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  1. arekpowalan added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    I tried drawing Sally Acorn a while ago. Colored it this morning.

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  2. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (2015, Smartphone)   

    On a bright side, 2D Sonic games are less prone to total failures. Looking back at the GBA and DS titles, it's safe to say Sonic is alive and well in handheld consoles. Beside, the game will be free, so I'm looking forward to it.
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  3. arekpowalan added a post in a topic General Anime/Manga Thread   

    I recently watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part III (Stardust Crusaders) and I was amazed. The show is really impressive. Despite being a direct adaptation from the manga, it suffers very little from a pacing problem, and there's nothing short of jokes, tensions, and badass action sequences. The first season has 23 episodes and is on-going, but comparing it to something like Dragonball Kai, it's a whole different quality in directing.
    Come to think of it, Dragon Ball Kai should have had the same treatment as JoJo anime, not the cut and paste materials we got.
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  4. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Favorite Mobian(s)   

    1. Sally Acorn
    2. Bunnie Rabbot
    3. Miles "Tails" Prowers
    4. Antoine D'Coolette
    5. Sonic the Hedgehog
    1. I already don't mind Tsundere characters, so Sally's mood swings don't make much a dent toward my interest. Aside from the temper tantrums, she's attractive, smart, and overall good leader who does everything for the best of her people. If I am to follow someone, Sally is probably a type of leader I can respect.
    2. the most consistant character in Sonic Archie.in my opinion. She's always useful and reliable combatant. Her cowgirl-like personality and her new design are also among the bests.
    3. Tails is my favorite character in most Sonic games. His childlike attitude and awkwardness makes him very adorable and likable. Unfortunately, he's rather unstable in the comic.
    4. Antoine's goofy personality is likable in some ways in the original SatAm cartoon, but he's made a great development in Archie's Comic. I don't like his new design, though.
    5. Sonic is cocky, maybe too cocky since his attitude do get on my nerve. Even still, he's the hero, and a very great one at that. Comparing with other hedgehogs like Scourge, Shadow,, Silver or even Uncle Chuck, Sonic is easily the most likable of the bunch.
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  5. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Games that had an impact on you   

    Most of the impacting games are racing games.
    Choro Q (PS1)
    This game introduces me to PS1 games. It's a cute racing game with great customization and great sequels. The series is all in Japanese, but the games are really entertaining.
    Racing Lagoon (PS1)
    Similar to above, Racing Lagoon is a hidden gem of the racing games in PS1 avaliable in Japanese only. It's part racing, part RPG. A great experience with high paced drifting actions, addicting music, almost limitless customization, and surprisingly dramatic story.
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  6. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Non-Sonic Art Thread   

    I have been digging Fire Emblem's senses of fashion, so I drew a character based on one.

    Based on Meg, one of the many Radiant Dawn's underdevelopped units. I sort of admire her. While she sucks as a soldier, her lovable personality and unique build always have special places in my heart.
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  7. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Realm of Introduction   

    Arek felt the pain running down his entire body as he was pinned down down by Neo-Metal Sonic. He thought he had been some sort of super hero, fighting for what's right to protect the one of the world's most valuable artifacts, but the situation turned overwhelm. The monstrous blue hedgehog was too much for him to bear.
    "Is this it?, " he thought. "Is this really the end?" At the very moment, he felt an immerse fear that his life was going to end. At the moment he realized the truth... how powerless he was.
    At such moment he thought of his only person he had respected, what would his grandfather, the reknowned adventurer and a hero, do in such a dire situation? "Real man never gives up" that was Travis Powalan's favorite motto. It was Arek's dream to follow his grandfather's footstep. He had been training his whole life to do such thing, Acknowledging this, Arek slowly stood up despite the pain. he held his sword in hand, and rushed at Mecha Sonic, swinging it as hard as he could.
    The sword broke into pieces, not a single dent was made, The last thing Arek saw, then, was the metal's red and nightmarish eyes. He suddenly lost his all his senses as the robotic claw sent him flying across a few yards like a ragdoll.
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  8. arekpowalan added a post in a topic WC Character Vault   

    I'm not sure what it's meaning by "claiming the canon characters", but I'll go ahead with my OC.
     Name:  Arek "the Dog" Powalan
     Gender:  Male
     Birthday:  January 1
     Age:  15
     Race:  Mobian (Dog: Shiba Inu)
     Birthpl ace: Mineri ch
    Residence: Blue Stars HQ, Furville
    Occupation: Mercenary
    Likes: Milk, Meat, Helping others, Knothole Freedom Fighters
    Dislikes: Salad, Naggy persons, Politicians, "Evil" persons
    Element: Fire
    Weakness: Water, Thunder
    Equipmentss Short sword, Buckler, Medium armor
    Fighting Style: Sword and shield, emphasizing defense over evasion
    Type: Power
    Skill: Guts, Awaken
    Info on skills:
    1. Guts: Guts represents Arek's stabborness and sheer willpower. He is able stand up even after a major beatdown.
    2. Awaken: This is a special state when Arek invokes the Overboost state: a temporary super form which improves all his power and senses. However, Arek will suffer from a massive physical breakdown after the effect wears off. The Overboost state is comparable to DBZ's Kaio-Ken.

