Sonic Style" mostly applies to animals,
      and Humans in 'Sonic Style' themselves aren't too easy to deviate from non-sonic fandoms.)

    It's getting that Sonic OC's either HAVE to be Animals to be recognized, and/or accepted.
    (which would sorta explaine the "Anthroized" concepts of Maria Robotnik, and such)
    OR, if they are human, they have to look like Eggman, or something (which is truly frightening.)

    Is this like some unintentional prejudice on the fandom's part?
    or, just an unfortunately situation that has been 'overlooked.'

  4.  [BIO]
     'Tiana Zander is the first of a new species on planet Mobius.
      born from Comm. Alan Zander and Queen Aleena Hedgehog, "Tia" is a Human/Anthro Hybrid.
      prior to her birth, such interspecies relations between "Overlanders" and "Mobians"
      was considered impossible (both biologically AND socially.)
      but, the friendship and love between Alan and Aleena
      as well as their conception of Tiana proved this fact to be false.
      However..due to "bad blood" from the Great War, many Humans and Anthropoids
      looked down on Tiana as an "Abomination", and a "Freak of Nature"
      and, have tried numerous times in her life to kill her.
      (fortunately, there are those who believe Tia will bring about a great peace,
       uniting Humans and Anthros someday, and have strived to protect her from such threats.)

      As a teenager, Tiana is every bit the "wildfire" that her mother was at her age.
      and, she looks up to her father (who in her eyes, is every bit a hero as her own half-brother Sonic.)
      Deciding to not let her hardships dominate her life, Tia follows her parents example,
      and, tries hard to be fair and kind, treating all people and creatures as equals.
      (However, she is in no way a pushover. and, CAN be quite a "scrapper" when she needs to be.)

       Tiana has a good relationship with her half-sister; Sonia.
       as well as Sonia's best friend; Princess Sally Acorn.
       Tiana also has a close relationship with a human named: Martin.
       (a "relationship" that is oddly similar to what her own parents shared years ago.)'

     After observing a friend's artwork of my character (Labeled "Dark Tia", as they are an AU)
     I decided to draw Tia again, only THIS TIME doing it completely with color (and, not just a simple pencil sketch)
     For this artwork, I decided to depict Tia as a teenager (about the same age Sonic is in mainstream canon.)
     I tweaked up her design a bit (using the characters from "The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog" as reference)
     and, gave her a new clothing atire and color scheme (the basis of which is "Laura Croft", or "Kim Possible")
     her Sonic-like shoes serve a purpose: They were a gift from Sonic, as his brand of shoes NEVER wear out.
     I feel I must remind watchers that when it came to Tiana's design, I wanted her to truly look like a Hybrid Species.
     None of that "Humans with Animal Ears", or "Human-Like Animals"
     her being a furry humanoid with animal features makes her a seemless blend of a Human and Anthro.

     This artwork may have some "minor errors", but I think it's authentic enough for posting.
  5. [Scourge of Speed, Part I] It was nightfall in Central City, the capital of the United Federation. a storm had descended upon the metropolis, bombarded the many human citizens with heavy, frozen rain. as the citizens went about their business..the rainfall suddenly slowed, and briefly paused. Suddenly, twin streaks of light blurred down the highway. scaring some people. one was blue, and the other was green. the streaks sped down the city streets, effortlessly zig-zagging around cars and people. the blue and green streaks soon began to bash into each other, creating shockwaves in their wake. the green streak then broke away to another street..leaving the blue streak speeding alone. the blue streak finally stopped at an empty four-way street..revealing itself to be a hedgehog. a Mobian hedgehog wearing red-and-white sneakers, matching shorts and white gloves. his emerald green eyes darted around as he looked in all directions. "now, where'd he go-GAAH!!" a green blur suddenly hit Sonic from behind, knocking him down. as he looked up, he saw a green hedgehog clad in black leather and red sunglasses approach him. the hedgehog looked ALOT like him. "gotcha, blue." said Scourge. Sonic grumbled as he rose up, facing his evil twin. "What are you DOING here, Scourge!!?" demanded Sonic, angrily. Scourge smirked smugly as he pushed up on his sunglasses. "oh, not much. terrorizing people, spreading Chaos and Mayhem. leaving YOU to eat my dust..the usual." Sonic gritted his teeth, growling low. Scourge then snickered as he continued to speak. "Well, Actually..I *do* have something important to do: Reclaiming some "lost property." "Lost Property?!" said Sonic, puzzled (and, mildly annoyed.) "My girlfriend. You know' Fiona." Sonic scowled darkly at Scourge. "oh, COME ON. Don't be like that." began Scourge. "She double-crossed you, and your stupid friends. you have no reason to do her any favors." "It's true, she did betray us." said Sonic, solemnly. "she betrayed me..and, my best bud. (looks at Scourge) but, just because I don't like her..It doesn't mean I won't protect her from you." Scourge made a *gagging* gesture. "Your self-righteous nobility is revolting, you know that? Good god, your about to turn me GREENER than usual, here!" Sonic lunged after Scourge, attempting to punch him. but, Scourge simply side-stepped at super speed, evading the attack. he then swung kicked Sonic in the back of the head. Sonic fell to the ground again. he groaned, feeling dizzy from his mild concussion. Scourge just smirked as he looked down at his counterpart. finding his weak and vulnerable state amusing. "I could do this all day, you know." began Scourge, as he pressed his boot against Sonic's back. "Nothing makes me feel better than tearing your ego down, and proving how better I am than you.  BUT, I am feeling generous..for ONCE. So, just tell me where Fiona is. and, I *MIGHT* leave you alone." Sonic groaned as he tried to rise up. "n-nnn-Never." Scourge grinned evilly. "Have It YOUR way." Scourge grabbed the back of Sonic's head, and rose him up. as he readied to bash the blue hedgehog's head into the concrete pavement..the falling rain suddenly slowed. Scourge paused, and looked around as the hundreds of raindrop suddenly froze in mid-air. "what in th-ERRK!!" Scourge was suddenly struck in the head by what felt like a punch from Sgt. Simian. he was knocked backwards, and skidded along the pavement. the green hedgehog looked, and saw what looked like a red lightning bolt departing. Sonic also looked..and, saw Scourge's red sunglasses laying on the ground near him. one of the lens was broken, the other showed visible cracks. As Scourge rose back up, the red lightning bolt returned. It passed Scourge several times, inflicting blow-after-blow upon him with each pass. the last pass flung him away again. knocking him flat on his back. Angry, Scourge quickly got up, and saw the red lightning bolt speed off, then suddenly stop. he stared at what appeared to be a red humanoid with glowing red eyes. neither Scourge, nor Sonic could properly make him out. as his body appeared to be blurry. but, ONE thing was apparent: Whoever It was, It was a speedster..and, It was HUMAN. "who..WHAT *ARE* YOU!!?" exclaimed Scourge, enraged. the red figure remained silent. which gave Sonic, and even Scourge the creeps. "How are you able move that fast?!" demanded Scourge, again. "and, WHY are you attacking me!!? Don't tell me your another one of Sonic's do-gooder friends." the red figure finally spoke..but, In a distorted, almost demonic sounding voice. (("IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW THAT..YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO CATCH ME.")) Scourge glared at his mysterious attacker, shocked and appalled at this "challenge." "WHAT DID YOU SAY!!?" the figure responded by speeding off down the street in a red lightning streak. Scourge immediately gave chase, trailing a bright green energy trail behind him. Once both were gone, Sonic attempted to stand up..but stumbled back down. It was at that moment a yellow lightning bolt sped over to him. Sonic looked up, and saw a human with spiky blonde hair and, dressed in a golden yellow suit and wearing goggles. "b-billy.." mumbled Sonic, still feeling fatigued. Billy lifted his goggles up over his forehead. then, knelt down and helped his mobian friend up onto his feet. "sss-S-Scourge. I was..fighting him, but then something. something FAST, came and-" "yeah." said Billy. "I know." Sonic looked up at Billy. "Do you know what that thing was?" Billy sighed as he frowned, looking down. [Freedom HQ, Station Square] [An Hour Ago..] an automatic door slid opened, and in walked three people. two human males, and one mobian female. "So, what's the situation, Sally?" said Alan Zander. "Scourge, the Evil Sonic, is on a rampage." explained the Mobian Princess. "That sounds like just another Tuesday." replied Alan. "Not this time." said Sally. "We have reason to believe that Scourge has a specific goal in mind." "I trust you have an idea on what that goal is." "yes." said Billy. "Fiona Fox." Alan stopped short at this, and looked at the two. he then walked over to a computer console, and brought up some files on the HD display. the large screen showed images of a female mobian fox. and, varied data regarding said mobian. "Fiona Fox. Mercenary, Thief, Terrorist." began Alan, professionally. "served under the Destructix, and Suppression Squad. currently serving probation under Prowler's watch." "We believe Scourge has come back for her." said Sally. "Does Fiona know?" asked Alan. "No. In fact, when I mentioned Scourge's name, she seemed close to a panic attack." said Sally. "Why's that?, I thought they were "close." "WERE" is the keyword, sir." said Billy. "Based on Fiona's testimony following her *surrender*, Scourge was abusive, controlling and more of an Extremist, than a typical punk." Alan brought up another data file on the computer. "Considering his recent reported activity that has left FIVE towns in ruins, and numerous people dead, injured or missing..I can't really blame her for being scared." Sally grumbled. "look..I am going to be frank, here. I *DON'T* trust Fiona. and, I NEVER approved of the decision to give her community service, instead of life imprisonment. but..as much as I hate her for what she's done, even I shudder to think of what Scourge will do to her if he ever finds her." "I'm more worried about my Step-Son, Sally." said Alan. "now, Where is Sonic??" "Last I heard, he's been hot on Scourge's trail since he passed through Westopolis." said Billy. "Where are they now?!" said Alan, looking at Billy. "Our High Velocity scanners detected two targets headed in the direction of Station Square. BOTH moving well over Mach 1." Alan nodded. "Meaning if Sonic and Scourge aren't here by now..they will be soon." Alan looked at Billy and Sally. "This has to stop. NOW. and, if Scourge really is behaving more aggressive than usual..I don't think Sonic can handle this alone, this time." Billy sighed, looking down. he then stepped up. "I'll go. I'll back Sonic up-" "Billy, NO!" exclaimed Sally, grabbing his hand. "You're still recovering from your recent encounter with Zero. You are in NO Shape to take on that monster!!" "But, Sally!, I-" "I have to agree with the Princess on this one, William." said Alan. "In your current state, Scourge would kill you. you need to be in your PRIME to even have a chance at beating him." Billy looked at his leader. "Then, what do you propose we do!? there are no other Speedsters around that can help us!" "What about Mina?, she's ALSO a speedster." said Sally. "She is also still learning to use her speed. a Trainee, she wouldn't last five seconds." said Alan. "What other choice do we have!?" said Sally, mildly frustrated. Billy was about to say something..when he suddenly paused. tapping his chin, he pondered over something..then, finally spoke up. "actually..Now that I think about It, there is ONE other Speedster that we could turn to." Alan looked at Billy..who gave him a look. "No." "but, Sir-" "NO. It is out of the question!" said Alan, sternly. "I am NOT letting that Monster go free." "He may be our best hope at beating Scourge." retorted Billy. Sally looked at both men, a puzzled look on her face. "who are you talking abou-" "He Is ten times WORSE than Scourge is." argued Alan. "EXACTLY." said Billy. "meaning if anyone can finally put a stop to Scourge's rampage..It's HIM." Alan turned, and faced Billy. "Have you forgotten what happened the LAST TIME he ran free in Station Square!?" said Alan, looking Billy straight in the eye. "Half the city was wrecked, and YOU ended up on life support, DESPITE your hyper-metabolism.  It was AGONY to capture him, and we were lucky to figure out how to CONTAIN him!" "I haven't forgotten anything, sir." said Billy, sternly. "But we're in a desperate situation..we don't have any choice." "EXCUSE Me!!" exclaimed Sally, annoyed. "Could someone PLEASE explain to me what this is all about!?" Both Alan and Billy looked at each other..then, Alan exhaled sharply. "follow me." As Alan walked off, Billy and Sally followed him as instructed. *billy. what are we-* *It's better to show you, than tell you, hon.* Alan and Billy led Sally through a door, and down a long corridor. they soon reached a doorway, and began to walk down a long stairway. when they finally reached the end..they were met up with large security door. "this..this Person you were talking about." began Sally. "He must really be dangerous." Alan glanced at the mobian chipmunk..then, looked away. "you have no idea, Ms. Acorn. but, your about to." as Alan approached the door, Billy did the same. they stood at each side of the door, facing identical consoles. "Ready, Billy?" asked Alan. Billy nodded. "Ready." "Then, on three." began Alan. "One..two..THREE!" Alan and Billy pressed the red buttons in front of them simultaneously. a beeping sound was heard, followed by the door opening with a hissing sound. as the three stepped inside a large chamber..Sally stopped short, and gasped at what she saw. In the center of the room were four metallic arches generating a force field. and, within the dome..was a standing humanoid figure in a red suit whose body looked blurry. Sally has seen something like this before. as a speedster, her husband' Billy, had demonstrated the same "blurred image" ability. but, what REALLY shocked the mobian princess, was how remarkably similar that this figure looked to her husband. In fact, they were almost EXACTLY alike. "b-Billy.." mumbled Sally, still in shock. Billy looked at his wife. "w-Why does the p-person in there look like you??" Before Billy could answer, Alan spoke: "His name is Will. Will Gilvenzan. and, he comes from the same place as Scourge." "Moebius?!" said Sally, looking at Alan. "yes. he is the "Evil Billy." replied Alan. "He appeared around the same time Scourge first started heckling you.  he went STRAIGHT after Billy, with the doubtless intention on killing him.  their fight resulted in 60% of the city being severely damaged, with hundreds of people either dead, or injured." "by the ancient walkers.." muttered Sally, awestruck. "It was a struggle for Billy to even keep up, much less land a hit." continued Alan. "By the time we were finally able to subdue him, Billy was in a state of near death.  even WITH his accelerated healing, we had to put him on life support. took him over TWO WEEKS to recover." Alan finally turned, and faced Billy again. "He almost KILLED you, Billy. and, *YOU* want me to set him loose!?" Billy was silent, bearing an unreadable expression. Finally, he responded to his leader in a stern, calm tone. "If you have a better idea, I am all ears. but, right now..That "Monster" is our best hope at stopping Scourge." "And, what makes you think he'll even cooperate?!" retorted Alan. "Buns Rabbot and Doctor Kintobor aside, the inhabitant of Moebius that we've met thus far HAVEN'T been famous for their Trustworthiness." "Billy." spoke up Sally, who looked at her. "Alan DOES have a point. If this "Will" is worse than Scourge is, we may literally be trading one evil for another." "I can understand that." said Billy. "But, this is the one time I think we CAN trust a Suppression Squadron." "and, why do you think that?" asked Alan. Billy looked back at Alan. "Because..when I fought him seven years ago, he told me How he got his speed, and WHY." Alan crossed his arms. "Alright..I'll humor you: WHY?" "I got my speed because Brass wanted Sonic dead,  and Sobolov used me as a test subject so they could find a way to kill him." began Billy. "Yes, we already know that." "Well, WILL told me *between beatings* that HE forced a scientist in his world to give him super speed.  because he was jealous of Scourge, and wanted to be better than him..at "Everything." Alan raised an eyebrow at this. "Are you saying that Will..your Evil Self, has a personal grudge against Sonic's evil self?!" Billy nodded "Yes." Alan exhaled at this. "wow. That Mirror Universe never ceases to amaze me. You love Sonic like a Brother, and Will apparently hates Scourge's guts." Alan looked at Billy. "So, if Will really does hate Scourge..why did he come after you??" Billy exhaled. "he said..I was the Warm-Up. Practice for the "Main Event." Alan crossed his arms, and exhaled sharply. "It seems almost too good to be true." "It's the Truth, sir." said Billy. "Oh, I believe you, Billy..but, I still don't like the odds." continued Alan. "Even if he DOES go after Scourge, what will stop him from going after YOU, again!?" Billy exhaled sharply. "nothing. But, if we don't do this..Sonic may die, and THEN we'll all be in serious trouble." Alan groaned at this. *yeah..and, Aleena and Bernie will never let me hear the end of It.* Sally walked forward, gazing at the machine that kept her husband's evil counterpart contained. "What is this thing, anyway?!" Alan walked near Sally. "I forget what Professor Thornedyke called It. But, It's suppose to negate speed. trapping anyone in a super slowed state, akin to suspended animation." "How did he even manage to construct something like this at the time of Will's attack??" asked Sally. "Well, I will admit that we lifted the original designs from Sobolov's private notes." said Alan. "He altered the design so it's be more "humane", and less..LETHAL." Sally looked at the machine again. "So, This was going to be used on Billy." "AND, Sonic, eventually." added Alan. Sally looked long and hard at the still blurred visage of Will. while he resembled her dear husband, she had to admit..he made her blood run cold. the red he wore made him look as if he was covered in blood. and, his red goggles only made his eyes seem demonic. Sally grimaced, and swallowed hard. "sally." Sally looked as both Alan and Billy looked at her. "You are the only neutral party here. It's up to you to decide on what we do." Sally looked at Alan..then, Billy. then, WILL..then, Alan again. finally, she sighed sharply. and, spoke up: "Nobody knows just how dangerous these people are more than me..I agree, this Will DOES seem worse than Scourge is. but, that's just It: Will is WORSE than Scourge. He could very well be our damnation, than our "savior." (sighs) but..Billy is right' We are desperate, and don't have the luxury to overlook ANY chance that we might have." Sally looked at Billy. "I don't like this..but, if this is the only way. Then, you have my support, hon." Billy looked at Alan..who, exhaled stressfully. "this is such a mistake." "I'm not arguing that, but-" "I know' We have no choice." said Alan. "I just hope the rest of the world will see It that way." Alan then stood aside. and, gestured his hand over to the control console of the containment unit. "We had this programmed so that only YOU could switch It On and Off, Billy. If you are sure about this..Go for It." Billy looked at his wife..who gave him a warm, but concerned expression. he finally breathed out, and approached the dome where his evil counterpart was being held. he took a moment to look within the dome..and, stared at the blurred visage of his other self. he froze fearfully as memories of his first encounter with him flashed within his mind. "Billy." Billy looked back at Sally..who looked at him warmly. "(whispering) it's okay." Billy smiled weakly. he then huffed as he returned to the console. with his hand shaking, he reluctantly placed his palm upon a glass plate. the place flash as It scanned Billy. "DNA SEQUENCE CONFIRMED: GILVENZAN, WILLIAM NORAN." spoke an electronic voice. "POWER DOWN SEQUENCE ENGAGING." With a hum, the pulsing energy dissipated..and, Will finally collapsed onto the ground. Alan, Billy and Sally all kept their eyes on the now unfrozen, but still contained prisoner as he struggled to get up. as Will stood in a kneeling position, Sally noted that Will had reddish-orange hair, instead of blonde. and, as he lifted his goggles up, she also saw he had Green eyes, instead of blue. Will looked upon his audience..and, grinned. "My letter from the governor finally come in??" said Will, with sarcasm. Sally felt chills run down her spine. despite looking, and sounding like her husband. the way he spoke made her feel..uncomfortable. like being in the same room as a serial killer. Alan walked up, looking at Will. "Will. we are prepared to make you a deal for your freed-" "Yes, I know." began Will, cutting Alan off. "Pineapple Head" is giving you trouble, and you want ME to take him down a notch." Alan looked surprised. "How do you know tha-" "Because while I may have LOOKED frozen in that stupid machine of yours..  I was fully AWARE of everything that was happening!!" "oh." "SEVEN YEARS..in a super slowed state." continued Will, as he stood up onto his feet. "If I wasn't ALREADY a "dangerous psychotic", I would have gone INSANE from the boredom!!" Alan sighed. "Will. We are aware of your apparent hatred for Scourge. Help us stop him, and we'll set you free." Will crossed his arms..and, chuckled. "So, you're asking me to do something that I was already planning on doing, anyway. HAH!, It's like a cop asking a convicted thief to rob a bank!" "It DOES seem rather redundant whenever you think about It." said Sally. It was then that Will looked straight at Sally. "Sally Acorn, right?" Sally cringed. not liking that the "Evil Billy" was focused on her. "I see that my Counterpart's doing well for himself if he bagged a sweet prize like you." Sally grew pale. "h-How did you-" "Your wearing a wedding band, your staying close to Billy.  AND..I heard you address him as "hon" earlier." said Will. "I'm Psychotic..NOT Stupid." Will then looked over at Billy. "Kudos to YOU, Bill. I must admit, I also found Alicia Acorn kinda hot. especially when she cracked that bullwhip of hers-" "CAN we stay on track, here!?" said Alan, getting impatient. Will looked at Alan. "You need me to fight Scourge. THAT, I get. but, I want a bit MORE than that." Alan eyed the red-haired man. "Like what?!" "You let me out, I beat Scourge to a pulp..THEN, what??  Once I've done my part, you send my twin to put me back my Slo-Mo Cell." Alan scowled, growling low in his throat. "what do you want??" Will smiled wide as he approached the force field dome. "I think you already know." Alan growled again. "you want us to destroy this containment unit." "You'll re-build It..Eventually." began Will, as he walked away. his hands behind his back. "By then, I'll be LONG GONE." "and, free to do God knows what." said Alan, disdain in his voice. Will grinned as he glanced back at Alan. "then, have fun trying to beat Scourge on your own.  Because UNLESS my "Absolute" freedom is guaranteed..I'm not doing anything." "You really expect us to believe that you'll pass up the chance to fight Scourge!?" began Billy, walking up. "You told me yourself how much you hated him, how much you wanted to BEAT him!" "Yeah, I did." began Will, approaching his counterpart. "and, I was more than happy to do just that the very moment I first got my speed.  BUT, I was willing to wait first. Test out my new powers on you..THEN, go after my true enemy." Will then struck the force-field dome with his arm, making It pulse. "then, you stuck me In this thing for seven years..which to ME, felt like SEVENTY.  so, believe me when I say this: If I've waited THIS long to get what I want..I can wait a bit longer." Billy grimaced as Will smirked, turned around, and walked away again. he looked at Alan..who sighed sharply. "Alright, FINE. (grumbles) you've got a deal.." Will smirked as he turned around, and looked at his audience of three. "then, what are you waiting for? Let me out, so I can kick Scourge's spiny green ass." Alan sighed as he nodded to Billy. Billy reluctantly approached the console again, and placed him palm upon It. (("DNA SEQUENCE CONFIRMED: GILVENZAN, WILLIAM NORAN.")) began the computer voice. (("FORCE-FIELD DEACTIVATING.)) the energy dome finally dissipated..and, the second after, Will sped out in a trail of red lightning. ..and, pinned Billy to a wall. "HEY!!" "GOOD LORD!!" "WHAT ARE YOU-!?" "apologies, Billy." began Will. "but, you and I STILL have unfinished business." Billy glared at him. "b-but, we had a Deal!!" "and, I will keep It." said Will. "but, *NOBODY* said I had to fight Scourge "right now." Sally glared at Will in disgust. "why you sneaky, two-faced-" "and, Besides.." continued Will, ignoring Sally. "I need a little "warm-up" before I combat Scourge. (looks at Billy, and smiles) and, since you gave me such a good workout last time, I see no reason why that should change." Billy scowled at Will, his eyes flashing yellow. Will just grinned, his own eyes flashing red. Billy then shoved at Will, knocking him back with his speed enhanced blow. With his goggles now on, Billy then charged in a trail of yellow lightning, and rapidly punched at Will. Will took some punches, but then caught the last, and threw a single hard punch at Billy, knocking him backwards. Will then put his goggles on. the two continued to fight. their images blurred, and moving like yellow-and-red lightning bolts. Will then suddenly grabbed Billy, spun him around super fast, and threw his body into the containment unit console. destroying It. as Billy groaned in pain, Will smiled sinisterly and sped over to the containment unit itself. he circled in a streak of red lightning, destroying the entire machine in a matter of seconds. Once done, Will sped over to Alan and Sally. he bore a smug look on his face as he began tossing a part in his hand. (("SORRY. IT'S NOT THAT I DON'T TRUST YOU")) began Will, his voice distorted. ((IT'S..WELL, ACTUALLY, YEAH!' I DON'T TRUST YOU.")) Suddenly, Will was tackled by a yellow bolt. Billy grabbed Will, throttling him angrily. (("STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!")) said Billy, his own voice distorted. (("RELAX..")) said Will. (("I'M NOT GOING TO HURT THEM. ONLY YOU, AND SCOURGE ARE IN MY SIGHTS RIGHT NOW.")) Will then brushed Billy off, and attacked him again. he threw a punched, then seemed to disappear, and RE-appear behind Billy. striking him in the back. Billy then began to rapidly twirl around in place, countering Will's repeat attack. Billy then charged after Will, who did the same. as the two speedsters collided, a shockwave knocked Alan and Sally back. as they moved at super speed, attacking each other, yellow-and-red lightning bolts began to circle the room like a cyclone. Alan and Sally stood close at the center. watching as multi-colored electricity sparked around them. Sally tried to look, and see ANY of them. but, they were moving so fast, they resembled living lightning bolts instead of living people. Suddenly, the red bolt shot out of the room. the yellow bolt followed. "COME ON!" said Alan, as he and Sally ran out the room. the two ran as fast as they could up the long corridor. but, even at THEIR top speed, they knew It'd be far too late. And, when the blaring alarm sounded..they knew this was true. "dammit!, I knew this would happen!!" cursed Alan. "Don't be so hard on yourself. We were desperate!" said Sally. "and, In our desperation, we've open the flood gates to an ever GREATER devastation!!" Once the two reached the nexus of Freedom HQ, they found the room in ruins. the same yellow-and-red lightning bolts were circling the room, damaging parts of It with each pass. random people were ducking for cover, trying to avoiding the sparking electricity. from Billy and Will's perspective..the surrounding world was moving in super slow-motion. they ran along the walls, and tackled each other. each trying to overpower the other. the two finally accelerated at such a tremendous speed, that they both shot through the ceiling like bullets through glass. outside, above ground. they BURST straight through the roof of a manor estate. twirling like a multi-colored vortex as they shot into the sky high above. at the height of their momentum, the two stayed suspended in the air. Finally..they plummeted down in a free fall. unable to use their legs, both Billy and Will quickly spun both arms around rapidly. generating twin wind funnels, that began to slow their descents. once they were low enough to the ground, they both dropped. upon landing, Will performed a flying kick at Billy, knocking him down. (("WELL, BILL. IT'S BEEN REAL. BUT, I'VE GOT TO GO KNOW.")) began Will. (("I'VE GOT A HEDGEHOG TO KILL.")) with that, Will sped off into the city in a red lightning bolt. scowling, Billy chased after him at equal speed. [To be Continued..]
  6. [Hell Have No Fury, Part I]

