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  1. Given I am currently playing him I felt this is needed.
    Full Name: Zelian St John
    Nickname: Z
    Name Pronounciation: Zel-e-an
    Gender: Male
    Species: Skunk/Cat
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Appearance: See for yourself https://scontent-arn2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/12553023_579416928877727_5391227034986973912_n.jpg?oh=6f14752426fafcbd7ac28153403f6bf1&oe=57366FCA
    Personality: Zelian is a lonely child who grew up feeling abandoned by his parents causing him to act coldy to hide his loneliness. He has a anger issue and often bigs himself up to hide his insecurities.
    Back Story: Zelian wasn't born yet when his parents were exiled from Mobotropolis for his Father's crimes so he didn't have a chance to make any friends in the first few years of his life. His mother was eventually offered a chance to redeem her family. Hershey accepted this chance and left her four year old son with her husband as she left on a mission that would take her years to complete. Unaware of Zelian's existence Mobotropolis didn't tell Hershey of the duration of her new mission thinking the time away wouldn't effect anyone who was innocent.
    On Zelian's fifth birthday, Geoffrey was given a prophecy by Merlin Prower saying that unless he was stopped, Naugus would eventually take over Zelian's body and destory Mobotropolis using Zelian's face which would cause Zelian to be executed for that crime. Desperate to prevent his son's fate, Geoffrey became obsessed with stopping Naugus which sadly left Zelian constantly being overlooked and neglected. As time went on Zelian stopped caring and ran away from Geoffrey on his ninth birthday and it took Geoffrey a day to notice having forgotten his son's birthday.
    After running away Zelian went to Mobotropolis to learn of why his parents refused to go there. He managed to learn of his parents stories from the library there. Having learned why he was alone and that it was Sonic who said his father should be exiled, a hatred for the hedgehog began to form and as Zelian learned more about the hedgehog's and his father's encounters, the hatred grew. Zelian grew angry at how his life ended up and blamed Sonic for his loneliness so he ran and punched the hedgehog in front of many people. The guards grabbed Zelian and put him in a cell until someone came to claim him. Five days passed and no one came forward.
    After the fifth day, Zelian was declared an orphan and placed in Rosie's care but he acted out not accepting anything from her since she was a friend of his enemy. Three days later Sobic visited Zelian to ask why he hated him. Zelian said it was Sonic's fault his parents abandoned him. Sonic said "if they abandoned you then they are the worst scum of all" hearing that enraged Zelian causing his powers to trigger just in time for Geoffrey to turn up and grab his son only to be accused of kidnapping him.
    With a new crime over his father's head the pair wete forced to live on the run for the next six years with Zelian's hatred for Sonic, growing with each day. But deep inside he knows that he should blame his parents he just can't because his heart is telling him that they had good reasons for their actions. He just couldn't think of any so he uses his hatred for Sonic as the only thing to fuel him to stay sane and not lose himself into his iwn dispair
    Birthplace: The Badlands
    Residence: N/A
    IQ: 145
    Occupation: Child
    Combat Type: Ranged and Mêlée. (Favours Mêlée)
    Element(s):Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Shadow (not that skilled in any)
    Weapon(s): Carries none
    Weaknesses: His emotions can make his powers unstable
    Likes: Reading, building and secretly making friends.
    Dislikes: Being ignored, being laughed at and Sonic(with a passion)
    Hobbies: Zelian has many things he does but no actual hobbies
    Talents: He has a talent for Archery.
    Favorite food(s): He likes Fish
    Favorite beverage(s): He likes Milk
    Family(dead and alive):
    Mother: Hershey St John
    Father: Geoffrey St John
    Friends: None officially yet
    Rivals: None officially yet
    Enemies: Sonic.