    Arek's dominant traits are his hotbloodness and his overwhelming willpower. Except when dealing with women, he will not give up at any task once he starts it. Other than this, He has a rather complex personality. In his good days, he is easy-going and optimistic. He loves challenging and pushing himself beyond limit. He also can't stand bullying and discrimination, and he will try his best to help everybody in need. In his bad days, however, he's moody, snarky and hard to get along with. He also loves complaining about every situation at hand whenever things don't go his ways. Nevertheless, he is an overall good hearted fellow whose potential is limited by his inexperience and blind optimism. Arek realizes that he still has a lot to learn about life, something he will learn from his collegues and other freedom fighters.

    Having his hometown and grandparents torched by Eggman's robotic army, Arek is forced to grow out of his childhood earlier than he ever wants to. He excavates to Republic of Acorn and applies for a trial to become a knight, but his lack of skills causes it to deny his existence. Angered, Arek runs off determined to go freelance. Luckily, he has saved a dog named "Ellen" during his journey to the city, who happens to be belonged to a group called "Team Blue Stars", an independant mercenary team whose purposes are to provide social services and to protect the city from robots and bandits. His new life starts as a member of Team Blue Stars, working under a strict and grumpy boss "Seera" and alongside "Ellen" the party animal girl he rescued. Even though he's treated as a comic relief many times, he dreams to grow stronger as a fighter and become a true hero, just like the Knothole Freedom Fighters.
    Unless this topic is limited to one OC, I'll provide the backgrounds of other two characters later.
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  9. arekpowalan added a post in a topic WC Character Vault   

    @ Skye Prower, thank you for your reply, we can forget the entire thing about Arek's "Awaken" skill then. It won't be relevent to his status as a joke character anyway.
    The rest of my characters:
    Name: Seera Bransford
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: December 12
    Age: 18
    Race: Mobian (Cat: American Shorthair)
    Birthplace: Knothole Village
    Residence: Blue Stars HQ, Furville
    Occupation: Government agent, Mercenary
    Likes: Salad, Melon bun
    Dislikes: Incompetent people, Bandits, Robots

    Element: Water
    Weakness: Thunder, Earth
    Equipments: Combat claws, Light armor
    Fighting Style: Tiger's School of Martial Artist
    Type: Speed
    Skill: Hook Claws
    Info on skill:
    1. Hook Claws: Similar to Bunnie Rabbot's robotic arm, Seera's claws are equipped with hookshots, which are able to expand ranges to hit an enemy from afar. At times, she use the hooks to draw herself into the target in order to initiate a punch combo.

    Seera is stoic, serious and professional by default, though at times, she does slip some embarassing sentences. Prioritizing her teammates' safety more than anything, Seera comes off as an overprotective and a strict leader. She also dislikes weak and incompetant people. She won't hold any sympathy to rookies, assuming that they will never survive in real combat with carefree attitudes. Seera appears short tempered and acting tough due to her superior skills and respectable senses of responsibility, but in truth she's very fragile. Due to her past mistakes, she can't stand it whenever her friends are in danger outside her reaches, and she usually breaks down whenever someone's actually hurt regardless of her being at fault or not.

    Dreamed to become a hunter and heroine, Seera promised her deceased fiancé and her best friends Ellen to establish "Team Blue Stars" a guild similar to Knothole Freedom Fighters which purpose was to deal with the world's disorders from Dr. Eggman. Despite not being a big name, the team were happy. One day, everthing changed. In two separated missions, her fiancé was killed in a bomb blast while the sub-unit, led by Ellen, was ambushed by mobian bandits and got massacred. The team was quickly dropped from its activity and Seera suffered from.depression and turned from an cheerful and optiimistic leader into a tragic-ridden mess of a person, Nevertheless the team held ground due Ellen's not having any other home than her HQ.

    Team Blue Stars then has shifted their focuses to social services and errands in order to minimize dangers possibke toward what's left of the team. Seera still continues to work as a freedom fighter, secretly doing dangerous works to maintain the team's incomes. Due to the newcomer Arek Powalan's repeat urges to get a real adventuring and raiding missions, she's more annoyed than ever.