    BZZZ!! BZZZ!! BZZZ!!!

    a female figure was slowly awoken by the blaring noise of an alarm clock.

    "nngh..eh? grrr.."

    still groggy, the figure reached out and carefully shut the device off. silencing the sound.
    she then rose up from the covers..revealing herself to be a golden blonde
    mobian rabbit with a robotic arm and legs.

    she arched out her back, and yawned real loudly. she then looked at the digital clock.
    her vision blurred at first, but eventually came into focus.

    "Twelve Thirty-Six?" began Bunnie, who spoke in a 'southern draw.'

    "twan..Antoine, WAKE UP!!" said Bunnie, as she nudged at somebody else in the bed with her.

    "nnnngh..HMM!?" a light brown mobian coyote then rose up from bed,
    and yawned real loud. "nngh..wa-what?"

    "It's past twelve, hon. Time to get up." said Bunnie to her husband.

    Antoine groaned. "oy..I really do hate zee mornings." said the Coyote, in a 'french' accent.

    "Ah' know, hon. but, just because It's Wednesday
    (and, your day-off from work) It doesn't mean you hav'ta sleep the whole day away."

    Antoine sat up in bed. "(sigh) I guezz you are right, Bunnie."

    taking a moment to stretch out his arms, and yawn one last time.

    "Best to zpend my free time "hitting zee gym", to keep my skills zharp."

    Bunnie smirked as she looked at Antoine with half-lidded eyes. "Yeah..you do that."

    As Antoine began to get out of bed, Bunnie did the same as well.

    "zooo..vhat will YOU be doing, today?" asked Antoine, as he put on his shirt and pants.

    Bunnie just smirked as she put on her own pants and shirt.

    "oh, you know..takin' care of our kid."

    "oh..yes. of course."

    Bunnie eyed Antoine. Unsure if she liked the way he said that.

    "riiight..Well, I'd better go check on Peter." with that, Bunnie promptly got up and left.

    as she shut the door behind her, she huffed stressfully.

    ("Ah love you, 'Twan..but, sometimes you infuriate me.") mused Bunnie
    as she walked down a hallway.

    ("You never were comfortable with my adopting an overlander as my son..
      and, even though we've been married for three years,
       you STILL haven't fully accepted him as "yours.")

    Bunnie narrowed her eyes sternly.

    ("well, you'd better START SOON..if you ever want me to give you any more children.")

    Bunnie soon reached the room of the child in question.
    she gently turned the handle, and smiled as she opened the door.

    "Good mornin', Pumpkinpi-" Bunnie froze upon seeing that the six year old was ALREADY up..
    and, apparently wearing one of her cowboy hats and jacket in front of a mirror.

    turning around, the boy then felt embarrassed. "OH!, h-howdy, momma.."

    Bunnie smirked as she planted her fists on her hips.

    "And, just what are YOU doin', young man?"

    "Ummmm...Tryin' to be more like you?"

    Indeed, the boy WAS trying to imitate his "mother.",
    as he also sported bare tin cans on his arm and legs
    that seemed to (poorly) imitate Bunnie's cybernetic limbs.

    Bunnie exhaled sharply as she walked over, and knelt down to his level.

    "and, WHY would you wanna dress up like me?" asked Bunnie,
    as she removed the pieces of his "costume."

    "Because Halloween is coming soon..
     And, 'ah wanna go trick-or-treating as mah' favorite superhero!!"

    Bunnie blushes at this comment. "you..really think ah'm that great?"

    "Yeah!, Aunt Sally told me ALL about how you saved people from Robotnik a long time ago."

    "SHE saved people, 'ah only helped her." said Bunnie, modestly.

    "Ah' still think yer' awesome, Momma." said Peter.

    Bunnie looked into the boy's baby blue eyes.
    she smiled as she gently touched his chin.

    "well..if you REALLY wanna be me this year,
     Then we'll hafta get you some better "parts" for yer' costume."

    Bunnie then playfully touched Peter's nose like a button..making the boy giggle.

    "Now. You'd better get dressed fer' REAL. You have school, today."

    "Okay, Momma."

    As Peter began to take off his costume,
    Bunnie took some clothes from a dresser drawer.

    "here..wear this." began Bunnie.

    "Ah' love how cute you look in this shirt."

    Peter took the baby blue shirt with a white, cartoon rabbit on It.
    as he put It on, Bunnie slipped a pair of shorts on him as well.

    "There. yer' all ready fer' school, my lil' sugar muffin.."

    "Momma!" exclaimed Peter, slightly embarrassed.

    Bunnie just smiled as she rose back up.

    "Alright, now. Git!" said Bunnie, patting at Peter's back.

    Peter began to walk towards the door with Bunnie at a fast pace.
    once they were out, and headed their way downstairs..Peter spoke again.


    "Yeah, sugar?"

    "does daddy..hate me?"

    Bunnie froze at this. "wh-why, PETER! whatevuh would give you that Idea!?"

    Peter looked down. "well..he doesn't play with me like you do, Momma.
     and, when 'ah hug him..he doesn't hug me back. he even seems..Upset."

    Bunnie scowled at this. ("dammit, antoine! yer' gonna get a real EARFUL when ah-")


    Bunnie looked at Peter again..who had stopped short
    at the bottom of the stairs. "Did 'Ah..do somethin' wrong?"

    Bunnie looked at her son's face with soft eyes.

    "no, baby..No. You didn't do anything wrong." said Bunnie, softly.

    "Yer' daddy just..has t-Trouble expressing how he really feels, that's all."

    "really?" said Peter, still unsure.

    "of course." said Bunnie, as she knelt down to Peter's level.

    "Yer' daddy..L-LOVES you."

    Bunnie immediately regretted saying those words.
    as she herself wasn't sure if they were true.


    Bunnie and Peter both looked over at the front door.

    "hmm. now, Ah' wonder who that could be."

    Bunnie then stood up, and approached the door.
    she opened It..and, was elated to find who was greeting her.

    "SALLY GIRL!!"

    Princess Sally smiled a warm smile. "Hey, Bunnie!"

    the two mobian women hugged one another.

    "It's so great to see you! whatever are you doing here!?"

    Sally smiled. "Oh, I was in the neighborhood, and decided to pay a visit."

    "AUNT SALLY!!"

    Sally looked, and saw Peter running towards her. "HEY, LITTLE MAN!"

    Sally caught the human child as he leapt after her,
    and lifted him up in her arms.

    "and, how is my FAV-OR-ITE NEPHEW!?" said Sally,
     as she affectionately ruffled Peter's hair.

    "Great!, Ah'm goin' to school soon."

    Sally lightly chuckled. "You still getting gold stars?"

    "ALWAYS." said Bunnie, proudly.

    Peter looked around..then, looked back at Sally.

    "Aunt Sally. Where's Uncle Billy, and Cousin Katie?!"

    "Back at home. Sorry."

    Peter shrugged. "It's Okay."

    Sally smiled as she put Peter back down. 

    "So, how's life been treatin' ya, Sally Girl?!"

    Sally looked at Bunnie and smiled.

    "Can't really complain. Elias has been doing a good job running the kingdom,
     So all I have worry about is raising my daughter with Billy."

    "and, how IS yer' youngin' doing?" asked Bunnie.

    Sally shrugged. "she's..Sometimes picked on.
    But, for the most part, she is doing okay."

    Just then, a schoolbus pulled up near the curb outside.

    "There's yer' bus, Peter." said Bunnie.

    "Okay." said Peter, as he picked up
     his backpack near the door. "Bye Momma!!, Bye Aunt Sally!!"

    as Peter ran out the door, both Bunnie and Sally waved at him.

    "BYE, SUGAR!!"


    as Peter disappeared into the departing bus..
    Bunnie sighed as she closed the door.

    "Is everything alright, Bunnie?"

    Bunnie looked at Sally. "well..No, not really."

    "Antoine still hasn't quite accepted Peter as his son..
     an, I think Peter it's startin' to affect Peter."

    Sally frowned. "well..you know Antoine.
    like his father, he's always been wary of Overlanders."

    "Ah' know, but Peter is a child..MAH' Child! Isn't that enough fer him!?"

    "Have you talked to him about It?"

    Bunnie looked away. "no. but, I probably should."

    Bunnie walked off slowly, her arms crossed.
    she then stared at some framed pictures of herself and Peter.

    "When Ah' married Antoine, Ah' was hopin' It'd mean Peter gitten' a daddy..
     but, Peter still spends more time with ME, than with anyone else."

    "I did pick that up when he started talking like you." said Sally.

    Bunnie chuckled at this. "yeah..Momma's lil' boy, he is."

    Bunnie took one of the framed photos..
    which showed Bunnie holding Peter when he was only a baby.

    "Twan' says he wants to have kids, now." began Bunnie.

    "an..as much as Ah' want ta' give Peter a brother,
     or sister..Ah' just can't do It."

    "Why?" asked Sally, puzzled.

    Bunnie narrowed her eyes sternly.

    "Because Antoine only wants more kids so he can have a son that's HIS.
     and, until he starts treatin' Peter like his own..Ah' ain't givin' him that pleasure."

    Sally widened her eyes. "wow..I had no idea things were that serious."

    Bunnie exhaled as she put the picture back where It belonged.

    "Ah' may love Antoine with all mah' heart..
     but, Ah' just wish he'd let go of his negativity towards Overlanders."

    "oh, believe me. Nobody desires a world
     like that more than I do." said Sally, chuckling stressfully.

    Bunnie smiled at Sally. "yeah..Ah' know."

    [Later that Day]

    It was a pleasant afternoon at the Emerald Town Elementary School.
    currently It was recess, and all the children were out playing in the schoolyard.

    Unknown to anyone, however..a darkly colored van was looming near the area.

    and, inside..some shadowy figures were watching.

    "are you CERTAIN we'll find It here?!" spoke one of the figures within the vehicle.

    "POSITIVE. our sources confirm that It dwells among them."

    "how sickening that they would ALLOW such a savage among those children."

    "QUIET! I'm searching.."

    the lead figure activated a pair of goggles, and scanned the playground.

    "no..No..no." muttered the figure, as he scanned various mobian children.

    Finally, he zeroed in on his intended target: an HUMAN child.

    "(chuckles evily) yes..THERE you are."

    "You found It?"

    "Yes. the overlander."

    the dark figures eyed Peter, who was playing with a ball,
    blissfully unaware that he was being watched.

    "so..how do we lure him over here?"

    "Patience. This isn't my first time kidnapping children." the shadowy figured grinned.

    "and, the first rule about children: They are easily DISTRACTED."

    as Peter tossed his ball up into the air..
    the lead figure grinned as an idea formed in his head.

    "get the gravitron ready to fire on my command."

    the figures nodded as they quickly prepped a large, gun-like device.
    opening a side door, they aimed the weapon straight at Peter.


    Peter tossed his ball up into the air again. "PULL!!"

    the figures fired their weapon..
    which began to pull the suspended ball out of the air.

    "HEY!!" exclaimed Peter, as his ball flew towards a far off fence.

    as the ball lay against the barrier, the lead figure watched Peter intently.

    "go on, you hairless monkey..Go retrieve your TOY."

    after a moment of hesitation, Peter indeed ran over
    AWAY from the other children to retrieve his ball.

    "THERE!, he's alone. TAKE HIM!!"

    the figures reactivated the Gravitron.
    ripping a part of the fence where Peter was.

    before the shocked boy could react,
    the black van sped over to the gaping hole where Peter stood.

    the figures emerged (revealed to be Mobian), and quickly grabbed Peter.

    "HEY!! S-STOP!, LEMMIE GO!, HEEELP!!" exclaimed Peter, terrified.

    "SHUT UP!" snapped one of the Mobians.

    "Get the brat in, and LET'S GO!!"

    dragging Peter inside, the side doors slammed shut,
    and the van sped away at top speed.

    [D'Coolette Household]

    "heard from Sonic, lately?" began Bunnie,
    as she nibbled some carrot cake at the kitchen table.

    "Not as often as I'd like..but, he's doing great last I heard." said Sally.

    Bunnie chuckled lightly. "Ah' still can't believe he and Amy are datin."

    Sally also chuckled. "and, I can't believe how much Amy
    has matured since the old days. It's almost as if she's a different person."

    "None of us can stay youngin's forever..
     no matter how hard we try." said Bunnie, solemnly as she took a sip of juice.

    "Ah'm thinking of takin' Peter ta' see
     the Southern Baronies next summer." spoke Bunnie.

    "You are?"

    "yeah. Ah' think Peter deserves ta' see the place where Ah' grew up."

    "I thought your family's old plantation was abandoned." said Sally.

    "It IS, but Ah' still have ownership of It." began Bunnie.

    "Ah'm thinking of maybe fixin' It up, turnin' It
     into a Summer Home fer me and th' Family to vacation at."

    Sally smiled. "I think that sounds like a Great idea, Bunnie."

    just then, the door opened,
    and Bunnie and Sally watched Antoine enter the house.

    "Oh!, hello, My Princezz. I had no idea you vere viziting."

    Sally did her best to smile. "Hello, Antoine."

    Bunnie grumbled as she looked the other way. "yeah..howdy."

    Antoine entered the kitchen.

    "Zo, vhat are you two talking abouts?"

    "Oh, just..some "Girl Stuff" began Sally.

    "Bunnie told me how she want's to fix up her family's
     old plantation in the Southern Baronies for the Summer."

    Antoine looked at his wife. "oh, really?"

    Bunnie shrugged. "thought It'd make a good vacation home.
    ya' know..for the "FAMILY." said Bunnie, a slight edge in her voice.

    As usual, Antoine was completely oblivious to his wife's attitude.


    Bunnie looked over at the Vid-Phone,
    widening her eyes upon seeing the listed number on the screen. "the Police?"

    Bunnie reached over, and pressed the 'Answer Call' button.
    the screen then displayed Mobian German Shepard in a police chief uniform.

    (("I trust I am speaking to Mrs. D'Coolette?")) began police chief

    "Y-Yes, Chief Barkley. do you need to speak to Antoine?"

    (("Actually, I need to speak to BOTH of you."))

    Antoine then also stepped up. "Zir?"

    Barkley breathed out stressfully.

    (("you are the parents of an overlander child, correct?"))

    NOW, Bunnie became worried. "Peter? Wa-What's wrong?, IS HE OKAY!?"

    (("I am afraid not, Mrs. D'Coolette: Over fifteen minutes ago,
       your son was kidnapped from the Emerald Town Elementary School."))

    Bunnie felt her heart nearly stop upon hearing this.
    Sally too was frozen in terror. "oh, my no."

    "(murmurs) wa..what-(shouting) WHERE IS HE?!,
     WHO TOOK MY BABY!!?" screamed Bunnie, tears in her eyes.

    (("As the only eyewitnesses were 'other children',
       we don't have alot to go by.")) began Barkley.

    (("From what we gathered, your son was playing alone during Recess
       when the fence bordering the school grounds was somehow blown apart.

       a non-descript black van then suddenly pulled up,
       and unidentified mobians dragged him inside, and drove off."))

    Bunnie began to cry uncontrollably.
    the shock of this news becoming more than she could bear.

    "Don't you have ANY leads?!" inquired Sally.

    (("We are working on It, your highness.")) began Barkley.

    (("but, without better evidence and more reliable witnesses,
       we quite frankly wouldn't know where to START with the investigation."))

    "ARE YOU JUST GOING TO STAND AROUND, AND DO NOTHING!!?" shouted Bunnie, angrily

    (("N-NO, Mrs. D'Coolette!! I did not say-"))

    As Bunnie cried some more, Sally touched her shoulder.

    *bunnie..It's OKAY. we'll figure this out.* whispered Sally.

    Sally then returned her attention to Chief Barkley. "Chief Barkley,
    I may not be an eyewitness,  NOR a trained policewoman,
    but I think I may know who took Peter."


    "Well, based on the statements you have collected so far,
     It seems that speed in which Peter's kidnappers acted
     implies they were ready, and waiting to take him.

     Furthermore, Peter was the ONLY child that they took.
     a van such as you described could have held many more,

     so, It stands to reason that Peter was their ONLY chosen target."

    (("That..DOES seem likely. Your point?"))

    Sally exhaled, becoming annoyed. "Chief Barkley.
    are you familiar with the extremist group called "Mobians Forever?"

    (("No. Who are they?"))

    "Radical Anti-Overlander Extremists." explained Sally.

    "Human Haters that believe Mobius will only be safe
     if the Overlander species are wiped out completely.

     and, as Peter, an OVERLANDER Child, was the only one taken..
     the M.F. have to be the kidnappers."

    Chief Barkley pondered this.

    (("hmm..that DOES make sense. but, how are YOU so familiar with them?"))

    Sally breathed out stressfully. "because my husband is an overlander..
    and, we have a "mobilander" child. the M.F. have taken action against my family before."

    (("I see. Then, I must request your presence at the Police Station, Princess Sally.
       your knowledge of these terrorists would benefit us greatly."))

    "I'll be there as quickly as I can."

    Chief Barkley nodded, then cut the vid-phone feed.

    "do you REALLY think that those racist bastards have Peter?!" asked Bunnie, her body trembling.

    "I do, Bunnie. which is why I must act quickly.
     The fact that they bothered to take Peter alive at all is remarkable.

     but, knowing them..they won't keep Peter alive for very much longer."

    Bunnie suddenly bashed her robotic fist on the kitchen table, smashing It apart.


    "Yez, Mi Amore, PLEAZE, Calm down. Everyzing will be alrig-"

    "What do YOU care, Antoine!!?" snapped Bunnie, suddenly.

    "It's not like It's YER son that's been taken!"

    Antoine froze, petrified at Bunnie's sudden anger.


    "NO, SALLY!" snapped Bunnie, jerking away from her friend.

    "Ah' won't ignore this..Not ANYMORE!"

