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  1. Well, I know Digimon games are awful (most of them not all of them) They make up for it in the Anime while Pokemon messes up in the Anime.

    This Digimon game is the only Digi game I prefer over all other Pokemon games...Because of Digimon not being popular in west, They never made an English version of this game. I played it and liked it. I was able to make some progress thanks to the experience from the first Digimon World game on PS. I'm sure that all of you haven't even heard of this game but I wanted to make a topic about it here for those that might be interested.

    Ask for any question you want. I'll try to answer some. Currently I'm stuck on wondering where to go and Cleared two floors of the tower.
  2. Post on Your Favorite Digimon? in Off-topic

    By NMS, posted
    Well i think most of you guys know digimon. So do you have any as a favorite?
    Mine is : Veemon!