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  1. Who am I? Sonic edition

    Nope, try again.
  2. Who am I? Sonic edition

    Alright, my turn. I was once part of the Battle Bird Armada and later on, the Babylon Rogues. Who am I?
  3. Who am I? Sonic edition

    I'm going to say Maria Wolf
  4. Introduction Thread

    Hi everyone! I like to go by Aqua, Blaze or Princess Blaze, depends on what I'm doing and while I joined just for the comics, I found that the forums are amazing!
  5. Who am I? Sonic edition

    The only one I can think of is Lobo.
  6. The Suggestion/Bug Report thread

    I agree, and I heard that the newest Mega Man comic was supposed to have come out yesterday! I've been checking back almost every chance I get!
  7. Role-Playing Questions

    I have a question, seeing as I just posted on the Chaos Freedom IC thread without looking at the OOC thread first, am I allowed to do that? Because I'm going to go ahead and post information about my character on the OOC thread now and I'm kind of new at RP thread posting.
  8. Which was your favourite Sonic Universe arc so far? (If you read it)

    Treasure Team Tango is my favorite, but I really liked the Shadow Saga a lot too.