    Bunnie glared at her husband. "you..You always hated Peter.
    You may have pretended to like him, but Ah' know you never loved him."

    "B-Bunnie, I-"

    "When Ah' married you, Ah' did so hoping that
     Peter would have a daddy in his life.

     but, Ah' can see that yer' ashamed of him.
     ASHAMED to have an Overlander for a son!

    (tears up) he LOVES you, and wants you to love him back!
     but, you ignore him ALL TH' TIME!

     well, now he's GONE! (voice breaking) my son is gone..
     th' son that you HATE is gone!!"

    Bunnie then suddenly socked Antoine in the jaw (fortunately, with her organic fist)

    as the stunned Antoine lay on the floor,
    he watched as Bunnie stood over him..tears flowing down her cheek.

    "are you HAPPY, now!? (screaming) ARE YOU HAPPY!!?"

    As Bunnie began to cry uncontrollably, Sally pulled her away.

    "Bunnie..BUNNIE, STOP! Bunnie..It's Okay. W-We'll get Peter BACK, I promise!"

    Bunnie could do nothing more but cry.
    as Sally led her out of the kitchen..Antione remained on the floor where Bunnie hit him.

    her angry words still ringing in his ears.


    Sally walked over to the creaked open door to Peter's room.

    she opened It..and, found Bunnie inside. sitting upon Peter's bed
    with her legs folded, and clutching one of Peter's plush toys.

    the way she held It..looked like she was holding a baby.

    Sally exhaled, hating to see her friend like this. "bunnie."

    Bunnie looked up..showing to the disturbed Sally
    the smudged eyeliner and tear stains.

    "have you found him? have you found mah' son!?"

    Sally sighed as she shook her head.

    "w-with my help, the authorities were able
     to identify at least SIX possible M.F. bases."

    "which one is Peter being held?!"

    "we..d-don't know yet. We're not even sure
     if he's in one of the six that I've identifi-"

    "DAMMIT It, SALLY!" snapped Bunnie, suddenly. rise up from her seat.

    "It's been over an HOUR, who knows what all they've done to him by now!!?"

    "You think I don't know that!?" exclaimed Sally, angrily.

    "I have been doing the best I can!,
     Don't think you are the only one who cares about what happens to Peter!!"

    Bunnie breathed heavily..then, looked away. "Ah'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to-"

    "I know, bunnie..I know." said Sally, placing her hand on Bunnie's shoulder.

    "But, there are only so many places to check. We'll get him back, I promise."

    Bunnie bore a grim expression.

    "but, will we get him back "ALIVE", is what Ah' wanna know."

    "Please don't think that way, Bunnie."

    Bunnie clutched the plush toy in her arms,
    shutting her eyes tight as tears escaped them.

    "If they've hurt him..Ah' will hunt every one of them, and make. Them. PAY."

    "Careful, Bunnie. You're starting to sound like..HER." said Sally, her voice shakey


    "you know.."Buns", the last person who kidnapped Peter three years ago."

    Bunnie remembered the event that Sally was referring.

    the time her evil counterpart from the "negative zone" came,
    and took Peter away when he was only three years old.

    Bunnie remembered that It was an intended scheme
    to lure her into a trap..or, blackmail her into doing what she wanted.

    but, Bunnie ALSO remembered how her 'evil twin' altered her plan.
    how she herself came to care for Peter, and tried to keep him for herself.

    It was then that an idea formed in Bunnie's head.
    It seemed Crazy..perhaps VERY Crazy, but It was the only option she had left right now.

    As Bunnie turned to leave, Sally called out to her.

    "Bunnie, WAIT! Where are you goi-"

    "Ah'm gonna go git mah' son back."

    Bunnie then looked at Sally. "Don't try an' stop me."

    Sally looked away. "I won't. But, how are you going to-"

    But, I was too late. Bunnie had already left the room.
    as she walked down the stairs..she was met up with Antoine at ground level.

    "Bunnie, I-"

    "What do you WANT, Ant!?" snapped Bunnie, still upset with her husband.

    "I juzt vhanted to zay dat..I'm sorry.
     You are right, I haven't been treating Peter fairl-"

    "a little late ta' show him any affection now, isn't It!?
     Not when mah' son could ALREADY be dead!"

    Antoine frowned, feeling bad at how things were going.

    "Bunnie..vhat iz It dat you vhant me to do?"

    Bunnie looked right into Antoine's eyes.

    "Ah' wanted you ta' love mah' son. Accept him as yers,
     because THAT is th' responsibility that ya' took when ya' married me."

    Bunnie exhaled sharply. "But, Ah' was obviously asking too much of you
    ta' let go of yer' hatred fer' Overlanders."

    "I don't hate zem!"

    "Well, ya' certainly don't LOVE Peter!" snapped Bunnie

    "Of COURSE I love him!!"

    "then, WHY was Ah' the ONLY ONE upset
     when they told me he was taken!!?" shouted Bunnie

    Antoine wanted to argue this..but, he couldn't find any compelling words to say.

    "just get outta mah' way, Antoine." said Bunnie,
    as she shoved her husband aside.

    "Ah'm gonna go find mah' baby, and bring 'em home.
     YOU do whatever the hell you want..Ah' don't care, anymore."

    with that, Bunnie put on her jacket and cowboy hat,
    and marched right out the door.

    "Don't take her harsh words too seriously."

    Antione looked, and saw Sally descending from the stairs.

    "It's her Fear and Anger talking, NOT Bunnie."

    Antoine exhaled sharply. "I honestly never meant vor zis to 'appen."

    Sally crossed her arms as she looked at the coyote.

    "Antoine..why DON'T you treat Peter like your own child?, why don't you love him?"

    Antoine didn't say anything..He couldn't.

    "It's your FATHER, isn't It?" said Sally, answering her own question.

    "As a veteran of the Great War, I can't imagine he trusted Overlanders too much.

     I bet you were raised on his old war stories,
     believing early on that Peter's kind are brutal savages."

    Antoine remained silent. Too ashamed to answer the Princess
    of the kingdom he had sworn his duty to.

    "Antoine..Peter ISN'T like the overlanders who warred against us.
     and, he ISN'T Robotnik." said Sally, approaching Antoine.

    "He is a little boy who lost his parents,
     and now looks to You and Bunnie as his "real" family.

     and, you know what? Bunnie was right: When you married her,
     you DID accept the responsibility of being Peter's father.

    Sally began to pass Antoine..stopping short at the door.

    "and, you want to know the really funny thing?
     You've spend your whole life trying to prove yourself to your own father..

     just as Peter has been trying to do, now."

    Sally looked back at Antoine. "well, congratulations; the SON has become his FATHER."

    Sally finally walked out the door, leaving Antoine alone in his house.

    [To be Concluded..]
  7. Prequel to: Welcome To Nightmares
    Here at Silent Hill:
    Chapter 0: Unknown 
    I can't remember. I can't remember at all. I know I woke up in a strange town surrounded by a thick mist wall, ashes falling silently down from the sky like snow.
    I can't even remember how I died. I say "died" because that's how I seem to be to others. No one can see me. I tried talking to them, even tap on their shoulder, but the only thing that happened was that they got goosebumps. No one could hear me, no one could see me. I guess I wasn't important to anyone, as no one would come to find me. I can't even remember my name. I found out that the town's name was Silent Hill. Now I don't know what happened in this city, but it seemed forgotten, old and dead. I couldn't see any adults, children, animals, nothing.
    They only ones I did see and who seemed to notice me were the "ghosts". I don't know what else I should call them. Every time a sound of a siren could be heard, that's when they arrived. They didn't talk too much, just walked around. They didn't hurt me either. Some stopped to look at me, but even then they would continue walking without a reason.
    Now the "black corpses", they were different. Every time I would see them, they would surround me, stare me, even grab my hand at times. I couldn't understand what they wanted, but they were the closest thing to children. Sometimes some of them would make weird sounds, like a muffled scream, or plead. I would sit there with them until they would slowly turn to dust, only to be reborn once again when the siren called.
    I found out there was this weird cult in Silent Hill. Apparently they thought all the outsiders were either Satanists, or Witches. They seemed to think that they were God's children. A load of crap if you ask me. They did nothing else than shiver in fear inside their church, instead of trying to solve the problem THEY started. They had killed an innocent child, by burning her as a witch. In order to "purify" her from evil. They did nothing else than start a fire, which lead to the town's death, as well as to death of the innocent citizens.
    Now I'm not saying I was always safe. I learned how to do certain things. Like move things without touching them, sort of like poltergeist. I also learned that not all of the ghosts were friendly. Like the nurses for example, some of them would go crazy at times, killing their own, and try to hit me too! and then, there was the big guy... Pyramid Head. He and his little bug buddies weren't really fond of me. Well at least not the Pyramid head. He even tried to stab me with that sword of his. For some reason his bugs seemed to fear me, although I never did anything to them...
    As I walked around the town, memorizing the place, I met her. Alessa. The girl who died. She was in pain, mad, but kind to me at least. I also met her other side. A little girl with black hair, pale skin and purple dress. She liked to talk about doomsday stuff. I didn't really mind. Being dead I might as well listen, after all.. I have ALL the time in the world.
    It didn't take too long when some "Guests" arrived. I had heard from Alessa, that they would need their help in order to avenge Alessa's death, as well as save her "good side" Sharon. She was also a little girl, lost in Silent Hill. Her mother Rose was looking for her. Rose seemed nice, though she couldn't see me. I didn't want her to. I knew how to make myself visible but.. What can I say? I'm a shy ghost...dead corpse...zombie.. thingy. Anyway.. I promised to Alessa to help her, so it's only fair for me to get them an invitation to the church right? If the cult members really need a Witch.. Then I shall BE the Witch for them.
    Of course.. There's no guarantee that our guests live long enough to get to the church. There are a lot of curious souls here after all. I do hope they won't be teared to shreds. I kinda like them, and I have to admit Alessa's "daughter" has got some talent in drawing. Guess I could talk to my pal Pyramid Head, to leave them alone. I was getting kind of bored anyway.. So why not throw a welcoming party to them? Of course AFTER I've had a talk with Ms.Doomsday and Nurse Ann there... Just wait for me weird Cult People. Death is on her way.
  8. So as I promised I shall write a fanfic.. right now.. and I'm changing the title a bit from the normal "Ib" one. and I will be using my own Oc.. and I try not to change the characters personalities too much. Forgive me if there's some OOC. I also cut the text so it's easier to read. Enjoy! 
    Ib: The Art Gallery of Horror
    It was just like any other day, people were waiting in line to get to the famous art gallery, made especially for one sensational artist known as Guertena Weiss. Although he had died some time ago, his works were still well known, and many even believed Guertena had left a part of himself in his works. Not only did he paint the most amazing paintings, but he also did some of the greatest sculptures in the world. Many had tried to get on his level as an artist but none had succeeded in doing so.
    The art gallery was once again packed with eager fans, reviewers, different classes on a school trip, and even poets.
    There was also one specific girl, who no one seemed to notice, but who was in fact the closest to the artist. Her name was Miranda Weiss. Before her father had died, she used to always watch him at work, creating the beautiful masterpieces stroke by stroke, bit by bit. She loved every last one of them. Even if others said they looked... strange or odd, she would always find a way to love at least some part in it. Now she usually visited the gallery every year in memorial of her father.
    She would go through the entire gallery, remembering the times with her father, and every story behind his art. Besides her, her mother and father, no one knew why he even began making them, and all of the secrets would one day die along with Miranda. She did know it sounded grim, but it also made her feel special. as she was the only other one her father had ever told the story behind his career.

    Miranda spotted a small maybe 8 or 9-years old girl, looking at a rose sculpture. Her expression didn't really change as she watched it. She had chestnut brown hair a bit over her shoulders, red eyes, and she was wearing white blouse with a big red ribbon, red skirt and shoes and black knee socks. "She must have a great sense in fashion, almost like my mother.." Miranda thought. 
    Her mother usually picked her clothes for her, even though she was already 19. She didn't really mind her mother doing so, except for the fact she always chose the most "doll-like" clothes. Even now she had a long almost like Victorian-era styled long sleeved red dress, with a big ribbon on the waist, and expensive looking black shoes with buckles on them. But to be honest it did go well with her different looking hair style, as it was half polka hair, half long. Otherwise her hair was pretty short excluding her long thin ponytail going down at his back tied with a black ribbon, and her front hair on the right side, that covered her actual abnormality..

