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  1. Furball Adventures

    Episode 1:   So, here we are...a random house in the suburbs! Alright, I bet you’re wondering what we're doing here? Well, you may not know it, but there’s a certain famous blue haired person here…   “Who me?”   No...not you 2d. A certain blue haired animal.   “C is for-”   No! Oh for pete sakes. The answer is furball. Who you ask? Well, you know...the blue haired cat in the show that always had bad luck for some reason. Yes, he’s here...he’s...where the heck is he?   Excuse me...as I, the narrator of this story describe to what’s going on as I search for our blue haired main character. I will give his new owner credit though, he does have quite a nice home. Purple curtains, a big tv, some couches. Though no cat…   Strange...I could have sworn this was the right address. So now I’m taking out my address book here to see if I am at the right place.   “Hey buddy…” said a red bird with a bowtie on, in a bird cage of course.   “You looking for Furball?”   Why yes I am, I said to...uh…   “Names Gizmo.”   Uh...right, Gizmo the bird told me.   “He right over by the fireplace sleeping in his bed.”   Thanks. And now as I walk over I see indeed that is where our main character is. There he was, snuggled up in his bed. If my notes are correct this was the little guy’s new home, after living years and years on the streets of Acme acres.   His days on the streets weren’t anything special, just walking around looking for food, avoiding dogs, and Elmaria (who’s getting into this story over my dead body…), and well, doing what even cartoon cats know what to do best...sleep!   Just then his owner came in, carrying a bunch of fishing equipment. His owner wore a fishing hat and khaki shorts, getting ready to head out to the ocean to catch some fish.   “Furball, I’m going out fishing, I should be back by the end of the night. I expect Gizmo here to be safe and sound when I come back!” the owner said sternly, waking up Furball in the process, still sleepy from his nap.   “Understood?”   “Furball nodded his head.   “Good...also...WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!” his owner said to me.   Well sir, you see I am the narr-   “Get out!”   And so the owner picked me up by the collar and tossed me out-   Crash   The narrator dusting himself off a bit   Fine, be that way, I’ll just narrate form out here. And so jerky mcjerk pants got in his car with his boat right behind it and drove off. Not gonna lie, I hope he gets a ticket…   Back at the house, Furball had fallen back to sleep peacefully. While he was, the bird took a long look at the cat.   “Should I...or should I go to sleep?”   The bird looked once more to see that Furball was asleep, rolling over on his side , facing the other way from him.   “Alright, here goes nothing…”   So Gizmo closed his eyes and fell asleep. Little did he know as soon as he did, Furball woke up and looked over his shoulder. Once he saw the bird was asleep, he slowly walked over to the cage. The bird was still asleep, even with Furball jumping on the cage and using his claw to open it up. Just as he opened his mouth, the bird opened it’s eyes.   “Oh...we’re gonna do this now are we?”   The bird grabbed a stick of dynamite from his pocket and put it down furballs throat. The cat fell down the cage, licking it’s lips and rubbing his stomach.   “Hey buddy…” Gizmo said from up in the cage.   “That wasn’t me you ate…”   Furball cocked his head in confusion before he exploded right there and then, leaving a nasty mark on the carpet.   “Eh...any owner who trust their cat at home alone with a bird deserves it.” Gizmo said, shrugging the incident off.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Gizmo was once again asleep. Furball looked up at the bird cage, with the bird once again asleep. He quickly climbed up once more and opened the door to reach his hand in. Once in, he felt around for the bird, only to get a pain in his hand.   Letting out a cry of pain the cat once again fell down from the cage. Looking at his hand he found a mouse trap on it.   “Who said mouse traps were just good for mouses.” Gizmo laughed. Furball got the mouse trap off of his hand and quickly leaped up into the air. Gizmo moved right out of the way however, leaving Furball going right into the cage.   Once in Gizmo closed the door, trapping him inside.   “Not so fun being trapped in a cage now is it?”   The bird flew away towards a window, leaving a crammed furball trapped inside his cage.   “Now this is the life…” the bird said flying around the room.   “All this space and you stupid humans wonder why we complain about being trapped in the tiny cages you put us in!” he said, soaring through the living room and kitchen. As he landed on the kitchen window, he saw a big grey dog walking outside.   “Oh look, a big grey dog walking outside…sure would suck if someone decided to lie to the dog about something…”   With an evil grin, the bird called over the grey dog.   “Hey pal.” Gizmo said, getting the dog’s attention.   “There’s a blue cat in here who’s talking badly about dogs.”   “Oh he is, is he?” the dog said, climbing thru the window. Furball was about to go after the bird before he ran right into the dog, going coming face to face with him.   “So you like talking badly about dogs do you?”   Furball shook his head no, but the dog wasn’t having it. The dog started barking loudly and chasing after Furball, who ran away from him as fast as he could. As the dog chased Furball around, things in the living room got knocked down and broken.   Gizmo sat back and watched, chowing down on bird seeds as he watched Furball and the dog knock everything down.   “This is so better than anything on Cartoon Network right now.” Gizmo said.   As the two continued to run around the room, the owner of the house pulled up. He got out of his car looking a bit battered and bruised.   “Stupid fish and lake creatures…I just wanted to fish!” The owner said grumpily. “Oh well, at least I can come home to a house that’s all in-“   As the owner opened the door, he saw the mess that lay in front of him. Furniture turned upside down, fine plates being broken, and carpet torn up.   “WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!!” The owner shouted at the top of his lungs, catching attention of Furball and the dog. Both the dog and Gizmo pointed at Furball. Furball smiled nervously, but before he knew it, he was booted out of the house.   “AND STAY OUT!” the owner said.   “Hey!”   The owner looked to see that there was a group of angry animal right protesters on his lawn.   “Did you just kick that cat?”   “What? Who me? I would never-“ the owner took off running down the street.   “YOU’LL NEVER TELL MY BOSSES ABOUT THIS TO GET ME FIRED ALIVE!” he said before getting hit by a bus.   “I’m ok!” he said, as the bus drove off into the distance. And so, now with no home, Furball continued to walk back to his old stomping ground, his card board box…