    Name: Ellen Ellen
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: July 10
    Age: 18
    Race: Mobian (Dog: Poodle)
    Birthplace: Knothole Village
    Residence: Blue Stars HQ, Furville
    Occupation: Flower dealer, Mercenary
    Likes: Parties, Sweets, Flower
    Dislikes: Loneliness, Bandits, Robots, Durian

    Element: Earth
    Weakness: Wind, Ice
    Equipments: Staff, Robes
    Fighting Style: Healer
    Type: Support
    Skills: Medication, Mood Maker
    Info on skills:
    1. Medication: Ellen always carry a first-aid kit with her, allowing her to treats her friends' minor wounds on spot.
    2. Mood Maker: With her around, any day outside fighting is never dull.

    Dubbed "Party Animal" by her friends, Ellen wants nothing but smiles on their faces. Optimistic, bashful, and awkward, she loves doing funny things and provide encouragements to keep other people's spirits up. On many occasions, she actively admit she only live for the sakes of her friends, but this attitude actually comes from her issue with loneliness, given her backgound as an orphan who has no friend and family until she met Seera. Feeling that she's in debt of her friends, she feels that she needs to do everything she can for her friends, all else she will lose them or gets betrayed by them.

    An orphan who had had no parents and friends until she met Seera, Ellen grew up being Team Blue Stars' co-founder and its member. One of her missions, however, was a horrific experience. She lost almost all of her friends and was nearly killed by bandits, though due to a constant therapy at a local clinic, she quickly jumped back into an active role in her team, only to be benched by Seera frequently.

    As such she started her new part-time job, being a flower dealer. During one of flower collecting day, however, she was ambushed by three robots, but her distress was discovered by Arek Powalan. Tough Arek himself didn't last two minutes in the fight, and some policemen were the ones who ultimately saved them, Ellen felt grateful for the boy's attempt. She recruited him into Team Blue Stars, and since then they are working together as teammates.
    @ Skye Prower below: As the forum is more comfortable with no 'god-modding' potential, it's better off to ignore it. (Didn't read that rule and went a bit overboard. Sorry.)
    Looking forward for an actual role playing.
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  10. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Zombie Apocalypse topic   

    With Ebola floating around, I don't want to imagine Resident Evil-like zombie viruses spreading around in real life. I won't survive 3 minutes without killing myself anyway if something went "that" wrong with my parents.
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  11. arekpowalan added a post in a topic WC Character Vault   

    @Skye Prower, Kaio-Ken is a physical boost ability, in DBZ, it upsurges the user's power, speed and combat senses immersely for a short period of tiime. When in used, the user is covered with red aura and his muscle becomes a lot strained. When it is overused, the strain to the body can create a sudden physical breakdown when it is discharged to the point a tap to a shoulder can hurt like a headsmash. For more information, look here: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Kaio-ken
    Arek's Awaken works similarly, and even produce similar red battle aura. The main difference to Kaio-Ken, however, is that It serves as serves as Arek's hidden potential, which tends to activate automatically when he's absolutely angry or desperated. It's basically his "berserk mode" which allows the team to win a hopeless fight within 30-60 seconds before he drops to the ground, unconscious.
    However, later on when Eggman's robots are stronger, Arek can't catch up, and he finds himself a need to learn to master his power and expand its time limit without straining his body too much. In my OC's story development, his attempts to control the Overboost state shows his recklessness and his desperation to be useful to the team; the habit that triggers endless worries from his friends since he's literally slowly killing himself everytime it happens.
    I will put the two other OCs when I have times. Thank you for your advices.
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    I am replaying Final Fantasy IX, probably my favorite in the series following by FFIV.
    Other than that I play F1 2013 , Lego: Lord of the Ring  and Dust: an Elysian Tail, all of which I bought  off Steam at low prices.
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  13. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    My name is arekpowalan, a man by the age of 23. I am living in Thailand. I'm a university student, majoring in English language.

    I have heard of Sonic, but I didn't reallly grow up with it. I tend to play racing games and RPGs more than platformers. The only few Sonic games I played are Sonic Drift series, Tails Adventure, and Sonic Heroes. Instead, I recently took interest in Sonic because of the series' anthropomorphic characters and its SD art style. I have a hobby involving JRPG and charcter art designing, so I sort of want to study works with anthropomorphic animals. In addition, I got interested in Sonic SatAM as I have watched some episodes on YouTube. My favorite character are Sally and Tails.

    I tend to get busy at work, so I won't be that active; nevertheless, I see that it is appropriate to introduce myself. If it's possible, I will try to drop in once in a while. Please to meet you all.
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