    She had had since birth, an odd looking right eye. It's pupil was red instead of black and her eye color was dark blue, even though her left eye was green. It was not due to any sickness, she was perfectly healthy, but her eye just made it look strange. Her father used to say that she could see "the truth" in people and in what they do. Though Miranda never quite got what he had meant.
    She walked towards the sculpture as the little girl walked past her, towards upstairs. Miranda looked at the rose sculpture. She really liked it. She always thought it explained life well. Pretty, yet hurtful. Suddenly the lights in the gallery started flickering wildly, and then all of them completely went out. Miranda stood there in the darkness, it seemed like hours had passed by until the lights came back on. Then, she noticed red footprints on the floor. At first she thought it was blood which made her a bit wary, but she smelled paint. "Oh thank goodness. It's just red paint.." She said sighing in relief. She followed the footprints, leading to a hallway she had never seen before, and she had visited the gallery more than anyone.
    She looked around in confusion and took few more steps forward, as the hallway she had used before disappeared behind her. "What the-? Oh.. This can't be good.." She said. The room she was in was dark. Dark red, and even though she really did like the color the atmosphere in it was quite eerie.
    She continued on the newly found hallway, until she reached a door, and in front of it, was a little brown table with a vase on it and a purple rose in it.
    "Hm? Purple rose? Who would leave it in such a place?" She stared at the table for a while. "Purple always WAS father's favorite color..." She thought. She picked up the rose and moved the table out of the way. She was about to enter to the room but then she saw fresh dark blue paint marks on the wall next to her. It spelled: "HELLO". The paint was still wet, and the text hadn't been there few seconds ago.
    Miranda felt shivers going down her spine as she quickly opened the door only to bump into something. "Wha-?!" She accidentally cried and hit the ground. ; "Ow. Ow Ow...." She heard someone saying. She looked up and she saw a small girl, about the same aged as before. She had a blonde hair, and she also had an Victorian-era looking dress, a forest green one with a light blue cravat, and brown boots. ; "Oh I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" Miranda asked and helped the girl up. "I am so sorry, I didn't see you there at all." She apologized. The girl got up and shook off the dust from her dress. The girl stared at Miranda in awe, as if she had never seen a human before. Miranda thought it must have been her clothes. She had had a similar experience with a few second graders few times. "Uhm.. Are you lost too?" She asked the girl. "My name is Miranda, what about you?"
    The girl smiled as she happily answered "My name is Mary!"
    ; "Mary? That's a beautiful name." Miranda said. ; "I think Miranda is pretty cool name too." She answered. ; "Um.. You wouldn't happen to know a way out? I just followed this hallway and then I ended up here, and I found this rose..." 
    Mary stared at her rose a bit before she exclaimed "You have one too?! Cool! Yours is purple! Mine is yellow!" She said holding up her rose with pride. "Hey, have you already seen the weird paintings and sculptures around here?" Mary asked. "If not then I can show you which ones are good and which are not! I had some time to get to know to this place!" She told Miranda.
    ; "Oh! That would be great! Thank you!" Miranda answered happily clapping her hands together. Mary quickly took Miranda's hand and lead the way towards another room.
    The next room was big, and almost the same as the others, but this one had an odd fence near the wall, and inside there were three headless mannequin bodies, red, yellow and blue. "Those are my father's works!" Miranda yelled. "But why are they on the other side of the fence?" Mary looked at her in confusion. ; "Well of course so they can't hurt you." She said. ; "Hurt me?" Miranda asked as one of them dashed towards her trying to grab her, but instead it hit the fence. "Ah!" Miranda cried as she quickly backed away, looking at the mannequin. The mannequin kept trying to grab her, but it suddenly stopped. If it had had a head, it would have been staring right at Miranda.
    She stared right back at it, when it's arms suddenly fell down on it's sides, as it then turned around and returned to it's position. ; "Oh WOW! I've never seen them act like that!" Mary said excited about all this. Miranda looked at her unsure how to react to this. But she decided Mary was still young, and easily excited. ; "Hey Mary.. If there are things like those walking around... How did you survive here alone? You said you have been here for a while?" Miranda asked. ; "...I have my ways!" Mary said and gave Miranda an innocent smile, as she went ahead. Miranda had a bad feeling about all this, but she let is slide.
    Mary and Miranda opened another door, which led to a smaller room and a hallway, as they walked further they both heard voices, distant, but clearly recognizable.
    "Oh hey! Maybe there are other here than just us!" Mary exclaimed happily and ran towards the door. ; "Wait Mary! I don't think you should run so-!" Miranda was about to say but then she saw Mary bumping into a young girl. "...fast." She ended. 
    The other girl quickly pushed Mary away from her. "Oh! Are you alright?" a man's voice said, as a young, maybe 20-years old man walked in after the girl, looking at Mary. Miranda quickly ran to Mary's side to help her up, the man looked at her. "Hello there, My name is Garry, and her name is Ib." the man explained. ; "Hello, My name is Miranda and this here is Mary." Miranda answered.
    Garry was a tall pale looking man, with a torn long dark blue coat, green T-shirt, and faded green jeans. His hair was short and a bit curly covering his left eye. His hair was unusual colored, as it had few black streaks but otherwise it was purple. Miranda stared at him for a while, wondering what kind of person he was.
    She remembered her father's words at that moment. About her eye. She didn't believe it would make any difference, but she brushed her hair over her right eye, she wasn't sure what she saw. There was odd faded colored aura around the young man. She didn't know why, but she knew she could trust him.
    "Um, this might seem weird but.. Do you two.. Also have roses like we do?" Miranda asked showing her rose to the two.
    ; "Oh! Yes. We do have roses like that." Garry said showing his blue rose. "I did not know there were purple roses..." He continued. ; "Neither did I." Miranda said laughing a bit. She then saw Ib staring at her. "Oh! I saw you at the gallery earlier!" Miranda exclaimed surprised. ; "Oh. So you two already know each other?" Garry asked looking at Ib who shook her head.
    ; "Uhm not really.. I was just watching Ib-" Miranda started as she realized how suspicious that sounded. "N-No! I didn't mean like WATCHING, I just meant I SAW you there a-and then I just stared at you- NOT that I meant anything by it! Uh- I mean-!" She tried to explain, feeling her face turning red. "I-I'm sorry!" She said panicking hiding her face with her hands. Garry couldn't help but laugh. ; "No need to explain it Miss Miranda, we didn't even think you would be a suspicious person anyway.. But.. May I ask what happened to your eye?" Garry asked politely.
    Miranda startled a bit before answering ; "I- um.. My eye has been like this since my birth. I know it looks odd.. I apologize that you had to see it." She said covering her eye with her hair.
    ; "Oh no,no,no! I did not mean anything like that! I just thought.. It was unique." Garry quickly explained, seeing Miranda's reaction.
    Mary seemed to be extremely interested in Ib's presence. She smiled at her, as she usually did, and Ib seemed to like her as well. The four of them continued on their way, Miranda still feeling a bit uneasy about Garry's question, although she knew he didn't mean anything. Garry on the other hand wondered how could he make up for being rude to her.
    The four entered a room with two doors in it. They headed left first, and entered a room full of rabbit ornaments, and a hug painting of a pink rabbit. It was a nice pastel yellow colored room. ; "Ooooh! Isn't that cute Ib?!" Mary asked enthusiastically. Ib looked around and said ; "I think it's cute." Garry stared at Mary and Ib and then the painting. ; "You two really think THAT is cute?" He said with a disgusted tone. " What do you say Miranda?" Garry asked. Miranda stared at the three confused. She then brushed the hair off from her eye and saw something horrible. The whole room was sickly purple, and green, and all the ornaments were replaced with creepy looking dolls, which all were smiling a creepy, crooked smile. Even the painting was about a big doll with huge glowing red eyes. It was staring straight at Miranda.
    ; "I-I think it looks just great Ib, Mary." She said unwillingly. Garry looked at her and was about to say something but Miranda quickly covered his mouth and motioned for him to come with her. The two stepped outside the room, as Ib and Mary were still looking at the ornaments. ; "Why didn't you tell the truth to them?" Garry asked a bit irritated. ; "I couldn't. Apparently, they can't see what we can see... Well technically I can see both.. But my right eye shows the truth. I couldn't possibly tell them. They are both just kids. Don't you agree that they should have their fun? Even if it is in a place like this?" Miranda asked.
    Garry thought about it for a while before relaxing a bit. "You're right. They should have their fun. It has been a true ordeal for poor Ib." Garry said. 
    ; "Funny.. You're not even related to her, yet you already seem like part of her family. You could be a great big brother." Miranda said smiling gently. Garry blushed a bit, but quickly turned around. "W-Well someone has to be there for her, she doesn't have anyone else right now. Not until we get back to our own world.. Besides you seemed kind of motherly yourself." Garry said still embarrassed.
    ; "M-Me? No way... I'm not even close to being a mother.. or a mother figure.. ehheh.." Miranda quickly answered.
    ; "Huh. I thought you were doing just fine!" Marry said happily, standing next to Miranda. ; "M-Mary?! When did you came out of the room?? I didn't even hear you!" Miranda cried and quickly tried to hide her face. ; "Well you ARE. Right Ib?" Mary asked and turned to look at Ib who was standing on the other side of Miranda. ; "... You are kind of like mom.." Ib said. Garry was trying not to laugh, but couldn't help giggling a little.
    The four were about to go to the other room, but they stopped in the middle as they heard odd sound from a near by painting. ; "What's that sound?" Miranda asked and looked at the painting. It was a plant growing out right of it. The vines went underground and quickly pushed up from the ground. Mary and Ib were quickly pushed out of the harm's way, as the vines stopped, and turned into stone. "Ib! Mary! Are you two okay??" Garry asked worried.
    ; "We're fine! Right Ib?" Mary said, Ib nodded.
    The vines wouldn't break, so instead they had to split up. Mary and Ib went to try the right door, and promised to come back if they couldn't find anything. Garry and Miranda waited sometime, but when they wouldn't come back Garry suggested trying to find another way from... THE ROOM. He hated those dolls, but it was the only way. They found a secret passage behind one of the bookshelves and decided to try where it leads.
    As they were walking they saw one of the creepy dolls on the ground. Lifelessly sitting. There was text next to it. "HI THERE GARRY, MIRANDA. DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?" Garry felt only disgust and continued quickly. Miranda stood in front of it. "....I don't know why.. But I can't remember you. If you truly are my father's work.. Why are you here?" She asked. She was about to follow Garry, when she heard laughing behind her, and when she turned around, the doll was no where to be seen.
    Once they reached the door the little doll was sitting there, once again text next to it saying: "TAKE ME" Garry ignored it and was about to kick the doll when Miranda stopped him. "Please don't. It's not worth it." She said calmly. Garry looked at the doll and then Miranda. "I.. know... I'm sorry. Let's just find a way to get back to Ib and Mary.. Then I will feel better knowing that they are safe." He explained, as they entered the next room....
    The room was dark blue colored and big with four different doors. Most of them were locked, so for now they went to the room at the end of the room on left. It was odd sanctuary looking room. It had seven stone pillars with a small space for something at the end of each one, and a picture of a palette at the wall. There was also some text written there. "Hmm.. So according to this, if we collect seven different colored balls here, something should happen apparently." Garry said looking at the text.
    ; "Hm.. Guess they're scattered around the room we were just in.. So a puzzle huh?" Miranda said. "I think I saw something yellow when we entered the room, it might be one of the balls! I'll go look for it!" Miranda said as she ran to the other room. "It was somewhere around here..." She thought to herself, she then saw a little yellow ball. "I was right!" She thought and picked it up. She heard an odd sound from behind her, and she quickly turned around only to see wet paint on the wall. "YOU CAME." it spelled. Miranda backed away from the wall and heard another similar sound. This time the writing was different colored and spelled: "DON'T LEAVE."
    Miranda felt cold sweat falling from her temple and she quickly made her way back to the room where Garry was. ; "Hm? Miranda? Did you find it..?" Garry was about to ask but then he saw Miranda's reaction. "Miranda what happened?! It wasn't those dolls or the paintings right?" ; "No... I don't think so.. It was just.. I don't know.." She answered sweating. Garry though he probably shouldn't ask more as she clearly didn't want to speak about it. They headed to the room with the library second, they found green ball of paint, and a pink one. They also found something very disturbing. As they were riffling through the pages of a book about Guertena's work, they found a familiar looking picture on the letter M-page.
    The page read: "Although the girl in the painting looks real, Guertena himself has said that the painting does not in fact, portray any living person." The painting was about a young blonde girl, with a green dress and a yellow rose. "That's....Mary!" Miranda exclaimed. "But.. She is... She's not.. She can't be my father's work!" Miranda said confused about all this. ; "Wait.. Guertena.. THE Guertena is YOUR father?!" Garry said surprised his eyes widened. "But.. If this really is Mary... Then.. Ib! She's in trouble! We must find all of the missing paint balls, otherwise we will never get to them!" Garry said trying not to panic, obviously failing in doing so.
    ; "Garry.... Please stay calm. Remember... Mary seemed to like Ib, there's no way she could hurt her right? I mean.. You saw her being friends with Ib. Right?" Miranda said comfortingly, putting her hand on Garry's shoulder. "But I do agree that we need to get out of here.. Although there might be a lot of familiar works here.. Even I don't quite enjoy this place..." Miranda confessed with a bit worried look. Garry seemed to relax a bit as he left out a sigh. ; "No.. You are right. I need to stay calm.. There is one more room left.. I think the missing paint balls might be there." Garry said to Miranda walking out of the room and into the hallway.
    Once again the two were greeted by the awfully familiar doll. It still wore the same crooked smile as before. But this time it seemed.. Different. It's stomach was bigger than before. "Hm? What is this?.. Could it be?" Garry wondered opening up the doll's stomach , revealing a small red paint ball. He took it and was about to go back to Miranda, but then he heard.. Crying. Odd.. almost insect sounding voice. It came from the doll. The doll moved to the room next to Garry. The door was opened before but now.. It was wide open. As if an invitation for Garry.
    "Ugh.. I do so hate those dolls.. But.. I guess I have no other choice.. We have looked from everywhere else.. This must be it.." He said taking a deep breath before walking in. He saw a white paint ball on the ground, and didn't hesitate to pick it up. He was about to leave, but he couldn't get the door to open. "What the-? This was open!" He tried turning the knob but it didn't help. He heard giggling behind him, when he turned he saw an army of those creepily smiling dolls. All neatly sitting in rows, all looking towards him. ; "LET'S PLAY A GAME GARRY, TREASURE HUNT!" He heard a high pitched voice saying. As soon as he heard it something went past him. "WHICH ONE OF US HAS THE TREASURE??" ; "Uhg.. I do not have time for this..." He heard a familiar voice behind the door. ; "Garry? Garry are you there?" Miranda called. ; "I am here! I'm not hurt, please stay there I will be there soon!" He answered to her. ; "...Alright if you say so." Miranda said walking towards the last unopened door. Garry let out a sigh, ; "I can NOT let her get involved to this nightmare..." He thought. There was a loud rumbling sound, and then Garry noticed it. A big hand coming out of a painting at the end of the room. A big blue smiling doll was trying to get out.
    Garry quickly picked a doll and opened it up, only to find wriggling worms in it. He was disgusted by the sight, but couldn't stop now. He picked one doll near the painting opening it's stomach up, but there was only dry rice in it. "This can't happen now.. This can't happen now.." He thought panicking. The large doll was already half way out from the painting. Garry picked one last doll near a table and he found a little silver key. "Yes! The key!" He said victoriously, quickly opening the door and running out. He saw Miranda and quickly grabbed her hand and ran behind a corner. ; "Garry?? What happened to you-?" Miranda was about to ask but Garry interrupted: ; "Do not EVER, Trust those dolls. Alright?" He asked catching his breath, sweating. ; "Uhm... Sure. If you say so.. but are you okay??" She asked giving him a napkin to wipe off the sweat.
    ; "Yes.. I'm fine." He said. "That should be all of the paint balls so this door should open.." He turned the knob and the door opened. The two found stairs leading up, and both determined to help Ib started climbing up.
    At the same time in the other room where Ib and Mary had went, Mary had started acting weirdly. She suddenly stopped talking to Ib at all, which was highly unlike her. ; "Mary? Are you okay?" Ib asked her. ; "....Am I okay?...Okayokayokayokayokayokay... hahahahahaha!!!!" Mary laughed, running into the hallway. Ib followed her, finding her stabbing a mannequin head with a palette knife. She quickly turned around and headed back to the room, leaving Mary alone with the mannequin. Just seconds before she had asked Ib about her family, future plans, what would she do if she could save only 2 people, all different and kind of weird questions. But now she acted like that. Ib was a bit worried, but refused to let it show on her face.
    Mary came back to the room, following Ib around a bit. Ib looked at her and asked ; "Why are you following me around like that?", ; "No reason really. I just like it that's all. " Mary answered holding her head down looking at the ground. They had seen an odd black and white room with a painting of a rainbow on the other side, Ib felt like she should check the room again, and now there was a rainbow colored bridge leading to a table with a key on it. Ib took the key and returned to the room. Mary was no where to be seen. She quickly made her way to the last closed door, and opened it with a key, she came to a hallway with stairs leading down. She was about to go down when she heard the door opening and closing behind her. ; "Where are you going Ib? Didn't we promise to go together? Hm?" Mary asked, holding the palette knife and walking towards Ib.
    Ib backed away towards a wall protecting her head with her arms in front. "Why are you backing away Ib?" Mary said taking a few steps forward, now few meters away from Ib. ; "Ib!!!!" They both heard. Garry ran towards Mary, trying to take her palette knife away. ; "What do you think you are doing to Ib?!" Garry yelled. ; "Ib! Are you okay??" Miranda asked hugging Ib and patting her head. When Mary saw Miranda, she suddenly stopped for a second, before Garry pushed her away from them, Mary hitting the ground and the knife falling down on the ground. ; "Ib! You are not hurt are you??" Garry asked worried. ; "No.. I'm fine.." Ib said smiling a bit. ; " Good. Ib..You see.. Mary isn't a human, she's a work of Guertena too... Like those other paintings who were chasing us back there... But I am glad she didn't do anything to you. Now.. Let's get out of here." Garry said leading Ib out of the room. Miranda followed but stopped next to Mary. She leaned down and gently stroke her hair. ; "Why didn't you tell me..?" She said, then walking after Garry and Ib.
    They walked down the stairs in a dark room, as the scenery around them changed. It looked like.. A child's drawing. Everything looked like a crayon drawing. The sky was black but filled with crayon drawn stars, and the floor had pink lines as a road drawn on them, there were even little houses, a park, a pond, and the art gallery drawn with crayon. Inside the art gallery there were drawings of Mary, Garry, Ib, and Miranda with their roses. All of them smiling, and a little blue doll giving Mary a yellow rose. There was a pink door saying: "LOOK FOR THE TOY BOX. IT'S THE KEY TO ALL" ; "Hm. I guess we will have to find that then.." Garry muttered. They walked forward towards a white house, with a heart on the door. The room in it was white, with a big box in it.
    ; "Is this it?" Miranda asked. ; "I can't see any 'key' here.. Is it really there? I can't see the bottom of this box either.. " Garry said. Ib looked down to the box in the blackness with the two. ; "Do you wanna see?" Mary said appearing behind them, pushing them in the box.
    When Miranda woke up she found herself in a strange room, filled with dolls, mannequins and their heads, and crayon drawings. ; "Where... am I? Ib?? Garry?? " Where are you?!" She yelled. They were no where to be seen. Miranda quickly got up and ran forward. She tried to find one of them, hopefully both of them, but some of the mannequins were blocking the way. "Please move aside! I need to find my friends!" She pleaded. Strangely enough the mannequins DID move. They cleared a way for her. Miranda hesitated but continued running. She saw some blue rose petals on the ground.
    "Garry??" She asked, and she saw her lying unconscious on the floor. "Garry! Please wake up! We have to find Ib!" She pleaded trying to wake him up. ; "Nhg.. Ahg.. My head.." Garry said and sit up. "Huh..? Miranda? Where is Ib?" He asked. ; "I don't know but-" She started. ; "Garry! Miranda!" Ib yelled running to them. ; "Ib! Thank goodness you are okay!" Miranda said hugging her. "And of course you too Garry!" She said giving him a hug too. Garry took a few steps back as Miranda hugged him. "Eh- Uhm- M-Miranda??" He asked, his face turning red.
    ; "....Mom and Dad." Ib said. Both Miranda and Garry immediately turning their heads towards her. Miranda then quickly let go of Garry as she understood what Ib meant. ; "Erm, I- Sorry. Um.. Let's just find the key out okay?" She said blushing as they all walked around searching for a key. They found a small pink plastic key on the ground, but as soon as they picked it up the entire room became darker. ; "Not again.." Garry said. "Ib! Miranda! Watch out for the dolls! and don't let them take your roses!" Garry yelled, as all of the dolls and mannequins moved to their direction. They quickly ran towards, what they assumed was the door, and they found ladders leading up. ; "Ladies first." Garry said gesturing towards the ladders. Ib went first, then Miranda and then Garry. They ended up to the same room, where the toy box had been but this time, there was a hallway leading forward. But it was blocked with rose bushes and thorns. Garry took a lighter, and burned them out of the way.
    The three continued on their way, they ended up to a room with a painting at the end of it. ; "That painting looks familiar.. Let's go." Garry said. They heard footprints behind them. ; "Garry?, Ib? , Miranda? You're all okay!...How did you find this room?" Mary asked. ; "Mary,we-" Miranda started ; "Go away!" Mary said angrily. "Not another step forward! JUST. GO. AWAY NOOOOOOW!!!!" She yelled as red cracks appeared on the floor when she stomped the ground. She took out the palette knife and charged forward towards them. The three ran towards the painting, Garry taking his lighter out. ; "Please May! Stop! We didn't mean to hurt you!" Miranda yelled. ; "Well you did! You all hurt me! Hurt me! Hurt me!!!!" Mary yelled, angrily tears falling down on her cheeks. "I only wanted a family! But you're all going to leave me!!" She yelled. ; "Mary! You can still have a family!" Miranda yelled back to her.
    Mary stopped, and lowered the knife a bit. ; "What did you say? YOU of all people!" Mary pointed at her with the knife. "I waited for you! I waited so long! That you would come to me again! But you never did! I hate you! Hate you! HATE YOU!!" She yelled, more cracks appearing on the floor and walls. ; "Mary.. I... I'm so sorry. You are like a sister to me. I know I used to come and see you. Talk to you. To ALL of the paintings and works. But tell me.. If you really hate me.." She said and brushed her hair out of the way. "Why does your aura seem so sad?" She asked. Mary looked at the ground tears falling down. ; "Since father.. Since father died.. I was so lonely.. You never came back.." She cried. ; "I know Mary.. I'm so sorry. Please. Let go of the knife already. I am right here sister." Miranda said walking towards Mary, then hugging her. "It's all okay Mary.. You're not alone anymore. I'm here with you." She said.
    ; "Yeah... You are here.." Mary said wiping her tears off, hugging Miranda. "You're here with me.. Forever." She said holding the palette knife up high striking it down towards Miranda's back. ; "NO!" Garry yelled, and lighted the painting on fire. There was a scream, and Mary turned into ashes, the knife falling down. Garry hurt his hand when the glass broke around the painting, but Ib gave him a handkerchief, to wipe off the blood.
    Miranda fell on her knees, and stared at the pile of ashes. ".....I'm so sorry..." She said crying. Garry and Ib walked to her, Ib hugging her from behind. ; "It wasn't your fault." Garry said. "Now, come. Let's get out of here. Okay?" He asked reaching out his hand. Miranda grabbed his hand, and the three walked out.
    They went through the pink house, finding a stairway to a much darker looking gallery. It was a perfect replica from the Guertena's art gallery, but it was completely silent. They walked upstairs, in front of the "Fabricated World" Painting. Apparently that was the painting that started it all. The frames disappeared, turning the painting into a portal between their world and Guertena's world. Garry jumped first, helping Miranda to jump and Ib was about to follow when she heard a voice.
    ; "Ib! There you are! How many times have I told you not to run off like that." Her mother said walking up to her. ; "Mom..?" Ib asked. ; "Who is she talking to?" Garry asked. "Come Ib! It's not that scary! We'll help you okay? Jump!" Ib looked back and forth to her mother and to Garry and Miranda. ; "Ib! Please! You want to see your parents again right? Come with us!" Miranda said holding out her hand.
    Ib grabbed Garry's and Miranda's hands and the three jumped to their own world, Ib's "Mother" disappearing into the darkness. As they were crossing between dimensions, Miranda heard a clear familiar, nostalgic voice: ; "Goodbye Miranda. See you again soon." Miranda couldn't help but cry.
    The next thing Miranda saw, was the art gallery, lighted and well. People walking around. Miranda thought there was something important she had to do but she couldn't remember what it was. ; "Excuse me miss?" A voice called behind her. ; "Yes?" She asked turning around facing a tall, purple and black haired man. ; "I'm sorry but.. Is your name perhaps.. Miranda Weiss?" he asked. ; "Yes. Yes it is." She answered. ; "This must be yours then." The man said holding out a photo of Miranda and her family, behind was the text: "To my dear daughter, may your life be forever happy, and full of adventure. G.W. " ; "Oh my gosh! I must have dropped it! I am so sorry you had to waste your time like this...um... .... Garry?" She said taking her hair out of her eye's way seeing Garry's aura, remembering everything.
    ; "How did you...-" Garry said, looking into her eyes. "Miranda! I-I remember!" He said happily suddenly hugging her. ; "Eh- Eep!." Miranda accidentally shrieked. ; "But.. Where is Ib?! I have to give this back to her!...Well.. maybe after I have washed it first." Garry said looking at the bloody handkerchief. As soon as he said that he knew where to look. "I think I know where she might be!" He said taking Miranda's hand once again and dashing to downstairs towards the rose sculpture.
    ; "Ib!!! ", They both yelled when they saw her. Standing there, as if waiting someone. Ib saw them and immediately burst to tears and ran to hug them. ; "I think this belongs to you... Thank you for letting me keep it.. Um.. Could I maybe keep it a bit longer? Until I get it cleaned of course!" Garry said smiling brightly. ; "..Well since your memory isn't the best..." Miranda said, and took off her black ribbon, letting her hair loose, then tying the ribbon around Garry's wrist. "I think this will be enough to remind you to come and meet us again. Right?" Miranda asked smiling too. ; "Heh.. Of course. Because we all WILL meet again!" Garry promised.
    The Promise of a Reunion End.
    (I'm planning on writing all of the possible endings. and the endings only. They will be shorter stories as they start in the middle of the actual one. I hope you enjoyed the story. This is the true end still.)
  9. So I decided to make more Undertale stuff! You know those short comics which end each sentence with "but you didn't?" (Well almost all of them) So That's what I'm going to do!
    Hey Frisk, remember that time, when you called me a monster and I laughed? I thought you'd run away from me, but you didn't.
    Do you remember when you had to fight Toriel? I thought you'd give up, but you didn't.
    Remember when we met Sans and Papyrus? I thought you'd get fed up with their jokes, but you didn't.
    When you fought Undyne, I was scared that you would lose, but you didn't. You went bravely forward, facing every monster, befriending them all, saving every last one of them. You didn't want to hurt anyone. Because you had DETERMINATION.
    Then.. You suddenly changed. I tried to make you understand this new way wouldn't be any good. I thought you'd listen to me... But you didn't.
    When you killed the monsters we once knew, stole everything they had.. I thought it'd make you realize that what you're doing is wrong. I thought you would change. But you didn't.
    You killed Mettaton, and Sans, and you raised your weapon against me. I thought if I fight you... You would give up, but you didn't.
    I thought that we were friends. That we would always be together. But you didn't. You thought I was a monster. A true monster, but you failed to see what you had become.
    I thought.. If I would let you win.. you would spare me. But you didn't.
    When the world reset again, I didn't see you again. You were gone. I hoped that you would come back.
    But you didn't.
  10. The Shadow Girl:

    She was always strange. "Strange", "A freak", "Odd", "Creepy", That's how everyone who ever met her described her. Well at least the one's from her school. She never had many friends, and she was okay with that, she didn't mind.
    Her name was Vivian Thompson, she was pretty much like any normal 17-year old would be, she went to school normally, hanged out with her friends in the afternoon, went home, watched anime...etc. She liked anime, it was interesting perfect opposite from her usual life. What really made her different, were her friends.
    Her first friend was about her age, always wore black, black hoodie, black baggy pants, black hair.. She always followed Vivian where ever she went, always few steps behind her. Most of the people didn't even pay attention to her, that's what really made her mad. She wanted to be noticed. Of course what else would you expect.. She was only a shadow after all. A literal Shadow. Vivian's shadow, hence why she always wore the same clothes as her, looked like her. However she did not sound like her.Vivian called her "Kage". Her voice was always really quiet like someone whispering, or like dry leaves rustling. She and Vivian could have been twins except Kage was completely black and had two small yellow eyes, and a horrible smile, no matter what.
    Vivian's other friend however was nothing like her. She liked him. He always allowed her to hug him when she was feeling down or scared. He was there for her when she first started school, he was there when she had no one else to talk to, he was there when she went to sleep. For he was her teddy bear. Vivian named him Yellow Death, because the teddy bear had painted bloody claws, and "blood" on it's mouth. It had a small nose and two black eyes. It's head was quite big, but for Vivian it was just perfect.
    She always spent time with her friends. She carried Yellow Death to school, and Kage would follow her. However she had bully problem. Three bullies to be exact. About the same age as her. She wasn't really talkative, she usually stayed in the background hoping no one would notice her at all, and would just leave her be. Those bullies, did not do so.
    Instead they decided to make every break time a living hell for her. Sometimes they just found out her hiding spot, and would call her names, "a wuss", "freak", "psycho", you name it they said it. Sometimes they would kick her stomach until she would start crying, usually she fell on the ground hugging Yellow Death tightly wishing the break would end. Sometimes they even threw rocks at her. 
    Once it hit her head so hard, she had to be taken to the school nurse for a checkup. When the nurse asked what happened she would simply answer ;"I fell miss.", "I fell, and I hit my head." She didn't want to hate anyone, she didn't hate the bullies, but the things they did to her and mostly to her friends.
    Once one of the bullies stepped on Kage which made Vivian cry and yell "Stop! You're hurting her!" Which of course provoked the bullies even further, as they would all stomp on her shadow making fun of it.
    That was the day, when Kage got mad. Vivian walked home all beaten up, but thanks to her covering clothing her parents wouldn't even notice the bruises she had, that's why she wore them in the first place, as she did not want to be a burden to her parents. Vivian did not remember when she had first lied to her parents about her wounds, but that had been a long time ago.
    "I don't like them.." Vivian said hugging her knees. ;"You don't like who?" Kage asked coming out from the shadows near by.;"The bullies, I don't like what they're doing, they always hurt me, and you two." Vivian said wiping her tears. ;"..Then why don't you simply "remove" them?" Kage asked smiling. "No bullies, no problems." Kage continued. ;"R-Remove them? How?", Kage's smile grew even more sinister, as she placed her hand on Vivian's shoulder. "You trust me don't you? We're friends, pals, aren't we?" Vivian looked into her eyes. ;"Yea...?", ;"Then leave everything to you good old friend Kage, okay? Khihihi..." She giggled.
    The next day at school, Vivian tried to avoid the bullies by going into the shadows of the schools walls. Because of her black clothing she did fit in well enough, but thanks to Kage it was as if she became one with the shadows. For a moment she felt like she couldn't breath. But seconds later she was just fine, standing in the hallway as usual. She didn't question it. It was what happened at the school yard, that turned her life upside down. She was sitting in the shadows, as usual when her bullies came there laughing and talking. She suddenly heard her own voice saying: ;"Hey! You idiots over there!" She turned to look only to see Kage's two glowing eyes looking back at hers. ;"W-What are you doing? You're making them mad!" Vivian whispered to Kage. ;"Trust me friend... I know what I'm doing..Khihi.." Kage explained. ;"I-If you say so.." Vivian said, lifting her light brown hair from over her right eye. 
    The bullies only saw Vivian standing there hugging her teddy bear. ;"Again with that stupid stuffed animal? What are you, five?!" one of them yelled, the two others laughing at his marvelous joke. ;"Yeah! What Josh said!" One of them yelled. ;"Um.. I.." Vivian started, when suddenly she felt someone grab her right arm twisting it enough for it hurt and let her go off from Yellow Death. ;"Seriously what is up with you bringing this along? It's not alive or anything, you really need help.." Josh said throwing Yellow Death on the ground, near a mud puddle. 
    "In fact.. Why don't we help our classmate guys?!" Josh asked, evil smile appearing on his face. ;"Hey, Yeah! Let's help her "let go of the past!" the other one started. Vivian watched horrified. Josh took out a pocketknife, grabbed Yellow Death from the leg and held it up above the mud puddle. ;"So where shall we start...? The legs? or the arms? Or maybe head?" He asked from his friends. ;"S-Stop! It don't hurt Yellow Death! He hasn't done anything!" Vivian yelled as the third bully twisted her arm more, making her fall on her knees on the ground. ;"What was that freak? I couldn't quite hear- oops!"Josh said insultingly as he let go off YW's leg making it fall in the mud puddle.
    If they could have heard it, They would have heard YW scream, as they stepped on it's back making it's fur all dirty, it's face still in the mud puddle. Vivian was already crying her head on the ground ;"Please.. Stop!!" The bully let go of her and joined the others, seeing how much more it hurt her.
    Kage appeared by her side. ;"Well...? Don't you want to save him? Don't you want to hurt them? They're going to tear him apart limb by limb if you don't do anything.." She whispered in her ear. Vivian lifted her head from the ground, tears still falling, she stood up and turned towards Kage. ;"I want to help him.", "I want to hurt them." She heard Josh yelling:"Let's tear it apart!"
    "I want to KILL them!" Vivian yelled, as a cruel smile appeared on Kage's face. ;"Then let me help you. FRIEND." She said as the near by shadows crawled towards Vivian. Some grabbed her arms and crawled up towards her head, some made walls around her. The bullies turned to look at the scene. ;"W-What the hell is that?!" One of them said and pointed at the small shadow orb around Vivian. The shadows covered her face completely, entering from her mouth, ears and eyes. She couldn't breath, her heart was beating slower and slower, she felt cold, but she wasn't scared, after all she knew she could trust her friends. Then.. She could see only darkness around her.
    The orb disappeared showing Vivian's lifeless body on the ground. The three bullies dropped YW, and were about to ran away, When they felt something grabbing their legs. ;"Where are you going friends? Weren't you supposed to help me let go of the past?" Vivian said getting up from the ground slowly, she turned towards them, her face was completely pale, covered with black veins, her eyes were completely black except they had green glowing circle in the middle. She was smiling to them.
    The bullies looked down and they saw nothing but black. Vivian lifted her hand making the shadows grow enough for them to hold the bullies from their waist. "Now.. You were saying something about tearing off my poor little YW's legs and arms?" She started as she picked her teddy bear up. "I kinda like that plan. But let's change it a bit. How about I tear off YOUR legs and arms? How does that sound?" She said smiling as she summoned a knife from the shadows, or rather the knife became part of her right arm. She stared at Josh and asked: "Hey.. Have you ever killed?" Josh stared at her horrified.;"You're crazy!" Vivian's smile faded as she stabbed Josh on his left leg. ;"That's not an answer Joshie~" She said. ;"NO I have not killed!!!" Josh yelled. A smile reappeared on Vivian's face. ;"You're lying." She said calmly. "I saw everything. I still see everything. You can not lie to me Joshie~. How about that little bird on the third grade? Hm? You left it to die. Even though you could have helped it." She said.
    ;"We weren't even in the same school back then! How would you know that?!" Josh yelled. ;"Kage told me." Vivian said looking at Josh a bit confused. "She also told me.. About that little car accident of yours, and your friends. But don't worry. We won't tell. Right Kage? Yellow Death?" The three bullies cried out loud when they saw Kage appearing from Vivian's shadow, Yellow Death on the other hand now had a smile on it's face.
    "But we're not going to be unfair. I'll give you 10 seconds. Then I'll come and find you three okay?" Vivian said smiling innocently. The shadows let go of the three as, they tried to run away stumbling. "1...2.... ...10. Lights Out!" She yelled as she waved her hands signaling the shadows to fly towards the bullies as they grabbed them holding them still, as Vivian held knife up high before bringing it down neatly cutting through their arms and legs, watching them bleed to death.
    " Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb... Mary had a little lamb but then the poor thing died~, Where ever little Mary went, Mary went, Mary went, Where ever little Mary went she dragged the body too~, Mary went to school one day, school one day, school one day, Mary went to school one day and everybody died~." Vivian sang as she made the shadows eat what was left from the bodies. There were even no blood trails left after the shadows did their jobs. Vivian grabbed Kage's hand. "We can't return home anymore... Can we?" She asked. ;"No we can not.." Kage answered. ;"You know what..?" Vivian asked her holding her head down. ;"What?" Kage asked turning to her. ;"Mary definitely HAD a little lamb.." Vivian said before starting to laugh "Khihihi.." She laughed. 
    Two days later the police had put up four missing signs all over the town, No one knew what had happened. No bodies were found, No traces of them. Vivian sat under a big tree hugging her knees and YW, Kage right next to him. "So, what do we do now?" Vivian asked Kage, turning her head, as the shadows playfully danced around her. ; "I think I know a place we can stay.. There's an old friend I'd like for you to meet." Kage said smiling, as the three then headed to the forest, as the darkness followed them, making them disappear from sight.
    To you dear reader a few questions and advice's:
    "Have you ever killed?", "Have you ever seen an odd figure at the corner of your eye, just before your light starts twitching?" If so, do not call her name, if you do you will be forced to tell the truth, if you lie you will die. Pray for mercy, or prepare for the worst, or you might just be like Mary's little lamb.
  11. Prologue

    The first time came to the Beacon Mental Hospital, I had just lost my aunt and uncle. I was about 17-years old at the time. The doctors didn't quite understand why the police brought me there, until they showed the reports of my interrogation. They thought there was something wrong with me, just because I did not cry when I saw the dead bodies of my aunt and uncle. They also suspected I was the one who pulled the trigger.
    In reality my uncle was the one to put the gun on his temple and shoot himself, right after beating my aunt to death. I just assisted him a bit.
    I knew I wasn't really "normal". Ever since I was 7-years old I knew how to move objects without touching them, or break windows and other stuff just by looking at them. I could have even started a fire if I was able to concentrate enough. I only trained my powers when others were sleeping, that way no one noticed a thing, or so I thought.
    When my parents died in a car accident when I was little, I ended up to my aunt's house. She was nice to me, and treated me well.. Unfortunately my uncle didn't. He loved to drink, and whenever someone disagreed with him, he'd beat them up. No exceptions. So of course, being a stupid kid I was I just had to argue with him. He never used his fists to beat me up though, he'd much rather use the belt buckle for that.
    My aunt tried to help me, only to get beaten up by him.
    She was scared, I understand that, but she let him beat me up as many times as he wanted. That.. I could not forgive. So when he finally one night snapped, and beat my aunt to death, I stood there. I didn't do anything, I just stared at the scene quietly. After he was done, he took out a gun and pointed it at me. I stared at the gun. I wasn't scared, I wasn't even surprised. I actually waited this day to come. I only wished it would have come sooner. So I concentrated. More than ever. I looked at the gun in his hand, I managed to control it. So I moved my hand towards my head, He did the same. I pointed at my fingers at my temple as if I was holding the gun, and he followed. He tried to speak, but he was too horrified and confused of what was happening. So then I pretended to hold the gun, and pull the trigger.
    There was a loud "bang" sound and his body fell on the ground. I walked up to my aunt and stared at her for a few minutes before calling an ambulance. I didn't know why I did that, she was clearly dead, I just felt like I should do it.
    When the paramedics came in they saw them lying on the ground, and me, sitting quietly in the corner hugging my knees. I didn't feel sorry at all. I always hated my uncle, and I hated my aunt for leaving me with him. She'd either look the other way or pretend I didn't exist.
    The paramedics also called the police, naturally. They asked me questions and I answered.
    The next thing I knew was that I was being taken to a mental hospital. I didn't really care. Anywhere was better, and I had no relatives to live with anyway.
    I was forced to go see the psychiatrist daily. I didn't like him. Always the same questions over and over again: "How do you feel about your aunts death?", "Why would your uncle do something like that?", "Was he always violent?", "Do you think it was because he had a drinking problem?" I never answered to him. I crossed my arms and sit there until the time was up.
    I had to share a room with another patient called Emily. I never remembered her last name it started with a W.. "Watson? Weston? Washington...? No, no that wasn't it..." We always stayed on our own side of the room. She was constantly mumbling something and REALLY paranoid. She always had to wear a straight jacket, otherwise she would've attacked the nurse, who always brought our medicine.
    I didn't trust the nurse either, that was pretty much the only thing me and Emily seemed to agree on. The nurse didn't like me either, mostly because I never ate the medicine she brought me, I either hid it under my tongue or "accidentally" flushed it down the toilet. They had to hire new a new nurse every time the former one got tired of me. I didn't mind. At least I got to keep my usual clothes instead of the ones in the hospital.
    If they ever tried to force me to wear the hospital's clothes, I usually got pretty aggressive. Once I almost bit someone's ear off. So they decided, it wasn't worth it. What can I say? I just love my own hoodie, and sweat pants.
    Whenever I wasn't a prisoner in my own room, I'd either draw or practice my skills. I learned how to see few minutes to the future, via quick flashes in my head. I knew when the nurse would come to take me to see "Mr.Shrink McCreepy", or when it was time for Emily to "cool off". It was useful. It gave me some time to prepare for that.
    Now I liked Emily, she didn't ask much questions, she stayed on her side and didn't try anything stupid, like attack me at night, or try to take away the necklace my mother gave me as a birthday present when I was 5-years old. It was a small stone ring, but to me it was a treasure.
    There was one exception, one person who I could trust. She was also a nurse hired after the three first ones quit. I thought she'd be like others, forcing me to take the medicine, but surprisingly, she didn't. She actually wanted to hear my story. She came to talk to me, and asked how I got there, so I explained. I asked: "are you afraid of me now?" Instead of showing any signs of disgust, she hugged me. I don't know why, but for some reason I started crying, like the day when my parents died. I hadn't cried after that. She told me that "everything would be okay", that I "would sooner or later get out and be able to live a normal life." I don't understand why, but I believed her... Before she came to work at the hospital, none of the workers had ever shown any compassion to me, well not like that at least. Besides I usually knew what they thought anyway. But her thoughts were sincere. She actually said "you matter", unlike the others, who clearly hated me and I them. But that was okay. If I even had one friend, one person on my side, I would be able to go through this hell.
  12. Okay so this story might be a bit confusing.. It is meant to be that way. A LOT of things are left for the readers interpretation.. This has some horror elements too.
    Welcome to Nightmares

    As I was walking in the dark hallways of the basement floor, I could hear it following me. Step by step. I walked faster than it. It was more like slouching than walking behind me. It always carried a knife. It didn't really speak to me. It made some odd sounds and moans, as if it was suffering from something... From what it was I did not know. I couldn't remember how I ended up here. I couldn't quite remember my name either. I didn't know if I was alive or dead, but to me, it didn't matter anymore. None of this town's people were exactly normal, So I'd fit in just fine.
    I never really liked when those things appeared though. They never really do anything, but they were disturbing, especially when they followed me. I knew they couldn't hurt me, and I wouldn't hurt them unless they tried something. Only one of them sometimes attacked. Not that I cared. He never really hurt me. I also hated the cult this town had been hiding for years. That's why I decided I'd have to meet her. She would know what to do to this. Maybe then all this suffering would finally stop. I saw two big door in front of me. I pushed them open and entered a room full of light. I walked towards the hospital bed. It was surrounded with white curtains. Inside laid a girl. Badly burned. She couldn't speak anymore. She stared at me with her red bloodshot eyes. She tried to reach her hand towards mine. Her skin was entirely black with small little wounds all over. Only few could tell she was still living human being. I placed my palm against hers and said: "Don't worry. You will have your revenge upon those who hurt you. None of them will live."
    She looked at me with relief. For the first time in many years she smiled. I smiled too before my expression turned into a frown. She was here. 
    I turned to face a little girl. She looked like a 10-year old. She was wearing a torn school uniform consisted of a grey long skirt, purple sweater, white shirt and a small black ribbon. Her black hair was covering her face. 
    "Hello Alessa.. What do you want this time? Play hide and seek?" I said sarcastically which she knew far too well. I wasn't sure how many years had passed from our first meeting, but it seemed like a life time to me.
    "The mother and the child have arrived. The last day is near." She said. I rolled my eyes. "We're already in our own personal hell. How could this "Beautiful dream land" be destroyed by two people?" I asked crossing my arms.
    "Because.. They are special.. The child belongs to her." Alessa said pointing at the burned girl. 
    "They might be our only way in. We might be able to destroy the cult...What do you say.. "Original?" I said looking back at the burned girl who smiled to me in return. "So that's a yes.. Well guess I'm going to go play Witches and Curses with them again" I said stretching my arms up high. 
    "Be ready with the kid Alessa." I said as I turned to look back at her for the one last time. She simply nodded smiling evilly as she always did. It was like her trademark. I walked through the doors again, back to the darkness. They were all gathered around this time. Not moving an inch. All packed up in one place, In the middle of the hallway. I sighed as I tried to get past them. They were all wearing nurse outfits, and their heads were covered in bloodstained bandages. They all had knifes, blades, or whatever sharp they managed to find.
    I was half way through when one of them went mad. It started slashing it's knife around trying to hit the others. I quickly jumped and rolled out of the way just as the knife was stabbed through one of the nurses foot who was standing next to me. 
    "God I hate those things.." I said as I got up and continued walking. Eventually I found the old elevator, it was covered in rust and the safety net was already broken. "Gee... How I feel safe." I said taking a deep breath before walking in the elevator and pressing the button to the first floor.
    I got out of the elevator and out from the old broken house. I walked in the streets. It was so quiet. The ashes were falling down like snowflakes. If anyone would stay here longer than two hours they would've died of poisoning. The gas, smoke and the ashes were making sure of that. I didn't really care for it. I tried avoiding the cracks on the ground, since the gas could sometimes shoot out from them, not that it could hurt me but I didn't want to risk anything. I hadn't really got the time to memorize all the rules of this town.
    Although I can't remember what it was that got me in here, I kind of liked the place. It was quiet little town, filled with monsters, and although I always had certain emptiness and anger in my heart, It was a place I could call "home". Yes. This little dead town. Of Silent Hill.

    [Somewhere I Belong]
    a taxicab came to a stop near an apartment building. and, as the doors opened..Two Mobian of eighteen years stepped out. One a Squirrel/Chipmunk hybrid dressed in blue, and, a yellow furred Mongoose with long, lavender hair. as the anthros stared at the "Iron Arms" Apartment Complex, the human taxi driver spoke up. "That'll be Fifty Bucks, ladies." Sally Acord took out her wallet, and gave the man a gold credit card. DING! "Pleasure doin' business with you, Miss." said the driver, as he handed the card back and drove off. Sally and Mina stared at the apartment building one more time. "are you..s-Sure she is here?!" stuttered Mina. Sally nodded. "Positive. My contacts on G.U.N. confirm that NICOLE has been living here for quite some time." Sally turned on a Tablet Computer-like device, and reviewed some notes. "let's see, Westopolis..Iron Arms Apartments..Suite 184." Mina frowned sadly. "I knew NICOLE wanted to go someplace far after her exile..but, I didn't think she'd run THIS far away from us." Sally sighed sharply. "Nor did I, Mina. I can only hope she's been adapting okay living with the Overlanders." Sally and Mina finally approached the apartment building, and entered the main lobby. approaching the reception desk, Sally struggled to reach the high up counter and ring the service bell. DING!! In no time at all, and rather chipper human woman with blonde hair approached. "helloooo..How may I help you??" "Hi. I am Princess Sally Acorn, and this is my friend, Mina Mongoose." began Sally. Mina waved. "h-hi." "We were wondering if you could confirm whether we cam find an old friend of ours here." continued Sally. the woman smiled. "Oh, you must be referring to the Lynx Girl who lives with Mr. Flynn." "NICOLE!?" said Sally, hopefully. "yep!, that's her name! You'll find her in Room #184. But, you probably won't miss It, even if you tried." Sally looked puzzled. "I am not sure I follow-" "Trust me, your highness..YOU'LL KNOW." the Chipmunk shrugged her shoulders. "well..If you say so. Come on, Mina." the two mobians made their way down the long corridors of the building. each of their eyes trained on the numbered doors at both side. "98..99..100." "120..125..130." As they walked down the path, they heard a distance female voice. Even at their current distance, Sally recognized It all to well. "NICOLE!!" Sally began running (as did Mina) towards the source of the voice. as they grew closer, they found that It was INDEED NICOLE's voice..and, that she was singing. 'When this Began, I had nothing. to. say.  And I would get lost in the nothingness inside. of. me.  I was confused, And I let it all out to find,  that I'm Not the only person with these things in my mind.' "Is that..REALLY NICOLE!?" said Sally, as she continued to run. "WOW..she-She has a beautiful singing voice." 'But the vacancy, and the words revealed.  Is the only real thing that I have left to feel.' continued NICOLE, he tone getting more solem. 'nothing to lose. Just stuck, hollow and alone.  And the fault is my own, And the FAULT is my OWN!!' Mina felt her heart sink. tears formed as she realized the true meaning of NICOLE's song. 'I want to HEAL!, I want to FEEL!..What I see was never real!  I want to let go of this pain I have felt so long..  I want to HEAL!, I want to FEEL!..Like I'm close to something REAL.  I want to find something that I have wanted all along..' the two Mobians at last reached the door labeled "184", and stopped at It. 
    'Somewhere I BELONG.' finished Nicole, her tone low and quiet. Mina couldn't contain herself. she began to cry softly as she stared at the cold door. "mina.." "this is all my fault." said Mina. "I turned everyone against NICOLE, and drove her away." Sally placed her hand on Mina's shoulder. "you were AFRAID, Mina..You were just doing what you thought was right." "Right!? I spread Fear, hatred and distrust. I betrayed our friend by turning everyone against her!" "Well..That is why we are here: To make things right." said Sally Sally motioned towards the door, implying Mina to knock on the door. BUT, the Mongoose didn't have the nerve. exhaling, Sally began to knock on the door herself. after a few minutes, the door opened..and, a human male with greenish-black hair greeted them. (though, It didn't take long to figure out who they were..to which he promptly frowned.) "oh..It's YOU. (sigh) figured you would turn up here eventually." "You must be Flynn." said Sally, ignoring the man's coldness. "Daniel Flynn, Your Highness." said Danny, suddenly good natured. Mina walked up. "H, Dann-" "That's MISTER Flynn to YOU, "Songgoose." said Danny to Mina, his tone suddenly aggressive. Mina cringed, knowing full well know that only Sally was welcome company here. "May we see NICOLE? w-we heard her, an-" "Sure..Somehow, I think she wants to see you, too." As Sally and Mina entered the apartment, Mina cringed even more at the dirty look that Danny was giving her. Inside, Sally and Mina found the apartment to be filled to the brim with all manner of technology. a large flatscreen TV was integrated into a wall (almost resembling a portrait), and, there was also a flatscreen desktop computer, as well as a laptop some tablet computers nearby. "WOW. this is..Wow." said Sally, awestruck. "Well, you know..being Chief Technician at G.U.N. has It's perks." said Danny, proudly. Mina looked to Danny. "So, where Is NICOLE??" Danny responded with a dark scowled..which made Mina grow quiet. "Danny, where is NICOLE?" asked Sally (trying to lighten the tension.) "In her room..RESTING." Sally was confused. "Resting?!" "You'll find out." Just then, one of the television screens on the wall fizzled..and, a digital image of NICOLE's face appeared. (("DANNY. WHO WAS AT THE DOOR?!, I HEARD A-")) NICOLE then noticed Sally and Mina. (("PRINCESS SALLY!, MINA MONGOOSE!..WHAT A SURPRISE!!")) "Hello, NICOLE..(eyes wetting) It's been too long, my dear friend." said Sally, feeling emotional. Mina wanted to say something as well..but, felt too ashamed to utter a single word. "Is It Okay if we come and see you?" (("OF COURSE, SALLY. IN FACT, I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU.")) "Really?! What!?" said Sally, curious. (("COME SEE FOR YOURSELF.")) with that, NICOLE's Avatar disappeared from screen. Danny crossed his arms, and sighed as he looked at the two Mobian girls. "well..Follow ME, then." as Danny walked off, Mina stood near Sally. "I don't think he likes me very much." "given that he is apparently NICOLE's friend, It makes sense he would hold a grudge against you..just like I used to." Mina looked down, sadly. "and, who can blame him?" Sally and Mina finally followed Danny into another room. Alex then opened a door..and, inside was NICOLE, laying in a large, soft bed. NICOLE looked over..and, smiled. "Sally..Mina. So good to see both again." said NICOLE, as she sat up in bed. Mina once again looked down, feeling shame and regret sweeping over her. Sally then approached the bed where NICOLE was laying. "oh, NICOLE..I missed you so much!" NICOLE smiled warmly. "I missed you too, Sally. but, as I told you on Angel Island: I needed some time to myself to figure out my place in this world.." NICOLE then frowned, looking down. "but..given that the Council of Acorn voted to Exile me from New Mobotropolis. I suppose It was for the best." both Sally and Mina frowned at this. Sally then looked at NICOLE. "NICOLE..We want you back." NICOLE looked at Sally. "what?" "The recently crowned "King Naugus" hasn't been doing a very good job  at protecting New Mobotropolis with his 'Crystal Magic.'  The council is deliberating..BUT, It seems likely they will overturn your exile, and arrange your return to us." Before NICOLE could say anything, Danny did. "The COUNCIL of Acorn..You mean the SAME council who voted to throw away the one "PERSON" who helped fight for their freedom in the old Robotnik War,  and, instrumentally saved all their ungrateful, furry hides when the Egg Fleet bombarded Knothole!?,  thus granting them back the city that Eggman all but destroyed, and selflessly PROTECTED them!" NICOLE looked at the angry Human. "Danny, PLEASE.." "NO, Nicole..I WON'T." said Danny, sternly..yet, Compassionately "You gave It your all to protect those..   (alright, I'm gonna say It) ANIMALS! and, now they have the GALL to say that they "want you back",    all because they only just NOW realized that they 'bet on the wrong horse' with Ixis Naugus." Sally swallowed a bit. "n-nothing is certain yet..b-but, It may turn out that way." Danny was in total disgust at this. "spineless fools." "DANNY." Danny looked to NICOLE..who looked at him with stern, yet pleading eyes. "please..don't." Danny looked at her..then, exhaled sharply. "fine." NICOLE "exhaled" as she faced Sally again. "As much as I would love to return back to New Mobotropolis, Sally..I am afraid I must respectfully decline such an offer." Both Sally and Mina were stunned at this. "wa-What?!, WHY!?" Mina stepped up. "Look, If It's because me, I'm really-!!" "No, I just have.."Greater" responsibilities now." Sally looked puzzled. "what KIND, exactly? What is more important than returning to safeguard our city!?" NICOLE was silent..then, looked to Danny. "Danny..dear, could you-" "of course, hon." with that, Danny walked over to the bed. as he gripped the front end of the blanket, and gently pulled It back..Sally and Mina were shocked to see how perfectly 'round' NICOLE's waist had become. "I am presently the maternal vessel of a post-embryonic lifeform." began NICOLE. "OR, to put simply..I am Pregnant." Sally and Mina were both still speechless, their mouths gaped open. as Danny covered NICOLE back up, Sally finally found her voice. "b-but..But, HOW!? I mean..y-you are a..UHH-" "a Computer Program given semi-physical form via A.D.A.M.'s Nanites?" finished NICOLE. "I WAS, but not anymore." "what?!" Danny chose this time to speak. "When Nicole first came to G.U.N. several months ago. she was quite lost, scared and confused.  despite being as far away as she could get from Mobotropolis,   she STILL felt haunted by the "things they said about her." said Danny, who looked right at Mina as she spoke his last line. "She was afraid that with her self-replicating nanite body, she was "too powerful"  and, feared that she might lose control again, and hurt innocent people. continued Danny. "So..she requested that GUN give her a new body. one that was 'less powerful', and easier to 'destroy' if we ever had to." Mina felt terrible now. knowing full well the hand she had in this relevation. Sally looked at Danny, feeling that she (somewhat) understood what had happened. "you?" Danny nodded. "As GUN's "gadget man", I was the only logical choice." "That still doesn't explain NICOLE's apparent pregnancy." said Sally "Even if you built her a new robot body, She couldn't be-" "She could with Hope Kintobor's newest creation: "BioMech." Sally eyed the human. "Bio-What??" "Biological Mechanics." continued Danny. "AKA "BioMech", It's the theory   of constructing robots, or Mechanical Parts with organic properties." "Why would you need something like THAT!?" asked Sally. "No offense of course, I am just wondering." "If you believe It, Hope originally developped It to help E-123 "OMEGA" understand humanity better."   Danny then grumbled. "course, the higher ups didn't see much point in a Robot   that could feel Pain and Pleasure, so It was shelved in our Archives." Danny exchaled. "Anyway..after NICOLE informed us of her "rebirth" from her prior contact with the Master Emerald on Angel Island, I was inspired to use Hope's BioMech technology to give Nicole a new body that was a perfect blend of Flesh and Metal." NICOLE groaned as she re-positioned herself in bed. "I have the same attributes that I did prior as an A.I..only NOW, I have similar biology to a typical Mobian." NICOLE then rubbed her expanded belly. "including the natural biological ability..to create life." Sally looked at NICOLE..then, smiled happily. "I guess all I can say is..I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU, NICOLE!!" Sally then hugged her lifelong friend. "As am I, Sally..I am VERY excited at the prospect of being a Motherly Unit for my protoform." Sally chuckled at NICOLE's "Computer Speak", despite her regaining her lost humanity. she then parted, and asked the only other question now lingering in her mind: "Sooo..I Gotta know: Whose the father?!" NICOLE smiled warmly. "a man who I trust with all my mechanical heart and silicon soul..  a man who truly understands me." NICOLE then pointed at Danny. "Him." Sally looked at the overlander. "You!?" "Is that so surprising?, I thought you didn't mind Human/Mobian relationships." "I don't. It's just..well. th-This is all so sudden, is all." Danny shrugged. "Fine. I guess that's understandable." Sally looked to NICOLE. "If you don't mind me asking, Nicole. just..How did this happen?! I mean..You haven't been away THAT long." Nicole smiled, the spoke: "It was a.."gradual process", to say the least.  As Danny gave me my new body, he was charged by Comm. Abraham Tower to help me "adjust."  which Danny did..by showing me around Westopolis, and being something that I hadn't had in a long time: a friend." NICOLE looked to Danny. "Danny, should I-" "Go ahead, Nikki. You can tell them." said Danny, his tone low. Sally was puzzled at this, but remained silent as NICOLE continued. "As our friendship grew..my restored memories of my "past life" as Nikki began to return.  I..I remembered my father, Dr. Ellidy, and..I-I wanted to see him again." NICOLE shed a tear as she recalled the "adventure." "Following what little information that we had,  Danny secretly took me to locate my father's whereabouts in the far off mountains..  but, we encountered..resistance." "From whom??" NICOLE looked to Sally. "Regina Ferrum..the IRON QUEEN." Mina jumped upon hearing that name. as It was SHE who caused all this trouble. "And, she wasn't alone..Snively Robotnik was with her.  BOTH intending to take their mutual revenge on me for the Iron Queen's prior defeat." "Why was Snively involved?!" said Mina, breaking her silence. "I mean..I understand he would be P*ssed at us for beating him, and Eggman again, but WHY the Iron Queen!!?" "because the sawed off little runt is IN LOVE with her, That's what! (and, somehow Regina feels the same way, too.)" said Danny, in Disgust. Both Mina and Sally cringed at this. Finding the very idea of Snively and the Iron Queen being "romantic" even more disturbing than Dr. Eggman in a speedo. "yes, well..As I was saying, The Iron Queen was hellbent on killing me." said Nicole. Sally was shocked and frightened to hear this. "h-How did you survive her Magitek Powers!?" Nicole bore an unreadable expression on her face. "My new body offered some resistance..but, not enough.  she came close to ripping me apart. One component at a time." "But, Danny stopped him..Right?" said Sally, understanding the story. NICOLE nodded "Yes. yes, he did." "How?!" said Mina, confused. "Even when she acted alone WITHOUT Eggman's "Dark Egg Legion",   It was a struggle for Sonic, and the other Freedom Fighters to even slow her down!" "Regina Ferrum made a colossal error in calculation." said NICOLE. "She believed that she was the only Technokinetic Human left alive on Mobius." Danny chose this moment to wave an energized hand..making varied electronic equipment in the room flicker and static for a brief moment. This left Sally and Mina quite stunned. "Regina and I grew up in the same town, at a time when "Techomages" were plentiful. That is how I knew her." began Danny. "When the city outlawed the practice of "Technological Manipulation",  and began executed those possessing the power, many survivors fled..including Regina, and myself.  Despite a similar upbringing, and suffering the same tragedies..we both took different paths in our lives.  whilst SHE embraced the pagan ways of the Technomage Cult, I used my power for SCIENCE, not Black Magic.  G.U.N. eventually learned of my unique talents..but, instead of executing me  like those of my old hometown did, they sought to recruit me as a "special agent."  I could hardly deny the chance to use my "Magitek" powers to do something good..unlike REGINA." "Anyway, the Iron Queen was not ready to be assaulted by a fellow Technokinetic." continued NICOLE. "Outmatched, and Overwhelmed, she and Snively were forced to abandon their attack and retreat." Sally looked at Danny. "Sure wish you were around when the Iron Dominion attacked us." "So do I." said Danny, darkly. "Maybe if I DID, Regina would've never gotten her claws into NICOLE, and maybe SHE would have never suffered the things I once did." Sally looked puzzled. "You once-" "FEAR and HATRED compelled the people of my hometown to turn on me." said Danny,   his voice sounding all too much like a certain "black hedgehog."   "As Friends and Neighbors alike turned on me, I was driven away from the only home I knew..Sound FAMILIAR?!" Both Sally and Mina had to agree: Danny's ordeal DID seem eerly similar to what NICOLE went through, recently. "With the Iron Queen driven away, I was successful in reaching my father..   (sighs sadly) just in time to be with him in his final moments." "whut?!" said Sally, stunned. NICOLE shivered as emotions swept over her like a surge. "my f-father, he..he was VERY ill. Dying from the same affliction that claimed "my life", before.  we..reconciled. I told him I remembered everything, now..and, he-   (voice breaking) he t-told me that he loved me..(sobs, choke) and, then he died." As NICOLE began to cry louder, Danny took a tissue and began to wipe her eyes. "there-there, Nikki..It's okay." NICOLE gripped her facem, tears seeping through her black furred hands. Sally and Mina grew concerned. "N-Nicole-" "I'm f-fine..(clears throat) j-just fine. I was..Emotional, is all." Sally exhaled sharply. "So..you and Danny, yo-" "We became closer after my father's death." continued NICOLE. "He soon began to open up to me, share HIS private pains..  It wasn't long until we..well, you know." Nicole showed her pregnant belly again. Sally smiled warmly at NICOLE. "I'm glad you've finally found happiness, NICOLE." NICOLE smiled back..but, then frowned. "yes..I am happy to have found love, and excited at the prospect of being a mother.  but..not everything is perfect. I wish my father was still alive..and, I do miss my old life in New Mobotropolis." "Then, come back with us! We NEED you!!" exclaimed Mina. Danny finally stepped up, and faced the Mongoose. "Nicole ISN'T. GOING. ANYWHERE!" "but-" "You heard me, SONGGOOSE. NICOLE isn't about to go back to being some "Sentinel Program."  she is a now a LIVING, THINKING Mobian Being. You may need her to cover all your asses,   but she DOESN'T need you mistreating and BETRAYING her again!!" Mina froze in fear as the Overlander towers over her..his eyes somehow bearing a striking resemblance to the Iron Queen. "Danny, STOP!" exclaimed NICOLE. "NO!, Nicole!! This HAS to be said. While I don't regret allowed Princess Sally in here,  I should NEVER have let this backstabbing, hate-mongering MONGOOSE into our home!" Mina looked down sadly. "yes..Yes, It's true. I turned everyone against NICOLE..(looks up at Danny) but, That was NEVER my intent, EVER!!" Danny looked down at Mina coldly. "Oh, no?" At that moment, Danny's eyes flashed white..and, a familiar muscical track began playing in surround sound. 'I LIE AWAKE IN MY BED..JUSt CAN'T SLEEP, FULL OF DREAD.' Mina widened her eyes in horror as she heard her own voice "no..No, stop. STOPPIT!!" 'WILL THE NIGHTMARES COME FOR ME THIIIIIIIS TIME!?  IN THE DAY, IN THE NIGHT, NEVER KNOWING, FULL OF FRIGHT!  WHY WON'T ANYONE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTEN!!?' "PLEASE!!" pleaded Mina. "Turn It off..(shouting) TURN THAT Poop OFF!!!" "NO!!" bellowed Danny, his eyes surging with Magitek energy. "You WILL listen to EVERY word..and, Understand what You've done." Mina fell to her knees as her horrible song continued to play. tears flowing down her cheeks as her guilt and self-loathing returned anew. 'I CAN'T ALWAYS BE JUMPING AT SHAAAAAAAAAADOWS!!  I CAN'T ALWAYS BE RUNNING AWAAAAAAAAY!!!  I WON'T BE AFRAID, I'LL SAVE MYSELF!  I WON'T BE AFRAID, I'LL SAVE MYSELF!!' "DANNY, STOP THIS! THIS IS CRUEL!!" exclaimed Sally "Anymore cruel than when Mina made Nicole CRY, and made everyone HATE her with her Siren Song!?" said Danny, bitterly. 'SHE'S EVERYWHERE!, EVERYTHING!!  BUT, HEROES AREN'T LISTENING!!  WE'RE ALL LEFT PRONE, UNPROTEEEEECTED!!  IT'S PAINFULLY OB-VI-OUS THEY WON'T ACT!!  IT'S UP TO US!!, WE WON'T LIVE IN FEAR OF THE CIIIIIIIIIITY!!!' Mina's eyes were wide open as her tears flowed freely. though an old song, she felt she was hearing It for the very first time.. and, It was torture. for, It became all too clear just what kind of "evil" had had done to her friend. "stop it..PLEASE!!, NO MORE!, I BEG OF YOU!! (screaming) NO MOOOOOOOOOORE!!!" While Danny had no intention in halting Mina's "punishment" he glanced at NICOLE..and, seeing that pained look her eyes..finally stopped. once the music finally stopped, Mina breathed heavily. she looked up at Danny..who towered over the Mongoose, staring down at her like a Mobini snake looks at a mouse before striking. Mina herself was on her hands and knees..as if she were "slave" to this Overlander. "So, what exactly WAS your intent, Mongoose!?" said Danny, demanding an answer. Mina slowly rose up to her knees, still in tears. "I..I was only trying to..s-send a message." "Well, you CERTAINLY did that: "Nicole is the Enemy." "NO!!" exclaimed Mina, rising up to her feet. "I was trying to RALLY everyone, EMPOWER them to stand up and FIGHT!" "And, they did..AGAINST NICOLE. She gave you ALL a home, and you "rewarded" her by robbing her of her OWN." Danny's words stung at Mina like a thousand wasp stings. for, though dripping with Icy Venom, they spoke the truth. "and, NOW, you say you "Need Her Back!?" continued Danny, his anger not letting up. "and, just WHAT will happen when you no longer "need her", HUH!? I suppose you will return her back   to her original "handheld computer" form, and seal her away in a lab, somewhere." "NO!, We would never-!" "I know YOU wouldn't, Sally..but, can you honestly say the same for your Council?!..or KING NAUGUS!!?" Sally wanted to protest..but, could find no compelling argument. Danny then glared at Mina again. "I will NOT let you BETRAY, and ABUSE Nicole again. She is staying HERE where she is SAFE, has a HOME..and, friends who are LOYAL." Sally looked to NICOLE. "Nicole..do you agree with Danny?" Nicole looked at Sally, then to Mina..Danny, and finally back to Sally, again. "I am sorry, Sally. As much as I miss New Mobotropolis, AND you and the Freedom Fighters..Danny speaks the truth.  You all may need me today..but, what of tomorrow? and, then there is my unborn child to consider.   If I am betrayed, and sealed away forever..what will become of my child, then?!" Sally paused, realizing the true danger now in bringing NICOLE back at such a delicate time. "The world ALREADY has mixed feelings about Human and Mobian Hybrids.." began Danny. "But, Nicole's will also be PART MACHINE, and will suffer a far worse fate   than the normal Hybrid children who have been appearing lately." Sally thought for a moment..THEN, her ears perked up as she got an idea. "What if we managed to have Nicole restored with NO STRINGS ATTACHED?!  what if we could guarantee the safety of not just Nicole..but, your child as well!?" Danny smirked as he crossed his arms. "If you managed to do THAT, I would be VERY impressed." "Then, I will. I PROMISE I will!" "You'll pardon me if I don't hold my breath. I know for a fact that Fear and Hatred   can be a powerful force..and, one not as easy to destroy as It is to create." Sally bore a stern expression. "We have to at LEAST try. You are right, Nicole gave her ALL for us when we needed her to..It's time we gave something BACK." "Darn STRAIGHT!" said Danny, in an equally stern tone. Sally then exhaled..then, walked back to NICOLE. "Nicole..just hang in there. I'll set things right." Nicole smiled. "Yes..I know you will." Sally hugged Nicole..then, turned and began to leave the room. Mina then approached Nicole, her body trembling. "n-n-Nicole..I am SO SORRY!, I-I didn't mean for..I didn't-" NICOLE just bore a sad look on her face..which only broke Mina even more. "nicole..I'm sorry. Please forgive me." NICOLE exhaled sharply. "I..f-forgive you, Mina. I'm just..not sure if I can trust you right now." Mina's heart ached at this. and, yet, deep down..she knew she deserved It. after what she did to NICOLE, she had no right to call herself "her friend." Mina quickly turned to Danny. "Isn't there ANYTHING I can do to make things right!?" "UNDO the damage that you've already done." replied Danny, in a demanding tone. "You started this with your music..so, use your music to end it once and for all." Danny then lowered down, and glared right into Mina's eyes. "and, don't you DARE return to this place until you do.  If you defy me..I will have you ARRESTED!, and I don't think an Anthro like YOU wants to spend a day in a Human prison. UNDERSTAND?!" Mina swallowed hard..then, nodded silently. "y-yes. I-I-I do." Minia finally walked away, and soon left the apartment with Sally. Once gone, Danny exhaled sharply. "I know what you are going to say..  and, I suppose you are right: I may have gone a bit too far replaying that song." "oh, Danny..I know you only wish to protect me." began Nicole, her tone calm. "but, sometimes..your OWN Fear and Anger can cloud your judgement as It did to the ones who hurt me in the first place." the human sighed sharply as he returned to his pregnant girlfriend's side. "I'm sorry, hon. I'm sorry that I reopened old wounds." Nicole smiled at Danny. "It's okay. The pain may linger, but It doesn't hurt as badly as It once did." Danny breathed out..then, spoke again. "Thank you, Nicole." "for what?" "For when you revealed to the Princess of me growing up with Regina Ferrum..and, DIDN'T reveal that she is really my sister." NICOLE paused..then, spoke softly. "Your secret is yours to tell..REX." Danny/Rex tensed his muscles upon hearing his old, former name. "I am sorry. I know how you feel about your old name." Danny glanced at Nicole..then exhaled again. "I don't hate my name..nor, do I hate my sister, either.  I just hate what she's become..and, all she's done to you." "Danny..I REALLY think you should reach out to her." "My sister is DEAD, Nikki..and, so is her brother." said Danny, darkly. NICOLE pasued..then, spoke sternly: "Danny..REX. just because someone stumbles, and loses their way..It doesn't mean they are lost FOREVER. Danny looked at NICOLE. "You said It yourself." began NICOLE. "You and Regina were born, raised and driven off from the same place.  SHE took the path vengeance, while YOU followed a different path. The path of Forgiveness, and Redemption.  she needs you, Danny..she NEEDS you to show her a better path. the RIGHT path." Danny turned away, his arms crossed as he stared off. "We all need a little help, sometimes." finished NICOLE. Danny looked at NICOLE again. "When the day comes that I can be proud to call her my sister again..  THEN, you can called me "Rex Furrum", again. but, until that day comes..I am just "Danny Flynn." NICOLE sighed..then, smiled. "well..It's a START, at least." Danny took NICOLE's hand, and gently kissed It. he then removed the blanket, and place a faintly charged hand upon the surface of her tight waist. NICOLE smiled at this. "So..what is our child's vital statistics?" "Well..It's a Boy, is developing well." began Danny. "I can sense a heartbeat, and..Brainwave Activity." "So..he not only lives, but he is thinking, too." mused NICOLE. Danny smiled as he removed his hand. "he'll be beautiful, Nikki. NICOLE smiled..then, embraced Danny tightly. Danny did the same. [The End?]

  14. Gold's Penance: Part I
    Planet Mobius in the year 3437 is a miserable place. with the worse example being Onyx City. the people live in constant fear of the tyrannical regime that watches and rules over them. Freedom in all It's forms in naught but a fantasy, with severe punishments dealt over the most minor of offenses. This is NOT the Mobius that heroes like Sonic the Hedgehog fought and died for. this dystopic world should NOT exist. and, It WON'T, so long as a desperate few have anything to say about it. 
    [Prof. Von Schlemmer's Laboratory] within an underground laboratory, a human man with light turquoise skin and bright orange hair was glued to a computer screen, going over hundreds of bytes of data. and, he was just *mildly* frustrated at the results he was getting. in the far side of the lab, was a male mobian hedgehog with pearl white fur who was apparently moving extremely large metal crates using telekinesis. "Is this where you want them to go, Professor?!" called Silver. "Hmm? o-oh, Yez. vight d'ere will do, mein friend." said Von Schlemmer,  who spoke in a distinctive "Eurish" accent. Silver gently laid the crates down, then approached his professor friend. "What are you working on?" the blue skinned man returned to the computer screen. "Just going over zome data. azzezzing da' zituation." Silver looked interested. "and?" Von Schlemmer exhaled softly. "I won't know v'or zure until our "ally" returnz with her report." As if on cue, the sliding door opened.. and, in walked what appeared to be an Onyx City Council Member. BUT, upon seeing the five dotted face mask, the Silver and Von Schlemmer calmed down. "Welcome back, Fraulein." began Von Schlemmer. "and, vhat newz have you to report?" the figure removed her mask and cloak..revealing herself to be a female mobian tenrec with golden fur, and a strange making upon her forehead. she bore a somber expression on her face. "their gone..their ALL gone." said Gold, her eyes staring off in absolute shock. "What!?" exclaimed Silver. "The rebels in the narrows region of the city." continued Gold, still shaken at what she saw recently. "I..I couldn't help them. I could only WATCH, when-" Gold fell to her knees and began to weep. Silver rushed over to his fellow psychic, and tried to comfort her. "I can still hear their psychic screams.." muttered Gold, holding her head as if she had a migraine. "so..much. PAIN." sobbed Gold. as Silver stroked Gold's quills affectionately, Von Schlemmer rubbed the bridge of his nose stressfully. "mein gott.." "It's over." said Gold, her voice monotoned. "those people were our Last, BEST hope for a Free and Equal world." Von Schlemmer scowled darkly. "nein. zhey were NOT our "last" hope. vey ztill have one FINAL rezort." Both Silver and Gold looked at Von Schlemmer. "what do you mean, Professor?" Von Schlemmer didn't answer. he merely walked over to an old piano. he then tapped certain keys in sequence..which made a wall open up, revealing a hidden door. "v'ollow me, mein friendz." said Von Schlemmer, as he entered the secret doorway. Silver and Gold looked at each other. Then, they finally stood up and followed the overlander scientist. the three walked down a curved staircase in silence..until they finally reached a large, metal door. "wait here." said Von Schlemmer, as he approached the giant door. an orb began to glow, and shot a beam of light that slowly began to scan Von Schlemmer's body and facial features. 
    "IDENTITY CONFIRMED." said the computer voice. "DISABLING COUNTER-MEASURES." with a low rumble, and loud hiss, the doors slowly began to open. a glance from Von Schlemmer told the mobian psychics to follow him into the chamber. inside..they nearly lost their breath upon seeing the mammoth size machine that lay inside. and, at the center was a large platform that bore Von Schlemmer's family crest upon it. "what..IS this thing?!" said Silver, awestruck. Gold's blue eyes briefly flash gold and yellow..she then gasped. "a t-time machine. (looks to Von Schlemmer) you built a TIME MACHINE?!" Von Schlemmer smiled. "juzt an old pet project that I have had since I waz a boy (stared darkly) an, It iz our abzolute final hope" Von Schlemmer wiped his hand over the hardware of his invention. "In da' event dat' vee ever failed to defeat, an' overthrow the corrupt counzil..  mein plan waz to use mein time machine to travel to zee distant past, an' STOP zee Onyx Regime from ever exzisting." Gold widened her eyes at this. "and..undo everything that the council has done." Von Schlemmer nodded. "ev'ry death..ev'ry loss. it will be az if It never happened." Silver looked at the professor. "Why didn't you use this thing from the start?!" "It wazn't ready." began Von Schlemmer. "an' bezides..zis machine takes ALOT of power to use,  AND I alzo wanted to give zee rebelion a chance to bring peace HERE, in zee present." Von Schlemmer then sighed. "but, az zee rebellion now only conzists of the THREE of us.. I have no choice but to rezort to zhis dezperate plan under de' mozt DIRE of zircumztanzez." Silver looked at Von Schlemmer. "You know how the regime first started, professor?" Von Schlemmer exhaled sharply as he rubbed his temples. "I wish I did, mein friend. but dezpite de' assiztance of our good friend, Gold, de' spezifics on when an' how our enemies came to be remainz a myztery to us." Gold looked down sadly. "I am sorry. I wish I could have done more, but the council, they-" "It's okay, Gold." said Silver. "you did your best." Gold's sorrowful expression didn't change. ("no, I didn't.") thought Gold. Silver looked at Gold again. "YES, you DID." Gold widened her eyes, blushing. ("crap. I projected my thoughts again, didn't I?") "yep." said Silver, still hearing Gold's telepathic voice in his head. ("dammit, Gold!, It's a wonder you haven't gotten us all caught yet!!") as Gold continued to mentally scold herself, Silver turned back to Von Schlemmer. "So, what HAVE you uncovered, Professor??" "Only zhat de' very best opportunity for us  lies during Planet Mobiuz golden age. Exactly 200 yearz ago." replied Von Schlemmer. "Two-Hundred Years? Wait..that's when Sonic the Hedgehog, and his Freedom Fighters were alive." said Silver. 
    "Yez. zhey were at war with Doctor Eggman, BUT at least de' planet was ztill free. (looks at Silver) an, I at least know for a fact that ze' regime DIDN'T exist during zhat time." Silver eyed his good friend. "So..we just go into the distant past, with no idea When or How the Regime first formed, and try and find SOME way to stop them?!" "Nobody zaid zhis would be eazy. mein friend.  BUT, It's zee only option we have left..other zhan lay down, an' die." Gold thought long and hard over this. "Assuming we DO succeed, and change alter history.. what will happen to us? won't WE disappear from existance?!" "Normally, Yez. but, mein machine has an unuzual zide-effect." began Von Schlemmer. "De' zame temporal energies zhat will tranzport you will ALZO infuze your bodies  with a permanent energy field zhat will shield you from any shifts in ze' timestream." Silver looked confused. "huh?" Von Schlemmer chuckled lightly. "It means, mein friend, you vill exizt outzide of time. zo, even if you were to prevent your own birth, you von't disappear, and vill remain unchanged." "meaning if we DO succeed, and change the past..  we will be the only ones who will remember to awful world." said Gold, figuring It out. "Yez." said Von Schlemmer. Gold stood in silence, her mind racing. "You said your time machine take alot of energy to use.." began Silver. "How much, exactly?" "Too much, mein friend." replied Von Schlemmer. "Vee will have to use ALL we have left." Silver exhaled sharply. "well..after today, I guess we won't need to save It for anything." "Yez, but as zoon az we zart de' machine, our enemies will detect us..  meaning vee will have a limited time to use the machine before zhis place is raided." Von Schlemmer then sighed sadly. "It alzo means ONE of uz vill have to stay behind, an' DESTROY the machine to prevent zhem from vollowing." Silver widened his eyes in shock. "w-Wait, you don't mean-" "Mein journey haz come to an end, Zilver." began Von Schlemmer, solemnly.  "From here on out..all hope lies vith You, an' Gold." Silver ran up to the scientist. "b-But, Professor! YOU CAN'T!!" Von Schlemmer looked down sadly, a tear in his eye. "I am zorry, mein friend. But zhis is bigger than any one of uz. vor de' future of Ev'ryone.. vor all zhoze vee have lost. I musy make zhis zacrifice." Gold teared up upon hearing the professor's words. Silver sighed sharply, not liking this at all. "so..I'll just have to leave you to die?" said Silver, close to tears. "If you Zucceed in your mission, Zilver..we will ALL ztill be alive in a world worth living in." "but, we won't know each other. You said It yourself, only I would remember you." Von Schlemmer knelt down, and looked into Silver's golden eyes. "yez. only YOU vill remember our forgotten friendship..  but, vee vill ztill be friends. Given time, vee will be friends again." "assuming I can figure out how to get back, that is." said Silver. "I trust you vill find a way, mein friend." Von Schlemmer rose up, and walked over to a console. "I vill begin diverting all power to the Chronal Sphere-" "WAIT!" 
    Silver and Von Schlemmer looked to Gold. "wait..we c-can't leave yet. th-There is something at my house. s-Something that I need to take with me." "Zhat is too risky, Gold. zee Regime's Civil Protection Robots may catch you-" "I CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT IT!!" exclaimed Gold, frantic. "Gold, CALM DOWN!" said Silver, as he gripped Gold's hand,  and looked into her eyes. "Whatever It is that you're worried about, It won't matter after-" "You don't understand, Silver. I *CAN'T* leave this behind to disappear..i can't." Von Schlemmer looked at Gold. "Exactly vhat IS this thing that you can't leave behind?" Gold looked up at the professor. "my most *precious* treasure." Von Schlemmer stared at the Tenrec for a good long while.. then, finally sighed softly. "go get vhat you need, and get back here quickly. ze' zooner you both leave, ze' better." Von Schlemmer looked to Silver. "Zilver, go with Gold, an' protect her." Silver nodded, then followed Gold as she ran out of the chamber. Von Schlemmer then returned to his console, and perform some diagnostics while he waited for his good friends to return. [Somewhere in Onyx City] Silver and Gold ran through the now empty city streets, trying to make their way to Gold's house undetected. (("ATTENTION, CITIZENS OF ONYX CITY.")) began a computerized voice over various PA's. (("CITYWIDE BLACKOUT IS IN EFFECT. ANY CITIZENS CAUGHT BREAKING CURFEW WILL FACE EXTREME PUNISHMENT.")) as Gold began to rush forward, Silver stopped her, and kept them both against the wall of a building as an armored tank and some C.P.R. passed them by. as Silver watched a patrol pass, he spoke softly: "I sure hope this is all worth It." "It *IS*..trust me." said Gold, with an odd sternness in her voice. Silver took Gold's hand, and the two continued on through the cold streets. the two eventually reached what looked like a large estate of some kind. Silver paused to whistle, in awe at the house that he'd never seen before. "wow. I never pegged you for being "upper class", Gold." Gold shrugged. "My place among the city council granted me certain perks. Frankly, none of them was worth the atrocities that I let them do." Gold marched over, and kicked the iron gates open. "WHOA!, now." "After today, THIS won't be my home anymore." began Gold. "No point in being "gentle." Silver followed Gold into the estate grounds, Gold then busted the front doors down, and entered the building. inside, Silver paused to marvel at all the many expensive items that adorned the main lobby. "so..which one of these is-" "NONE of them. what I treasure most..I kept well hidden." said Gold, as she marched down the main hall. Silver followed Gold, staying close to her as she entered a parlor. she walked over to the mantle of a fireplace, grabbed a fixture..and, began to turn It in a certain way. with a low rumble, the fireplace rotated around..revealing a secret passage. as Gold entered the dimly lit, curved stairway, Silver stayed close behind. he didn't say a word, though he REALLY wanted to know what secret GOLD was hiding like Von Schlemmer did. the two soon reached the end, and found themselves in a small room of cold stone. at the center of the room was a lone orb-shaped pod sitting atop a pedastal. Gold slowly approached the pod..and, gently drew her hand over it's smooth surface. "gold..what-" "shh..just watch." Gold pressed a button on the pod. and, with a beep, the pod hissed loudly as it opened up. Silver looked inside..and, found a baby sleeping within. the infant was human, male. and, had the same light turquoise skin and bright orange hair as Von Schlemmer. (apparently, this child was of the same race as his friend.) as the baby began to awake, Gold cooed softly at him. "shhh..it's okay, baby. momma's here, now." whispered Gold, as she picked the baby up, and held him close. Silver approached Gold, puzzled at this. "Gold..I think I deserve an explanation." Gold looked at her "son', then back at Silver. "yes..I suppose I do." Gold gently stroked the baby's hair as she spoke softly. "very few people know how the rebellion against the regime began..but, I do. It began with Axel and Nova. an overlander couple who were social activists that spoke out against the city council's oppressive authority." a tear formed in Gold's eyes as she recalled the couple. "HE ran a hospital. a free clinic, and SHE was a teacher at an orphanage.  they spoke of freedom. Equality among the masses. a world where the people could choose their own destiny, and NOT have their fate's decided for them." "they sound like Freedom Fighter..like Sonic and Princess Sally were." said Silver.  
    Gold nodded. "yes..they were. and many believed in what they preached.  but, the council didn't wish to relinquish control over the citizenry.  so, they..d-denounced them as terrorists. and, by unanimous vote, had them publically executed in the town square." Silver looked at Gold. "Unanimous vote?" Gold shut her eyes tight as tears fell down her cheek. "I was a coward. I didn't want them to die..but, I was afraid of what the council might do to me if I voted in their favor.  and, so..to my eternal shame and regret. I lied, and condemned them to death as well." Gold began to cry as a memory resurfaced. her telepathy then activated, and Silver's eyes glowed gold as Gold's memory was projected into his mind. ***Flashback*** "Have you come to gloat, now?" said Axel. "because if you HAVE.." began Nova. "then you can just go to-" "I didn't want this to happen." said Gold, solemnly the jailed couple stared at the council member as she removed her mask, revealing her tear stained face to them. "I don't want you to die. You don't deserve this." Nova eyed the Tenrec. "then, WHY did you vote-" "I may be on the council, but I am no overlord..I am as much a "slave" as next citizen." explained Gold. "You don't know what they would have done to me if I went against them." the pair finally looked at their "captor" with compassion, instead of disdain. "oh, you poor, poor girl." said Nova. Gold walked closer to the energy barrier dividing her from the prisoners. "It's not too late, I can still save you." "How?" asked Axel. "I can take an EMP Grenade from the armory. use It to shut down power, and open the jail cells. You can escape!" "along with every other prisoner locked up with us." said Nova. "and, there are SOME who actually *do* deserve to be here." added Axel. "But-!" "Miss. I know you mean well, but we can't accept this." began Axel. "such an escape attempt would endanger too many lives. and, we will NOT betray our just cause just to save ourselves." "and, besides: We are Freedom Fighters, NOT Terrorists." said Nova. "we would rather die as innocents, than flee like guilty criminals." Gold was shocked and puzzled at this. "but..But, you've done no wrong. You SHOULDN'T have to die!!" "That we agree." said Axel. "but, your council believes that by executing us, they will silence our voices, and preserve the hold that they have over the citizens." "But, what they don't realize is that our unjustified deaths  will only spread the fires of freedom, not snuff it out like a dim flame." said Nova. Gold looked at the two with glossy wet eyes. "We shall face our ends with our heads held high. confident freedom WILL prevail beyond our lifetime." Gold looked away, sadly. "how can you be so brave in the face of death?! how can you be so..so FEARLESS!?" "Courage isn't about being fearless..but, standing up to danger DESPITE one's fears." said Axel. "we ARE afraid..but, not for ourselves." began Nova. "We are afraid for the people living in fear..and, we are prepared to die for them." Gold looked at Axel and Nova. "If only I had your courage..Isn't there ANYTHING I can do for you?!" Nova looked at her husband..then, smiled as she knelt down to Gold's level. "what is your name. councilwoman?" asked Nova, softly. "Gold." "well, GOLD. as you must know, our personal belongings will be auctioned off following our executions.  before that happens, we want you to go to our home, and take something of ours that MUSTN'T fall into the council's hands." "what is it?" "there is a POD, and orb shaped pod. Inside lies that which me, and my husband cherish the most.  Take It. hide It away, keep It safe. Do this for us..and, all will be forgiven." Gold stared into the woman's eyes. "what is in the pod?" Nova smiled. "It's best if you see for yourself. You will understand." Gold looked down. she exhaled sharply, then looked at them again. "o-Okay. I'll get the item TONIGHT. I promise." Nova smiled at the Tenrec. "thank you, gold. Your heart truly does live up to your name." Gold looked away, feeling even more regret and shame. ***End of Flashback*** "When I was able to get away, I snuck to their house late at night." continued Gold.  "I found the pod that they told me about, and took it back to my house..   when I opened It..I found a tiny baby inside. I weeped, understanding at last WHY they were fighting so passionately against the Regime. and, that very soon..that sweet, innocent child would be an orphan." Gold looked at the baby..and, cried as she held him closer. Silver frowned, feeling bad for his friend..AND, the baby that she held in her arms. "t-the following day..I had to observe their execution with the rest of the council." continued Gold. "It was torture. I watched as those good people were led to the gallows.  It took all my will to resist breaking out in tears as they placed those horrible ropes around their necks.  then..wh-when they gave the signal, and released the trapdoor. I shut my eyes. I couldn't bear to watch them drop.  but, I still heard their psychic screams as their lives ended." Gold clutched the baby as tears streamed down her cheeks like a waterfall. "a-Axel's neck broke, so he died instantly. his wife wasn't so lucky.  Nova strangled, fought for what felt like an hour. but, she too eventually joined her husband in death.  I was silent through the whole thing, but inside I was screaming.  Two good people died, leaving behind an innocent child..and, I just stood there, and did NOTHING!!" "gold..It wasn't your fau-" "YES, IT WAS!!" shouted Gold, hysterical. "IT *WAS* My fault!! I could have saved them, but I didn't!  I was too scared. and, BECAUSE of my cowardice, this..this sweet little boy will NEVER know his real parents!!" as Gold cried, the baby finally awoke fully and touched Gold's muzzle with his tiny hand. Gold looked into his tiny blue eyes..and, shed even more tears as he looked at her innocently. Gold then smiled weakly as she touched his tiny hand, gently squeezing it. "I tried to do the right thing, and leave him in an orphanage. somewhere where he could have a better life.  but, after the deaths of his parents, I realized that he would NEVER have a "better life" ..not so long as the regime remained in power." Gold's eyes then welled up in tears again. "and, besides..I felt that I owed his parents something. So, against my better judgement: I kept him, raised him in secret. and, in time..I grew to love him as if he were my own child." Gold then held the baby close as she gently rocked him back-and-forth. Silver finally smiled, finding this "motherly" side to Gold to be adorable. "does he have a name?" Gold shook her head. "no. I haven't brought myself to even THINK of a name for him." "Well, I guess that is understandable. we've all been busy dodging the regime." said Silver. "I'm just amazed you've managed to hide him from the council all this time!" "I have had some close calls..but, Yes: I have protected him." said Gold. Silver looked at Gold. "so, WHY didn't you tell me, or the Professor about this?" Gold stared off, a solemn look on her face. "It's *MY* burden to bear." "It shouldn't have to be, Gold." said Silver. "raising a child should NEVER have to be a "solo mission." "I know.." began Gold, sadly. "but who could I find, or even TRUST, to be this sweet child's father?!" Silver looked at the baby in Gold's arms..who then began to look right back at him. his soft, sky blue eyes just melted the Hedgehog's heart. and, he at last spoke: "I could." Gold looked at Silver with wide eyes. "wa-what?!" Silver blushed, feeling embarrassed. "i-I'm sorry I never said this before, but..I've always liked you, Gold.  I never knew my parents, and have felt alone through all my life.  but, I've always felt that you understood me. you know what It's like to be so..different." Gold smiled as she faced the hedgehog. "I won't lie. I've also felt a kinship with you, too." Silver smiled weakly, feeling a bit more comfortable now. "well..after awhile, I've came to "LIKE you, like you." I mean..you're so beautiful. and..so kindhearted." Gold smiled at Silver. "you also have a kind heart, Silver. Always thinking of others, and NEVER of yourself. I've always admired that about you." Gold then approached Silver, her eyes fluttering a bit. "so, you..really love me?" Silver blushed bright red, but smiled anyway. "given your powers, I always thought you already knew." "Surprisingly I didn't." said Gold. "I mean..I knew you felt *something*  about me, but you are a remarkably difficult man to read." Silver chuckled lightly. "well..I do, Gold. we've been alone all our lives..I think It's time we were "alone TOGETHER." Gold smiled at Silver. "you know..now that I think about. I think you WOULD make a good father. and, you ARE kinda cute..in a "dorky" sort of way." the two mobians moved closer. their eyes half lidded, they slowly moved their muzzles closer, and closer..until. CHA-CHIK!! (("HALT!!")) Gold and Silver gasped as the room suddenly filled with C.P.R., aiming their flashlight guns straight at them. (("YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARREST FOR TREASON!")) "Oh, no!!" exclaimed Gold, frightened. "oh, YES, "Councilwoman." began a male voice. Silver and Gold looked,  and saw one of the Onyx City Council members emerge from the squad of C.P.R. "As I've always said: "This is WAR. and, in War..nobody suffers more than "The Traitor."
     [End of Part I]

    Gold's Penance: Part II
    Gold clutched the baby overlander in her arms as the Civil Protection Robots surrounded her and Silver, blasters drawn and glowing. "I always knew you would BETRAY us, Gold." began the Councilman. "all you "freaks" are alike." "FREAKS!!?" exclaimed Silver angrily, his fists burning  with bright blue energy. "I think you should look in the mirror, "Dottie" the councilman ignored Silver, and looked at Gold..THEN, at the blue skinned baby in her arms. "that child sure looks familiar." began the Councilman. "yeees..I think I *HAVE* seen those eyes somewhere before." the Councilman then chuckled evilly. "so..those terrorist that we executed were parents." Gold glared at the faceless councilman. "they were ACTIVISTS!!" shouted Gold. "and, you all murdered them for saying things you didn't like!" "They were extremists creating civil unrest." said the Councilman. "they needed to be silenced to preserve order." Gold glared at the councilman. "It didn't work. the people STILL rebelled against your oppression." "and, we hunted them all down, and silenced *THEM*, too. (darkly) despite all the information that you fed them behind our backs." Gold looked away as tears threatened to break. "But, I suppose It was wrong of us to publically execute those two.." began the Councilman. "better to just get It over with NOW, and not make It a spectacle that only encourages subversive behavior." the councilman made a gesture at the C.P.R. "Prepare to fire on the traitor..AND, the child." Gold gasped at this..but, Silver stepped between her and the robots. "You'll kill them over MY DEAD BODY!!" the Councilman chuckled malevolently. "oh, Very well. if you don't want to wait your turn, then I'll start with YOU, hedgehog." as the C.P.R. redirected their aim at Silver, the hedgehog struck first blood and, used is telekinesis to send out a wave that knocked the robots back. he yelled out as he telekinetically bashed some bots into each other, and punched and kicked some using energized blows. Gold clutched her baby close, watching fearfully as Silver fought hard against his enemies. she swallowed hard, knowing full well that the C.P.R. more than a match for Silver. Gold wanted to help him. but, as his enemies were ROBOTS, their was little she could do with her powers. Gold hated feeling useless. feeling so..Powerless. as Silver fought against the C.P.R., the Councilman began to approach Gold. "I might be willing to forgive your lapse in judgement, "Councilwoman" began the Councilman. "provided you prove your loyalty, and hand over the spawn of those terrorists." Gold's fear soon turned to anger as she glared at the councilman. "go to hell, you monster." the Councilman just smirked. "you FIRST." Gold's eyes glowed gold and yellow as she willing used her powers this time. the Councilman then gripped his head, and cried out in pain. feeling like his brain was trying to crawl out of his skull. "I've *felt* first hand the PAIN and AGONY that your so-called "order" has brought to the people that you PRETEND to care about!!" shouted Gold, angrily. "I know their pain." continued Gold, darkly. "(shouting) I KNOW THEIR PAIN!! (speaking darkly) sometimes I share that pain..with people like YOU." the Councilman growled painfully as images of violence, death and grief flashing into his mind all at once. (("ALERT! ONYX CITY COUNCIL PERSONALE IN DANGER!!")) said a C.P.R., as It fired a stun ray at Gold, knocking her away. "AAH!!" screamed Gold. Silver looked in horror at his downed friend and love. "GOLD!, NO!!" It was then that a C.P.R. struck at the distracted Silver, breaking through his psychic energy field, and knocking him down. Gold looked, and saw Silver being pinned..and, the recovered Councilman staring down at her. a gun in his hand. "you had your chance, freak." began the Councilman, aiming the gun at Gold's head. "but, you are just too dangerous to remain alive." "no." said Gold, frozen in terror. "goodbye, traitor." BLAM!! Gold flinched as she heard the ear splitting shot of the gun..then, paused upon realizing she wasn't dead. she wasn't the only one shocked at this. "WHAT TH-!?" BLAM!!, BLAM!!, BLAM!!, BLAM!! the councilman continued to fire shot, after shot, after shot at Gold..but, the laser bullets only impacted the wall behind the Tenrec. Gold remained unharmed, not feeling the shots at all. "impossible!, how are you-" "RAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!" Silver roared as he unleashed a powerful psychic wave, shorting out the C.P.R.'s circuits. the hedgehog then jetted forward, and punched the Councilman HARD in the face. cracking his facemask. he then looked at Gold..and, gasped at what he saw. "Gold!, your..I can see through you!!" "What!?" Gold looked at her hand..and, gasped upon seeing that It was transparent. "but..HOW, I-" Gold then looked at her baby on her arms..and, saw that not only was HE transparent as well, but his eyes were glowing silvery white. finally, his eyes returned to their normal light blue..and, Gold's hand became "solid" once again. "oh my gosh..SILVER!, m-my baby, he..he has POWERS!" Silver looked at the bullet ridden wall behind Gold. "they..He couldn't touch you." said Silver. the gunshots passed right through you. Almost as if you were a Ghost!" Gold clutched her son as she stood up onto her feet. she looked at him..Then, looked back at Silver. "he..He made me Intangible. (tears up) my baby protected me!" Silver looked out the corner of his eye, glaring. "we should go. they KNOW where we are, and are bound to send reinforcements once these guys don't report in." "oh!, r-right." said Gold, breaking from her shock. Silver took Gold's free hand, and led her and *their* baby out back up the staircase and out of the room. [Onyx City] As Silver and Gold left the now damaged estate, the two stopped momentarily to gasp as the number of C.P.R., tanks and hovercars in the general area. "Darn!, they're onto us!" curse Silver. "The Professor's lab is clear on the other side of town, and there's no way we can get through without being seen!" "We have to TRY, Silver." said Gold. "That time machine is our last hope!" "I know." said Silver, darkly. he looked at Gold..then, at the human infant that he had apparently "adopted" as his own. "stay close, and follow me lead." said Silver. "If they caught us, RUN. don't stop for anything, just run." Gold nodded. "alright. but, if the worst should happen to me, take my son..he's the only thing that matters." Silver gritted his teeth angrily. not liking the idea of having to leave Gold behind if he had to..but, he understood the priority, and exhaled sharply. "fine. I'll keep him safe, I promise." taking Gold in hand again, the Hedgehog led his new "family" into the city streets. ducking into an alleyway, the two mobians sprinted stealthily along the narrow way, and to the other side. peering around a corner, Silver watched the passing patrols. there were so many tanks and C.P.R., that It made Silver's head spin just thinking about getting past them. "not sure HOW we are getting past all those patrols." said Silver. Gold looked at her baby. "m-maybe we can get our baby to use his powers again. They won't be able to touch us!" "but, they can STILL see us." countered Silver. "and, I'm not about to lead them all to the Professor. he needs all the time he can GET to prepare us." Suddenly, a light shined in the direction of the two mobians. "Back away..HURRY!!" Silver and Gold ran back the way they came..only to stop halfway as another light shined in the opposite direction. "oh, no." "we're trapped!" as the lightbeams grew closer, Silver and Gold held each other. fearing this was their end. "i'm sorry, gold." whispered Silver, somberly. "i love you, silver." whispered Gold, tears in her eyes. the baby in Gold's arms shivered in fright. his eyes then began to glow silvery-white as his powered activated again. finally, a line of C.P.R. approached the two from both sides. the robots just stared right through them. (("Squad Delta, REPORT!")) said a councilman over an interCOMM. (("have you found them!?")) "NEGATIVE." replied one of the C.P.R. "WE HAVE NO VISUAL." both Silver and Gold were shocked, and confused at this. (("Then, circle back, and sweep the area again. I want those freaks FOUND, and TERMINATED!!")) "AFFIRMATIVE." as the C.P.R. troops all turned, and headed back. one spoke to the other. "I THOUGHT YOU HAD A VISUAL." "SO DID I. MY OPTIC SENSORS MUST NEED A DIAGNOSTIC." once the patrols were gone, Silver finally spoke. "okay, WHAT just happened!?" "they didn't see us." mused Gold, silently. Silver looked to Gold..and, widened his eyes in shock. "GOLD!, i..I can't see you either!" Gold looked at Silver..and, also gasped. "n-Neither can I!" Gold then gasped as realization hit her. "the baby." Silver and Gold finally became visible as the baby calmed down, his powers fading. "First they couldn't touch us, NOW they couldn't even SEE us?!" began Silver. "(lightly chuckles) I think I like this kid." Gold stroked her baby's bright orange hair affectionately. "he was scared. he was trying to hide, didn't want to get hurt..I can relate." Silver took a moment to look around. "well, if we can get him to do It again..we MIGHT have a chance at getting back to the Professor in one piece." Gold looked at Silver as if he were crazy. "but, Silver, he's only a BABY!" "I know, but right now, he's our only chance." Gold frowned as she looked down at her frightened child. "How am I suppose to get him to use his powers again?!" asked Gold. "ask him." Gold looked at Silver. "what?!" "use your powers, and talk to him. ASK him to protect us again." Gold grimaced at this. "Silver, i..I don't think I should. m-My powers, they-, wa-What if I hurt him!?" Silver touched Gold's shoulder. "gold..you can do this." Gold looked down at her son..then, exhaled sharply. bringing the human infant to her face, her eyes glowed as he attempted to use her telepathy on him. (("son?")) spoke Gold, telepathically. (("can you hear me?")) Gold heard sounds within her baby's mind that were heard to read. but, she finally heard a tiny voice that said: (("mommy?")) (("yes, son. "Mommy's" here.")) replied Gold. (("a-are they gone?, are the monsters gone?!")) (("They are, but not for long.")) began Gold. (("Son, we need your help. me, and your..d-Daddy need you to use your powers again.")) (("I c-can't. I'm t-too scared.")) (("I know you're scared. I'm scared, too. But I promise..we won't let ANYTHING bad happen to you.")) the baby shivered and shook. (("wa-what do you want me to do, mommy??")) (("make us "unseen", and "untouchable" again.")) said Gold. (("We can get you to a safe place, but we NEED you to shield and protect us.")) (("i-I don't know if I can.")) (("you CAN, baby. you CAN..just focus. I believe in you.")) Gold finally stopped using her telepathy. despite still trembling, the baby's eyes glowed silvery white again. Gold took Silver's hand as the scared infant made them both intangible, and invisible. "this feels so..tingly" said Silver. "We'd better get going. I don't know how long he can keep this up." said Gold, as she clutched her child tightly. "Right." said Silver, who began to use his telekinesis to levitate himself and Gold, and shot forward at breakneck speed. like a bullet, the trio flew through various buildings and through some passing patrols as well. thanks to Gold's child, they remained UNDETECTABLE by everyone. [Prof. Von Schlemmer's Lab] In the underground chamber, Professor Von Schlemmer was putting the finishing touches on his Time Machine. he was beginning to grow impatient as he waited for Silver and Gold to return. but, as they were the only hope he had left, he had no choice but to continue waiting. Suddenly, Silver and Gold phased into the lab. as the pair finally materialized, Von Schlemmer jumped a little. "MEIN GOTT!!..oh, Zilver. you ztarted me." as Silver lowered himself and Gold safely down to the ground, and smiled weakly. "Sorry about that, Professor." Von Schlemmer approached the pair. "Zo, exactly vhat was It that Gold need zo bad-" the scientist then noticed the blue skinned overlander baby in Gold's arms. "oh, my.." Silver ran over to Gold. he grew worried when he saw how motionless the infant was. "oh, please don't me he's-" "no." said Gold, stroking the baby. "he's asleep. using his powers drained him." Von Schlemmer looked at Gold. "i am zorry, Gold. you vere right. Zhis vas zomething you couldn't leave behind. vorgive me." Gold smiled at the man. "I understand." Silver looked to Von Schlemmer. "Professor, we were seen at Gold's house. WORSE: The council *knows* that Gold is with us." "Zhen vee really don't have any choice, anymore. You MUST be zent into ze' past." Von Schlemmer looked at Gold, and the sleeping baby in her arms. "ALL of you." as Von Schlemmer returned to a console, and began diverting all remaining power to his machine..Silver faced him again. "Professor..I want to change all this, but frankly, I don't know where to start. Isn't there ANY clue you can give me!? anything at all." Von Schlemmer paused for a moment..then, exhaled sharply. "Onyx Zity, ze' capital of z' Regime, was named after Onyx Island." Von Schlemmer looked at Silver. "200 yearz ago, "Onyx Island" went by z' name of "Angel Island." I do not know when ze' name was change, or for what reazon. But, what I DO know..iz zhat It all started zhere." "Angel Island, GOT IT." said Silver. "wait..isn't Angel Island the resting place of the Master Emerald of legend??" "and, Ze' primary battleground of ze' old Brotherhood of Guardians, and zheir eternal enemies: Ze' Dark Legion." Silver pondered this. "the brotherhood..and, the legion." With a loud whirl, the time machine came to life. "QUICKLY! ztep onto the Chronal Sphere platform." commanded Von Schelmmer. Silver and Gold did as they were told, and stepped up onto the platform. "Ztand at ze' very zenter of ze' circle." Silver and Gold stayed close together at the center. Von Schlemmer fired up the machine, prompting metallic rings to pop out of the floor, and orbit all around the two mobians and their overlander baby. Just then, the ground began to rumble..and, an alarm went off. "WHAt'S THAT!?" exclaimed Silver.  
    Gold's eyes briefly flashed gold and yellow. "oh, god. They've FOUND us!!" "Mein zecurity zyztems vill keep zhem at bay vor now. Vee CAN'T stop!" as the rings picked up speed, they began to surge with energy..eventually generating an energized sphere around the three travelers. Silver looked at Von Schlemmer desperately. "PROFESSOR! In case we fail..At LEAST tell me your name. Your REAL name!" Von Schlemmer looked at his friend. "Warp. mein name iz "Professor Warp Schlemmer." ~I'd love to change the world..But I don't know what to do.~ the rings rotated faster and faster, becoming invisible due to their speed and encasing Silver and Gold into the energy sphere. Gunfire was soon heard from the other side of the blast door. indicating that a squad of C.P.R. were ALREADY here, and were eventually going to break inside. Von Schlemmer took one last look at Silver..who looked back at him with pleading eyes. ~I'd love to change the world..So I'll leave it up to you.~ "goodbye, mein friend." Von Schlemmer pressed the button..just as the C.P.R. managed to blast a hole through the door. "HALT!!" commanded a C.P.R. "STOP THEM!!" shouted a Councilman the sphere whined loudly as it began to surge the three occupants with temporal energy. a CPR fired It's blaster at the sphere..but, the laser shot reflected and ricocheted. hitting Von Schlemmer in the shoulder. "PROFESSOR!!!" exclaimed Silver, horrified. ~..but, I don't know what to DOOOO!!~ the chronal sphere glowed brightly, blinding everyone in the room. then, in a blinding flash..Silver the Hedgehog. Gold the Tenrec, and their human son..were GONE, without a trace. ~..so, I'll leave It up to..YOU.~ as Von Schlemmer lay slumped against the console, bleeding from his shoulder. the C.P.R. surrounded, and aimed their their blasters at him. the councilman approached the wounded scientist, and glared at him. "Where did you send them?!" demanded the councilman. Von Schlemmer said nothing. he only breathed heavily as he gripped his shoulder. "BRING. THEM. BACK. or, face immediate execution." Von Schlemmer nodded. then, spoke up loudly. "c-Computer..initiate zelf-deztruct." "WHAT!!?" exclaimed the councilman, shocked. "Pazzcode.."GENESISSSS." finished Von Schlemmer (("ACKNOWLEDGED.")) the lights flashed red as an alarm sounded. as the monitors flashed a countdown..Von Schlemmer spoke again. "t-Take a good look around, Counzilman.." (("7..6..5..")) "becauze your future..iz about to CHANGE." (("3..2..1..GOODBYE.")) From the high, X-like tower that looms over Onyx City..a massive explosion could be seen. the dark, mysterious figure that dwelled within the tower narrowed it's red eyes.  
    [Planet Mobius, 3237.] [200 Years Ago..] Somewhere in Northamer, near Freedom HQ. two blurrs of light were streaking over the green, grassy plains. one was bright blue, the other was golden yellow. standing from afar was a female mobian chipmunk with reddish hair, dressed in blue, and armed with a stop watch. as the streaks passed her by, she pressed the button on the stopwatch. the streaks finally stopped..revealed to be a male, blue mobian hedgehog in red sneakers. and, a male overlander with dark blone hair and dressed in black-and-yellow. "Alright, Sal. give It to us straight: Who won!?" asked Sonic. Sally looked at the watch. "actually..It seems you BOTH passed in record time." Sonic looked amazed. "no way..I was going my fastest!, NOBODY can catch up with me!!" "Nobody except Billy, It seems." said Sally, as she walked over to the mute human in question, pulled him down and gave him a quick kiss. "great job, hon. You were AWESOME." Billy blushed at this. Sonic then looked at him..and, smiled. "Okay. I give. You ARE the fastest overlander alive, Bill. You would have to be if you can catch with ME." Sally chuckled at this. "Well, Sonic. I am impressed..Only YOU can be so humble, and STILL maintain your ego." Sonic shrugged. "Eh, I'm not so vain that I don't mind sharing the title of "The Fastest Thing Alive." Sonic then patted Billy's thigh. "Actually, I kinda like It. NOW, I can race somebody without It being unfair." both Sonic and Sally shared a chuckle. then, all of a sudden..the wind changed. "huh?, what that-" KA-ZAAAAAAP!! Sally shrieked as an orb of erratic energy suddenly materialized. Billy grabbed his mobian wife, and shielded her. while Sonic stepped forward, facing the strange orb of energy. "What's this!?, Metal Sonic agai-" Sonic's question was answered when the orb dematerialized..revealing a silvery-white hedgehog, and a golden furred Tenrec. "SILVER!?" exclaimed Sonic, shocked and confused. Silver finally looked around..and, Saw none other than Sonic the Hedgehog facing him. "Sonic?!" Sonic immediately glared at the time traveler. "oh, great. Anytime *you* show up Trouble happens." Silver faced Sonic. "Look, I know haven't met under the best of circumstances-" Sonic scoffed at this. "THAT'S putting It mildly. when we first met, you tried to kill me. THEN, you went after all of my friends." Sally noticed the strange (and, scared) girl who was with Silver..and, the odd looking overlander baby that she was holding. "So, who are you after no-" "Sonic, WAIT!" exclaimed Sally, walking up. "What!?" "Sonic..LOOK." Sonic looked to where Sally was pointing: a female Tenrec in a Sari, who look frightened and was holding a blue skinned overlander baby. Sonic was dumbfounded. "whose..What?!" "Everyone.." began Silver. "This is GOLD, my girlfriend. and, our son..he's adopted." "yeah, THAT we figured." said Sonic Sally looked at the sleeping baby. "What's your son's name?" Gold looked at her baby. "he doesn't have a-" "Warp." said Silver, somberly. "his name is Warp." Gold looked at Silver..then, breathed out. sensing the pain that her boyfriend was feeling. "umm..Yes. Warp, that is his name." Sonic stifled a laugh. "Silver, Gold, WARP?! Sheesh, they sure do have strange names in the future." Sally scowled at the hedgehog. "You're one to talk..SONIC." "Point." Sally faced Silver. "though I don't share in Sonic's distrust, he DOES have a point: You only ever show up when there is an impending crisis." Silver glared darkly. "none more dire than that which we escaped from." Sonic crossed his arms as he eyed his old rival. "Such AS??.." "It would take too long to explain It all to you." began Gold. "Perhaps It is best if I showed you all." Gold's eyes glowed golden yellow as he projected images into the minds of Sonic, Sally and even Billy. the three bore disturbed expressions as images if violence, death and misery flashed before their eyes. once the visions finally stopped, they all gasped and breathed heavily. "what was..THAT!?" exclaimed Sally, shellshocked. "Our world..Two-Hundred Years from now." began Gold. "Sometime between then and now, "Freedom" died, and in It's place came tyranny disguised as "protection." "we fought as you all once did against robotnik, but we LOST." said Silver. "We've come here to undo the Onyx Regime. and, Hopefully return to a future worth living in." Sally looked down, sighing sharply. "I am so sorry for your losses. Is there ANYthing we can do to help??" Silver looked away. "I don't know. details on how the regime came to power are "sketchy" The only clue I have is that It all started on Onyx-, I mean, ANGEL Island." "that's Knux place." said Sonic. "I'll have Tails radio the Chaotix, and let him know your coming." Silver smiled. "Thank you..Sonic." Sonic shrugged. "yeah, well..think of It as my way of saying "sorry" for giving you a hard time just now." "It's Okay. In the past, I haven't exactly given you much reason to trust me." As Sonic, Sally and Billy left for their nearby headquarters, Gold looked to Silver. "You've been to the past before?" Silver looked at Gold, and chuckled nervously. "It was..Complicated. VERY complicated." Gold nodded, then looked at her baby. "so..WARP." Silver sighed sadly, looking away. "It's okay, Silver. I understand..It's a wonderful name." Gold then looked at baby Warp, and smiled. "warp..my little warp." Silver looked at the child..then, smiled himself as he gently touched his face. he then looked to Gold with a serious look on his face. "So, now that we have a chance to relax..shouldn't we talk about our son's powers?" Gold frowned as she looked down at Warp. "you didn't know?" Gold shook her head. "no. I didn't. and, as far as I know, his real parents were normal." Gold then gently stroked Warp's hair. "but, you know..I don't really care. In fact, I like his powers." "You do?" inquired Silver. "YES. All I want is for my baby to be safe. Protected." began Gold. "and, with his.."ghost-like" powers, he will be.  no one can touch him..so, he can't be hurt. and, he can hide in plain sight, too." Gold hugged Warp. "my baby is SAFE. he'll be safe..even if I can't be there to protect him." Silver smiled..then, he hugged his new girlfriend. his new FAMILY. [The Great Mobocean, Aboard the Freedom Fighter Special.] Silver and Gold sat quietly aboard the Freedom Fighter's stealth jet as they flew them over the ocean towards where the "Floating Island" was currently at. "Angel Island inbound." began Tails, as he piloted the aircraft. "ETA: 20 Minutes..TOPS." Gold looked to Silver..who looked really serious. "Silver..I know as soon as we reach Angel Island, the first thing you'll want to do is begin your investigation." "You reading my mind, again?" inquired Silver. Gold chuckled. "no. you are just "predictable" sometimes." Silver chuckled lightly. "but, Seriously, Silver. we still have no clue in where and how to start looking." continued Gold. "I know you want to just find the source of the Onyx Regime, and go straight home..  but, we can't ignore the possibility that we may be stranded in the Past for longer than we expect to." "What are you saying, Gold?" asked Silver. "I am SAYING that we should try to find a place for us to live once we reach Angel Island." said Gold. Silver looked at Gold. "b-but, what about-" "We have over 200 years to stop the Onyx Regime..we'll have plenty of time to live our own lives for awhile." Silver grumbled, looking away. Gold then touched his hand. "Silver..we have been on the run for all our lives. but, we are finally in a time and place where we are Safe. where we are FREE." Gold then caressed Warp's tiny cheek. "and..we have a son, who deserves to have a happy childhood. (looks at Silver) I do not plan on staying here forever.  but, In case we DO end up staying longer than we intend. I think we should try and give our son a good life here." Silver thought long and hard over this. While the memory of leaving his good friend to die was still VERY fresh in his mind. he couldn't ignore the logic that he DID have plenty of time to change that. to change EVERYTHING. and, the happiness of his new son was more important than any mission. Afterall..what would be the point in creating a 'better world', if what he cared for the most was "unhappy." "(sigh) okay..you win. We'll try and find a place to live in peace. THEN, we can try and start our investigation." Gold smiled warmly..she then leaned forward, her muzzle close to Silver's. "thank you, silver." Gold then kissed Silver on his lips. Silver blushed bright red, as he had NEVER kissed a girl before. but, he had to admit. he rather liked It [Meanwhile, Somewhere on Angel Island] in a cold, dark facility. a female echidna in a skin-tight catsuit walked down a hallway. she entered a sliding door, and walked into what looked like a laboratory. inside, their was an Echidna in a black hooded cloak who was fiddling with something. "I got your message." began Lien-Da. "now, what was It that you wanted to show me so badly?!" the legionnaire looked at his Grandmaster, and grinned. "the FUTURE, Grandmaster. the future." the legionnaire stood up, and led Lien-Da to a work table. upon it was a hunk of shiny metal, and some scattered weapons. "a piece of slag? THIS is what you wanted to show me!?" said Lien-Da, unimpressed. the legionnaire snickered. "oh, It's not just ANY piece of metal..It is our newest weapon against the Guardians, and their allies." the legionnaire took a large, rifle-like weapon. "This is a Series X De-Atomizer. the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. NOTHING can shield against it's destructive beam." Lien-Da gripped the handle of her bullwhip. "losing my patience, WORM." "then, WATCH." said the Legionnaire, as he aimed the weapon at the hunk of metal, and charged It. he at last fired a powerful beam. one so strong, It knocked him back from the recoil. once he quite firing, the work table was a smoldering wreck. even the floor was badly damaged. but, the metal..remained INTACT. not even slightly melted. Lien-Da's attitude quickly changed. "impossible..i-It should have disintegrated!!" the legionnaire smirked as he held the gun over his shoulder. "I call it "Destronium", I discovered It when I investigated that meteor crash a week ago.  It is the HARDEST substance on Mobius, impervious to damage on the molecular level. Completely indestructible." Lien-Da eyed her underling. "Completely?" "well..anything but MORE Destronium." said the legionnaire, as he laid the gun down. he then returned his attention to Lien-Da. "just imagine it, Grandmaster..ALL of our cybernetics, forged of this metallic alloy.  We wouldn't need replacement parts anymore. We..will become INVINCIBLE." Lien-Da smiled a wide, malicious grin. "We would still require the means to MOLD this metal in order to use it." "I am already in the process of breaking down it's molecular structure. Once I crack the code, we can manufacture the metal ourselves." Lien-Da smiled at the legionnaire. "You have done well, my servant. In fact..I do say you have earned a higher place amongst the Legion.  I have been searching for a worthy Kommissar to serve under me..and, I do believe YOU may be right for the job." Lien-Da looked at him. "Tell me..what is your name?" the Legionnaire pulled his hood down..revealing himself to have coal black fur, and golden yellow eyes. "I am..ONYX, Grandmaster." "Then, return to your work..Kommissar Onyx. We must make the weaponization of this Destronium become a reality." Onyx bowed respectfully. "as you command..Grandmaster Lien-Da." as Lien-Da left, Onyx grinned evilly a she returned to his work. Work that would forever change the fates of many..in MORE ways than one. [The End?] 
  15. Name: Arek Powalan
    Age: 19
    Species: Rudian/Dog
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Natural Good
    Occupation: Quest Hunter
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